Shame on CameraFRAUD?

—It has been brought to our attention that allegations have surfaced regarding a founder of CameraFRAUD allegedly evading police on a high-speed chase last evening. We’ll have a complete statement later on today regarding what law enforcement is claiming. We have reproduced the “official story” below—

Office of Information Awareness

AP – Southwest

Late Thursday evening, authorities responded to a Redflex ‘automatic license plate recognition’ (ALPR) alert regarding a suspicious vehicle traveling northbound on a major Phoenix freeway.

Information provided by Homeland Security’s Internal Compliance Squad (DHS-ICS) alerted ground units that a late-model Mazda was being driven by a watchlist suspect, believed to be CameraFRAUD co-founder Shaww Duel.


When ICS Police attempted to stop the driver, officers claim the vehicle sped towards them and repeatedly rammed their new federally-funded “patrol & pursuit” Subarus.

Sadly, one of the officer’s vehicles rolled over during the chase, but no injuries were reported.

Blowing through camera zones at speeds exceeding 149 miles per hour, the suspect’s elusive driving poses a threat to the illusion of photo enforcement being effective at stopping traffic violations (even in video games).


National Surveillance Association (NSA) was created in 2011 as an ambitious public-private partnership, providing sensitive personal information to the government on demand in real-time. Members include Redflex Group, American Traffic Solutions, NLETS, as well as all of your local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Internal Compliance Squad (ICS) is an elite internal paramilitary division of the Department of Homeland Security. Agents spend years screening passengers for non-existent threats at airports before being promoted to ICS. Want a challenge? ICS agents enjoy a “level two” starting salary of $26,400. Join the faSStest-growing industry in America! Search for openings at htp://

17 Responses to Shame on CameraFRAUD?

  1. peter b says:

    Most of the serious collisions in the video look like they happen right after the photo zones… coincidence, or a very realistic physics engine?


  2. yoyo says:

    Nice one… except redflex doesn’t have ALPR in phoenix metro…

  3. freddy says:

    should have used a Mustang to recreate Brett Mecum’s wild ride…

  4. PCWorld Magazine says:

    What game is this? Looking for a story, thanks. Sent an email.

    • tester says:

      grand theft politics: bird city?

      Nice to see the photo scam continue to jump the shark and become more exposed in mainstream media as tge loathful curse it is.

  5. John Cox says:

    This is hilarious. Too bad your own camerafeud people don’t know a joke when they see it. April Fools you losers. You people will jump on anything with no research, just because you read it on the internet.

    Oh, and yoyo is correct, Redflex does not have any ALPR systems in metero Phoenix. Any that are, are part of the PD’s personal arsenal.

  6. xe audi tiet kiem nhien lieu

    Shame on CameraFRAUD? | – The Cameras are Coming Down

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