UPDATED: SB 1354 Fails in Committee; Wouldn’t have eliminated red light cameras

Never take your eye off AZ legislators for one second

In a move to give legislators one more chance to do the right thing and ban photo radar in AZ, a “Strike Everything” was proposed on SB 1354 to replace it with the language from SB 1352, was adopted and found its way into the House Transportation Committee, where it failed.

There is one correction to make from an eariler post, however. The elimination of red light cameras was taken out of the language, therefore this would have only eliminated photo speed enforcement and would have kept it from ever coming back to the freeways.

SCR 1029 is still on the table and has the right language.

Contact Kirk Adams to assign SCR 1029 to committee today!

Speaker Kirk Adams – 602-926-5495 or kadams@azleg.gov

14 Responses to UPDATED: SB 1354 Fails in Committee; Wouldn’t have eliminated red light cameras

  1. photoradarscam says:

    Failed in committee…

    • Reason says:

      –taps foot with arms crossed giving you that “told ya so” look–

      Cf once again falling victim to the political version of “your shoes are untied”!

      Perhaps Russel Pearce can play “made ya look” with us. (again?)

  2. After all the details came out on this move, I didn’t like it at all.

    It would have gotten rid of photo radar, but not the more dangerous red light cameras, which are also what is taking 24/7 streaming video.

    Antenori either really screwed up on this one or he kept the transportation committee from killing the bill we really want(ed). Right now he looks pretty foolish.

    SCR 1029 is our answer, but Adams needs to hear from voters and legislators in order to get it assigned to committee.

    • Reason says:

      So you were for the bill before you were against it, because you failed to read it?

      And you’re part of Campaign for Liberty?

      • There was no information given to us until the committee hearing started. The AZLeg website had nothing on it that was helpful either.

        If you watched the hearing, some of the legislators were confused at the outset too. Antenori had to explain himself. I’d be happy to send you the video if you’d like to watch it.

        • here says:

          The legiscritters are always “confused” when it comes to what they’re supposed to keep their hands and laws off of: my life and property.

          What’s confusing for me is how one could think some silly little document signed by a BUNCH of legiscritters will resolve this problem.

  3. B says:

    Kirk f’n Adams… He’s the real problem.

    He holds the opportunity to vote on photo radar in his pro-camera hands.

    I wonder how much ATS/Redflex has “helped” his campaigns…

  4. My concern would be for all those “un-enforceable” tickets in the system. Once the legislation goes through, Redflex and ATS will unleash their dogs(freelance process servers). The Kangaroo Courts will hasten to collect the last of the Scamera Fines. No appointed or elected officials will have any interest in defending the public since Redflex and ATS will be leaving anyway. They will be held accountable to No One. They need to be stopped by legislative action and immediately removed so they are not given the opportunity to bring further harm.

    • Dan, that would be a bigger problem if this were 2010, but the millions of tickets issued by the freeway system have all been dismissed under the “120 day” rule. I agree that there would be a major push to collect more fines and possibly some fake tickets being sent out. Rumor has it that these companies will privately admit to being able to issue fake tickets at will, knowing that upwards of 30% of them will be paid.

  5. Automated Ticketing was pitched to Americans like those cute little pot bellied pigs. Every municipality thought it was a great idea, everybody wanted one. (I thought they’d make a durable mail box), and then the inability to perform to contract turned automated ticketing into a belching behemoth. Instead of a pot bellied pig, some unscrupulous huckster sold us a Hog. Suprise, suprise, the pig’s grown up.

  6. Lotus says:

    Click to access scr1029p.pdf


    This has none of the same language.

  7. carros says:


    […]UPDATED: SB 1354 Fails in Committee; Wouldn’t have eliminated red light cameras « CameraFRAUD.com – The Cameras are Coming Down[…]…

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