AOL Autos: Red Light Cameras Proven to Cause More Accidents

courtesy of sylvar/flikr

A great article was posted today on AOL Autos by Phil Berg about the plethora of studies that show red light cameras have proven time and time again to cause more accidents after installed.

The yellow light timing issue is examined as well because it’s important to understand why that’s a chief factor in the increased collisions and the ability for the scameras to actually turn a profit.

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19 Responses to AOL Autos: Red Light Cameras Proven to Cause More Accidents

  1. Syre says:

    Yeah, all those crash videos show that the cameras DON’T work.

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  3. oh my says:

    Camera’s change driver behavior. People think twice before running it if they know their gonna get caught.
    This will be another article CF claims is true.. as long as it fits their views.

  4. Reason says:

    CameraFRAUDAZ said: “If we don’t participate in the political process, we’ll never get these things off our streets. Reality isn’t always so pretty.”

    You don’t get it, Ross: Non participation is the whole idea; the ability to choose not to be scammed by a red light, and the option to not participate in a fraudulent and corrupt political process.

    Engaging in one form of fraud to fight another is a tough sell, and rarely in history has any “vote” ever truly restored some right that wasn’t already stolen.

    • Well I guess I just don’t get it then. Sorry. I’m not stopping now.

      What about all 15 places in the last few yrs that have shut the cameras down bc of a vote? They now have the right to travel freely in those areas without being constantly surveilled and tracked by private and foreign companies who profit from illegal taxes they impose.

      Are you suggesting we didn’t gain back rights?

      How would you run this organization if you had control? Maybe a post or suggestion on the message board is in order.

      • 4409 says:

        “How would you run this organization if you had control?” = LOLZ

      • Reason says:

        Voting for change is like begging a robber for your money back. Its a zero sum game and an enormous waste of resources, and only confirms the thief as the one really in control.

    • PS when I talk about this organization, I mean the portion of this group who is pushing the legislation. To my knowledge, nobody has ever been told they can’t use the CameraFRAUD name and go out somewhere to spread the message of anti-surveillance in one way or another.

      It’s taken a massive and diverse effort to push this issue as far as it’s gotten in AZ and around the country for that matter. So I’m not trying to say some scr or sb is the only direction CameraFRAUD can go in, it just happens to be where the most activity is currently.

      • Richard says:

        Just a question for reason says. Are there many people like yourself who are taking the other side. The Az Star did an article a while back noting that the language used to rebuff these Photo Radar complaints were similar and almost exact. If I were a Photo
        Radar contractor, I would probably pay someone to rebuff all these complaints. Think of the millions $ involved. How many people do you really think want to keep the Photo Radar sites

        • They do pay. There are front groups popping up all over the place like whack-a-mole.

          I had forgotten about PARS which is now gone and the website taken down. They use the same formula every time.

          Anyone with a multimillion dollar business who didn’t scrap and claw to keep their scheme in place using every tactic imaginable probably wouldn’t exist in today’s crony capitalist business marketplace.

  5. Sure says:

    Reg Gosar – TSA

  6. These guys in MO are giving us a run for our money here in AZ. In fact, I’d say they’re kicking our butts. Nice job Missouri activists!!

    Missouri Groups Fight Back Against Traffic Camera Astroturf Campaign

  7. Sure says:

    Defendant Convicted of Minting His Own Currency – called a terrorist

  8. ted says:

    Talk about repulsive!

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