EXCLUSIVE: Apple May Not Pull Trapster, Phantom

***ACTION ALERT – Call Apple VP of iOS development, Mr. Scott Forstall @ (800) 275-2273 – Ask him to resist government censorship regarding apps***


Apple VP of iOS development Scott Forstall (Photo: Wikipedia)

Unlike smartphone rival RIM, CameraFRAUD has learned that Apple may reject the call of four U.S. Senators to pull the Trapster and PhantomAlert apps from their App Store. According to online reports, four US Senators (not worth our digital ink to type their names) are trying to coerce the Mac-maker to send these valuable tools down the Orweillian 1984 “rabbit hole.”

While Apple does have the right to reject or discontinue apps without reason, government censorship or interference into this process is a serious breach of due process. Trapster and PhantomAlert are applications which provide additional warning to motorists who may be approaching a photo radar/enforcement zone, school zone, checkpoint zone, etc. The enforcement location information is community-sourced from the application users.

The political pressure point at Apple is Scott Forstall, VP of iOS software and recent recipient of a government takedown notice. Yes, you read right: the “land of the free” has so-called elected officials who think they can use the position of their office to directly silence free speech and interfere with interstate commerce, egregious violations of swaths of legal precedent and established constitutional law. (Please see top of article for an Action Alert: your phone calls are needed).

Opinion: It’s easy to assume that somewhere up the line Redflex, ATS, and their zombie-army of lawyers and political stooges had something to do with the recent attack on the sale of these apps. We shall see if time proves this connection to be correct; the desperate gasping breath of the profoundly beleaguered and corrupt automated ticketing industry.

Apple: Show us why “2011” won’t “be like 1984:”

12 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: Apple May Not Pull Trapster, Phantom

  1. Reason says:

    Apple knows better. Tell em to pound sand, Steve.

  2. wygit says:

    What did you mean by “a government takedown notice”?

    I didn’t see anything about that. Is there a link?

  3. Brent says:

    I’m curious who these four IGNORANT senators are that are calling for censorship (when it so blatantly relates to cronyism- one of the pillars of ATS’ operations).

    More importantly, did they think this actually wouldn’t get out and that the next election won’t contain mention of them calling for censorship in campaign commercials?..

  4. Tatiana Covington says:

    If they may spy on you, you may spy on them. If A may spy on B, B may spy on A, and let him see how it feels.

    Can’t take it? Don’t dish it out.

    It’s all just retaliation in kind, because nobody’s any better than is anybody else (fact of science).

  5. Frank says:

    Left a message at apple…

  6. alucard says:

    I bought ~$2500 worth of apple/mac products last week, and decided to take them all back for a refund this week due to this issue. I promptly bought parts for an new intel quad core system and built it out.

  7. D says:

    Probably not much to do. Apple will do whatever they thing is best for their commercial interest. And vetoing without apparent reason, or without reason at all, is one of their favorite passtimes. They’re the 2010s Big Brother wannabes.

  8. This picture should tell you all you need to know about the direction of the major tech firms/moguls/media.

  9. Sure says:

    Cars will be banned from London and all other cities across Europe under a draconian EU masterplan to cut CO2 emissions by 60 per cent over the next 40 years.


  10. Sure says:

    Washington: Anti-Camera Referendum Spreads to Redmond

    The initiative effort to give voters a say in whether red light cameras and speed cameras are used has spread to a fifth city in Washington state.

    The group BanCams.com began circulating petitions in Redmond, kicking off an effort on Saturday to gather the 3845 signatures required to put the measure on the ballot.

    The referendum petition follows the language used in Bellingham, Longview, Monroe and Wenatchee where signatures have been gathered since January.


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