Florida: Red Light Camera Ban Passes Committee

Florida State Senator Rene Garcia is the bill sponsor

Citizens have been hard at work in the state of Florida, moving a bill through legislature that would ban red light cameras across the state.

The Senate Transportation Committee passed the bill 4-2 after their phone lines had to be shut down because of the calls flooding them in support of the measure.

Because of the major outcry of support for banning the red light camera scam in Florida, there is a mass demonstration being planned. For details, please consult the organizers.

Florida SB 672, the red light camera ban, will go to a vote on the senate floor if it passes through Community Affairs.

7 Responses to Florida: Red Light Camera Ban Passes Committee

  1. Kelly says:

    This bill is actually now in Community Affairs, so, you may want to correct your comment that next up is a vote on senate floor.


  2. Sure says:

    Baytown, Texas sues vendor over red light camera contract


  3. Florida could become the 16th state on the list of states that either ban or restrict ticket cameras so severely that they are not used. It would help rid the country of this revenue-grabbing scourge that tends to degrade traffic safety. Readers can research the issue of ticket cameras on our website to see all the negative effects – and maybe join us to help get rid of them. Regards, James C. Walker, National Motorists Association, http://www.motorists.org, Ann Arbor, MI

  4. Vic says:

    I would support the camera if the public has access to it.They only show the public what they want to show.I got a ticket from a COP he argues that I didnt stop.There is a camera on the intersection that I got a ticket from.My wife got a ticket from that camera so I know about the camera.But the cop that gave me a ticket told me that I did not stop.I know I stop because the moment I was heading on that intersection I was telling my wife where to stop.I was exp[laining it to the cop but he said the ticket he was writing me SUPERSEDE the camera

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