Los Angeles City Council Could End Red Light Camera Program

April 25, 2011

American Traffic Solutions could be out of another major city, if the people of Los Angeles make their voices heard.

One man whose voice is being heard and hitting the airwaves is Jay Beeber, of Safer Streets LA. He was interviewed on KABC this month and his sentiments about red light cameras sound very familiar. Jay advocates the true method of making intersections safer, which is longer yellow light times.

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Heavy Bribes, errrrr, I mean “lobbying” Keeps Red Light Cameras On Track

April 25, 2011

Up to now, the Connecticut General Assembly has never approved any of the scams bills offered in recent years that would enable cities and towns to install 24hr a day VIDEO cameras at red lights and steal collect fines by mailing tickets to victims violators.

But this year’s scam bill — which would authorize red light camera FRAUD in 13 municipalities with populations of 60,000 or more, and would tax fine motorists at least $124 per ticket — has made a steady advance, by bribing winning two legislative committees’ approval so far.

Moreover, King Gov. Dannel P. Malloy would be inclined to sign the bill if your overlords the House and the Senate pass it, a gubernatorial spokeswoman said Friday.

The progress up to now has convinced the corporate thieves bill’s backers. including two Arizona companies that deal in electroni  SCAMS using video cameras  traffic enforcement systems, that it is worth their while to spend tens of thousands of dollars on lobbyists to bribe persuade lawmakers to pass it before people find out push it through by the end of the legislative session June 8.

Bribing Lobbying reports filed with the Office of State “Ethics”? reveal a lineup of bribing lobbying criminal talent that has grown since the scam bill gained preliminary approval March 18 from the legislature’s transportation committee. One of the most recent enlistees is veteran pirate lawyer-lobbyist and thief in a suit power broker Thomas Ritter, the former Democratic loud mouth bully speaker of the state House of criminals Representatives.

Ritter is only part of an experienced group of thieves/whores Capitol operatives whose criminal political affiliations cover both sides of the aisle in the Democrat-controlled House and Senate.

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I guess Connecticut’s Orwellian idea of  “safety” doesn’t seem to apply to the children in towns with populations less than 60,000.

The legislatures rural prejudice once again shows its ugly head.

This is America…how dare they NOT provide the rural folk with same opportunity to be stolen from as the city folk.


Business owner beats SCAM tickets by turning town’s pick pocket camera “technology” against them

April 22, 2011

A Maryland business owner has successfully discredited the camera equipment used by traffic enforcers – ironically by using their own technology against them to prove errors in the system.

Will Foreman, the owner of Eastover Auto Supply in Oxon Hill, Maryland, has managed to prove reasonable doubt five times before three separate judges, by bringing photos snapped on the highway of his company’s vehicles into court and proving that there is no way they were traveling over the speed limit.

But how did he do it?

Foreman took a close look at the photos snapped on Maryland’s Indian Head Highway by Optotraffic. The company’s devices first use sensors to detect vehicles traveling at least 12 miles over the imposed speed limit, and then snap two time-stamped image of the vehicle 50 feet down the road, at 0.363 second intervals.

The allegedly speeding motorist is then sent the pictures and a $40 ticket.

After superimposing the two photographs into one image – using the vehicle’s length as a frame of reference – Foreman was able to calculate the vehicle’s speed, given the distance and the elapsed time of the shots, and was able to prove that the vehicles were not in fact speeding.

‘I’ve never seen this before…You’ve produced an elegant defence and I’m sufficiently doubtful,’ Judge Mark T. O’Brien said in court before throwing the tickets out.

Foreman says that he is waiting to prove the system’s technology wrong on at least 40 more tickets that drivers at his company have received.

‘This whole thing…I can’t wrap my head around it. They’re stealing from the public. It’s highway robbery,’ Foreman said.

‘It p***** me off. I’m trying to run a business…they’re raping the public,’ he added, calling the ticketing of the public for driving the speed limit ‘appalling’.

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Cleveland May End Its Speed and Red Light Camera Contract

April 22, 2011

Cleveland City Council members are becoming suspicious of the profit-over-safety system of photo ticketing. It’s time for Cleveland residents to let the council know exactly how you feel about this scam as well.

Contact City Council members today and push them to not renew the contract. Your voices can sway this vote and now is the time that they are the most willing to listen. If the contract is renewed, getting rid of the scameras becomes a lot more difficult and unappealing, even to those members who don’t like the program.

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Janet Napolitano Launches New Wave of Paranoia

April 21, 2011

Has anyone noticed that Ol’ Nappy (Janet Napolitano) has become even less coherent as Secretary of Homeland Security than she was as our spy-camera and Redflex Lobbyist loving governor?

The latest round of non-sense coming out of her mouth has to do with a new system for terror alerts. Does anyone have a use for these scare tactics?

When the old color coded system was in place, could you remember those days when you were asked to be extra vigilant? How did you behave? Were bridges and large stadiums on your list of things to avoid? It seems that those in charge of “security” at the Federal level are really just in the business of cooking up new ways to make us all fear everyone and everything around us.

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Legislature Passes a Bill to Raise Photo Tickets by $13

April 20, 2011

Can anyone tell members of the Arizona House and Senate were anxious to “take their ball and go home?” After burning the midnight oil all the way until 5:30 am today, dozens of bills were passed in a flurry.

One of the bills would raise photo tickets by $13, for those who have been personally served. SB1398, as it now appears, would do just that, but who knows what it will say when the final version is updated.

We can be certain about one thing, in the first legislative session, Arizona passed exactly zero bills that would curb or completely eliminate photo radar and red light cameras from our roads and intersections. And nobody is surprised.

Check back later for more details on what this bill actually says when someone gets around to posting the final version and if the Gov, Jan Brewer, decides not to veto it.

Nationwide Red Light Camera Backlash Featured on The Today Show

April 19, 2011

Red light cameras are all about the money, but some cities are finding that they cut really terrible deals with Redflex or ATS. So terrible that, in fact, they are losing money on the schemes.

An attorney in Broward County Florida has made a business of challenging the tickets, and according to the video, has won every case. Quoted, “They didn’t anticipate that people like myself would be coming to court, fighting the cases and winning.”

There are many other great thoughts from citizens, activists and city officials in this piece.

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