Red Light Camera Protests Break Out All Over Florida

On April 12th, multiple groups, including Campaign for Liberty, held simultaneous protests all over the state of Florida.

A year after lawmakers passed a law allowing cities to install them a bill to ban the system completely is moving through state legislature.

The video below has great news clips from several stations all over the state. Concerned citizens of Florida, we salute you!

Make sure to call your representative today in favor of Florida SB 672!

13 Responses to Red Light Camera Protests Break Out All Over Florida

  1. Sure says:

    New Mexico Appeals Court to Take Red Light Camera Challenge
    New Mexico judge sends photo enforcement legal challenge to the state court of appeals.

  2. 15 locations!! Just awesome. 🙂

  3. Sure says:

    Arizona House OKs bill on photo enforcement

    Arizona drivers who receive a speeding violation notice in the mail may not have to take any action if state lawmakers continue to move a bill on the matter.

    The Arizona House gave preliminary approval to a bill that would give a person the right to decline to take any action to the notification.

    The bill states the mail notice violation is not to be treated as a traffic ticket violation, though failure to respond “may result in an additional fee.”

  4. some guy says:

    congratulations Florida activists.

    Now, just so you know what ride you’re in for, I’ll explain the process.

    You pissed them off now. ATS had opposition research completed before those media pieces hit the news.

    You’ll be targeted for false arrest. You’ll have private investigators hired to harass and intimidate you. You might even be physically assaulted by an American Traffic Solutions van driver.

    Consider yourself lucky: While there’s no honor among thieves, REDFLEX won’t touch ATS’ gator state. With SunPass, the turnpike, and total rental agency infiltration, they have corrupted the entire industry more than normal.

    Their actions will remain untouchable, while you will be arrested for anything imaginable.

    This fight cannot be fought without the realization that the photo enforcement industry is nothing more than a pimply boil on the face of ‘law enforcement’, and that the true villins are the police departments and courts that sell out to selective pseudo-privatization.

  5. Got picked up by Karl Denninger’s “The Market Ticker.” Good read.

  6. […] not the only one. Here in Florida, protesters have been busy the past couple of weeks trying to shut down the cameras. Some carried signs at intersections, many […]

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