American Traffic Solutions “Tells the city of Scottsdale what to do and they do it!”

Neville Cramer, a retired federal agent with 30 years of experience in law enforcement is telling his story to the public after being convicted of a crime he did not commit, as shown in court records and recordings.

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15 Responses to American Traffic Solutions “Tells the city of Scottsdale what to do and they do it!”

  1. Jury Nullification says:

    Ask this trator why he killed Senate bill 1159. Thousands of people are about to lose their jobs because of this..

    Make sure to contact Speaker of the AZ House Kirk Adams at 602-926-5495 or

    • Was just talking about this one today. If you write something up about it we can post it as a letter to legislators from a CameraFRAUD member. I’m sure there’s a way to angle it towards the scope of this site.

      Sometimes bills like this can be attached to other legislation.

  2. Sure says:

    Like I said before, what are the filthy cops in Scottsdale doing to women. God forbid you are a soldier and have a run in with these freaks.

  3. levesqued says:

    The B.A. in Criminal Justice provides a baseline that I think helps anyone going into law enforcement develop the much-needed critical thinking skills. search for “United Forensic College”. Today, a degree is pretty much required if you want to move into supervision and management.

    • 4409 says:

      @levesqued uhhhhh….no…A B.A. in Criminal Justice provides them with a guarantee you will be a good slave, do your work, follow orders, and not question your superiors.

      And If you believe you go to school to get critical thinking skills its obvious the indoctrination…errrr I mean school, worked its magic on you.

      Seach for “you are a free range chicken” this might help you find the fence that in directly in front of your face 🙂


  4. Longer yellow light times decrease accidents and violations, not flashing birdhouses:

    “California: Longer Yellow Time Slashes Red Light Tickets
    Red light running drops 81 percent at Fremont, California intersection where 0.7 seconds added to yellow time.”

  5. Story got picked up in Missouri also –

  6. Pro-camera says:

    1. His first ticket was tossed because the equipment was found to be malfunctioning during one of the MANDATORY audit of the equipment. When it was found to be not working, all tickets since the last audit were tossed. That means that people who paid their fines were REFUNDED even if they truely were speeding.

    2. He second incident was not with a camera, but a person taking pictures for the company in which he was harassing and they called police where he was charged BY THE CITY!!!!! The Camera company did not change him with fighting, the city did.

    3. His argument is moot about not facing your accuser. He has every right to face his accuser. The accuser being the CAMERA AUDITOR that issued the notice. Then the Officer that verified the notice of violation. And he is well within his rights to subpoena the maintenance and audit records for hte camera in question showing the rate of violations in the lane he was in, and if the equipment needed to be adjusted before or after his incident. Just because an officer is holding the radar gun that he hopes is working properly because the officer is trusted to verify it works by using a tuning fork, this does not mean that similar equipment hooked to a camera system is null and void.

    • He called the police. They did not. Listen to the story.

      • Pro-camera says:

        He called police, fine, and the Police responded and decided to arrest him because he felt he should be told why someone is taking pictures of people on a public roadway. And the Police felt that he needed to be charged with the charges he received. And he was convicted of those charges even though someone said he was not fighting.

        Sorry, convict you of a crime he didn’t commit, sorry, he went to trial, a jury would be selected and that jury would decide he was guilty of the crime. Why didn’t the 12 people on the jury decide he wasn’t fighting? I guess he must think ATS is paying off juries too?

        • It wasn’t a jury trial. You’re really having trouble with this one aren’t you?

          • Pro-camera says:

            You set me straight, I should have looked up his case before commenting so I could have found out how much of an idiot he really is. I assumed that he had a jury trial, but instead, He Asked FOR A BENCH TRIAL on his case. And is now appealing the decision on the bench trial that he asked for.

            He has really been railroaded by the Scottsdale police department. And he should be taken for his word when he claims that the camera company said they tell scottsdale what to do.

            Oh yeah, maybe you should see how that budget shortfall is doing for DPS now that they don’t have camera revenue.

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