(VIDEO) Jan Brewer’s Office Hit With “Elaborate Hoax”

Funny, but we don't make deals. All the scameras must come down

Alright, it’s time to publicly fess up. No there is not a special list held by the governor’s office that you can get your name added to. It was our little version of an April Fool’s Day joke, which was called an “elaborate” hoax by that same office.

Some of our members even recorded conversations with Brewer’s staff:

Potentially anybody can beat the flawed system of photo ticketing. It’s not very difficult at all really. Here are the top ways to be exempt from photo radar or red light camera tickets.

1. Get elected – Politicians in AZ are all exempted from photo tickets. Their cases are dismissed under what’s called “Rule 4(i)”

2. Become a judge – Judge’s tickets are dismissed in the same manner as politicians – Rule 4(i)

3. Get a job with Redflex or ATS – Not surprisingly, their tickets are also automatically dismissed under, you guessed it.. Rule 4(i)

4. Get a private mail box – If you register your vehicle to a PMB, your tickets can never be served in person, making you exempt

5. Register your vehicle to someone or something else – Examples include a family member, spouse, business or trust

While hundreds people eagerly contacted Jan Brewer’s office in hopes of being added to that list of exempted people, the fact that anyone is exempted at all from any form of law enforcement should be raising a lot of red flags.

The United States and Arizona constitutions explicitly say that nobody is to be denied equal protection under the law. How is equal protection upheld by a system of law enforcement which exempts potentially anyone who simply changes their vehicle registration or has special privileges such as being an elected official, judge or employee of certain companies?

Photo ticketing also violates due process, right to a trial when the fine exceeds $20 and the right to confront your accuser in a court of law.

Legislation that would have banned photo ticketing or created a ballot proposition for a citizens’ vote were killed in the Arizona House of Representatives, largely because Speaker Kirk Adams refused to send SCR 1029 to committee. He’s responsible for killing it.

Since the governor’s office already heard from a huge block of our supporters, shouldn’t Kirk Adams as well?

As a closing thought, we’d like to thank our supporters for being there to take action during this current legislative season. This elaborate hoax was done with one goal in mind, which was to continue raising awareness of the gross negligence on the part of your elected officials in Arizona to do their job and uphold the constitution. There’s no better example of that than their unwillingness to get rid of the fraudulent system of photo ticketing.

44 Responses to (VIDEO) Jan Brewer’s Office Hit With “Elaborate Hoax”

  1. photoradarscam says:

    The first Youtube video should be edited to explain that the governer’s office is incorrect about politicians being exempt from photo tickets when the lady lies about it.

  2. @SCAMERAFRAUD says:

    I went with what I had, great job on the Fools day fun Camerafraud I’m sure the gov is pissed that her office got so many calls!

    • Reason says:

      “Redflex officials did not return a phone call.”

      Shoba, oh shoba! Where for art thou Shoba?! Is she busy being forced to procreate again with Weiss at ATS in a futile attempt at spawning the antichrist?

  3. Sure says:

    Census worker won’t take no for answer

    Couple says questions too personal, threatened with fine if don’t comply.


  4. The other post was taken down. Sorry if you made a comment, but feel free to post again.

    Website issues have been remedied.

  5. Sure says:

    Texas Plans Nazi Style Checkpoints. Nazis Show Up To Congradulate Key Politicians

  6. Sure says:

    What is DPS doing to make money these days?

    HOV lane cheaters could end up with big fines


    • “Your odds of getting away with using the HOV lane when you shouldn’t are only going to get worse.

      DPS is writing all these tickets with staffing at the lowest levels in a long time because of budget cuts.

      When the economy improves and the number of officers on the road increases, there will be more of them pulling violators over.”

      Huh? So are they saying now is a good time to cheat but later may not be, because the economy is rebounding, even though it’s not?

      Also, what kind of logic leads one to believe that restricting traffic in one lane during the times of heaviest traffic somehow helps ease congestion? I don’t get it.

  7. Sure says:

    Idling creates more pollution. Look at PV- they have been running the vans for 23 years.

  8. Pro-camera says:

    Item 1, 2, and 3: Rule 4(i) is about process service within 120 days. Are you saying that there is a rule that politicians and judges do not receive these tickets because the city or the camera company will simply not send a process server?

    Item 4,
    ARS 28-2051(B) The application shall contain:
    1. The transferee’s full name and either the driver license number of the transferee or a number assigned by the department.
    2. The transferee’s complete residence address.

    That seems self explanatory about which address you are REQUIRED to use when registering a vehicle. But I guess unless it is enforced by an officer, it isn’t worth following the law in your eyes.

    • Sure says:

      Of course, it would be logical for a police officer to review the tickets first, not a corporate employee, just sayin.

    • Reason says:

      Required to “register” where I live with the state so pro camera goons at Redflex can have carte blanche with my personal information (including where my children live)?

      To borrow a phrase from dick cheney, go fuck youself.

      My information is mine.

      Not yours.

      Not the state’s

      Not some cousin-screwing ATS employee in Hickville, AZ

      Got it?

  9. LilaAz29 says:

    Lol, ATS employees are NOT exempt! I used to work as a Violation’s Processor for ATS and I got a photo radar ticket while I worked there. I returned to work the next day after I was flashed by the cameras to see if it was going to be rejected per our standard policies of rejecting violations, but nope it was picture perfect. My ticket was already printed out by my co-workers and hanging in my cubicle (everyone thought it was hilarious). I had to go to driving school just like everyone else, no fun.

  10. Sure says:

    Chicago Camera Front Group Thwarts Texas Referendum
    Powerful Chicago political machine creates front group to save Texas red light cameras.

    An Australian company has hired kingmakers from Chicago, Illinois to prevent Texas residents from being able to decide whether or not red light cameras should be used in their community. A “grassroots” group calling itself the Texas Traffic Safety coalition filed a lawsuit to stop the city of Port Lavaca, Texas from holding a referendum on the photo enforcement program run by Melbourne-based Redflex. Although no court order was issued in the case, the city council decided not to hold the election, despite the city charter’s instruction that the council must place a qualified petition on the ballot.

    According to the March 3 Texas Secretary of State filing that created the Texas Traffic Safety Coalition, the group consists of three directors: David Goldenberg, Gregory Goldner and David Smolensky. All three are officers of Resolute Consulting, a public relations firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Redflex is one of the firm’s satisfied clients.

    “Resolute has set a new bar for the industry,” Redflex executive vice president for marketing Christina Weekes wrote on a blurb provided for Resolute’s website. “Not only were you all laser focused on the issues but you made traction early.”

    Redflex Traffic Systems is listed as part of a long list of “partners” in the coalition that disguises the company’s funding for the front group. Rival photo enforcement firm American Traffic Solutions is conspicuously absent from the list of group members.

    Goldenberg, Goldner and Smolensky are key players in Chicago’s Democratic political machine. Goldner was a senior aide to former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and worked on the congressional campaign of current Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the campaign of former Governor Rod Blagojevich. Another Resolute front group known as For a Better Chicago raised $855,000 in anonymous campaign donations to dole out to favored city council candidates. The Windy City also happens to be the largest red light camera contract in the country for Redflex comprising 440 approaches that generate more than $50 million a year for the city.

    Redflex wants to stop a referendum in Port Lavaca and other cities because Texas voters have rejected automated ticketing machines in Houston, Baytown and College Station. Photo enforcement has never survived a public vote.


  11. Sure says:

    Public hearing on red light cameras on agenda – Bullhead City – Tuesday


  12. Sure says:

    The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), through a partnership with the Arizona Trucking Association (ATA) and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), conducted a high-visibility enforcement operation and public outreach event on March 29 and 30, 2011.

    Enforcement activities as part of the operation, which involved over 85 DPS Officers, were conducted along Interstate 10 from the California state line to the city of Casa Grande. A related public outreach event was held at the Burnt Wells rest area about 40 miles west of Phoenix. ATA’s Share the Road 18-wheeler and various ATA and DPS staff were present at the rest area to communicate the Operation Safe Passage and Share the Road message to motorists.

    The two-day detail centered on officers conducting traffic stops on commercial vehicles and passengers cars. The officers performed 671 commercial vehicle inspections resulting in over 1,500 violations being discovered. Based on the total inspections performed, nine percent of the drivers and ten percent of the vehicles were placed out of service. The Officers also stopped 97 passenger cars resulting in the issuance of 105 moving violations along with several equipment violations.


  13. photoradarscam says:

    Mukilteo finally honors the will of its citizens, takes down cameras:

  14. Sure says:

    Seriously??? WTF

    • photoradarscam says:

      What a pathetic attempt to glorify the people who feel up grandma under the guise of safety. Whatever makes them feel more important I guess. As if their job is even remotely resembles what the armed forces do for us.

      “We will never forget…” the excuse we can forever use to continue to take more and more of your rights away.

  15. Sure says:

    No basketball hoops for you:

  16. Stacey says:

    Gregg Ostro arrested:


    If you don’t remember who Gregg is, you can see here:


    Phoenix, AZ
    1,122 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    • photoradarscam says:

      Charged with leaving the scene of an accidnet and driving without a license… Evidently he was ultimately caught, but I wonder if he’s still a fan of the cameras if he likes to try to get away with crimes…

  17. Ian says:

    I’ve been exemptin g myself since they were installed. I’ve paid exactly one photo radar ticket. None of the others have ever been successfully served to me.

    Nullification. Same principle. Different order-of-magnitude.
    Quit doing what they want you to and it will continue to be unprofitable for them to operate here.

    • There’s always the chance you’ll get served. Also, it’s very alarming to me how many people I hear from who were never served and the process server lied, then have been pulled over for driving on a suspended license and had their car towed.

      I’m starting to believe that this happens a lot more than we think.

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