State senator Linda Gray’s district is invaded by the RINO Patrol

The Arizona Republican Party’s platform clearly states that it is against the use of photo radar, yet Linda Gray continues to vote in favor of it. She voted no to both SB 1352 and SCR 1029, which would abolish the use of photo radar.

SCR 1029 would require a citizens’ vote to enact the ban and it passed the AZ Senate last week. Will the AZ House Republicans do the right thing and vote to ban the dangerous money making scam run by ATS and Redflex of Australia?

The volunteers who put fliers up in District 10, which is in Glendale, sent in a copy of the flyer and a little video.


Also, here’s a little challenge to our democrat supporters: Not one of your reps in the Senate voted in favor of SB 1352 and only Kyrsten Sinema voted for SCR 1029. Please contact democrat members of the House and let them know you want ALL the cameras to come down and deserve to vote on it.

Yes on SCR 1029!

13 Responses to State senator Linda Gray’s district is invaded by the RINO Patrol

  1. Stacey says:

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 4409 says:

    LOL good one 🙂

  3. Reason says:

    Lol pretty funny…

    Unfortunately promoting the solution to this as thru the rigged and lobbyist controlled cesspool known as state gov is baffling.

    Even funnier is how these recent posts show such a strong bias influence via the republican party, the very group that failed to act to do anything when they passed the state budget from j napolitano with the redflex beast attached.

    Party politics is a joke. If you want to promote a party, fine, but don’t continue to ruin the site for the rest of us who moved beyond left vs right a long time ago.

  4. For those of you who haven’t gotten in to the finer points of what’s going on with the anti-scamera battle all across the US:

    Both political parties have come together to screw us over with these cameras. Whether they are duped in to believing that they’re about safety or have just been paid off by lobbyists is a case-by-case basis.

    The group that’s actually fighting to rid streets and intersections of these dangerous devices was not born of either party and is called the Liberty Movement. If you want to study up on it, go to Liberty activists can be Republicans, Democrats or Independents, but you’ll find the most activity happening within the Republican Party.

    Being an Independent doesn’t really carry any weight in either party, so it strips an activist of certain powers. What I’m getting at here is that in order be effective, you have to pick an evil and fight within it for change.

    Arizona is absolutely the epicenter of photo ticketing in America. It started here (in PV) and the two major “companies” who operate the scameras in the US have their headquarters here and we *had* the only statewide system until it was dismantled last fall. They are not as dumb as we make them out to be with our satire. They have effectively played the political game and their tentacles reach in to places that we don’t even talk about. They started out by lying about the safety numbers and then getting your legislators, council members, chambers of commerce, PR firms etc etc etc hooked on stealing YOUR money with their citations. To undo what has happened is actually impossible, but we do have one recourse and that’s the ballot box.

    We went all out to get a citizen’s initiative on the ballot and collected more signatures than any other volunteer petition in the entire United States. For our efforts we DID NOT get our scamera ban initiative on the ballot and were flat out ignored by Gov Brewer who claims she wants a citizens vote on the matter. AZ rules state that she could have signed off on it right then and there and you all would have had the chance to see it on the November 2010 ballot. Why didn’t she? Because of her ties to Jay Heiler and Redflex. Again, the tentacles.

    At this point we have a couple things going for us. The first is that we have support in the Republican party in AZ because they’ve grown tired of… THEIR CONSTITUENCY beating them up over this issue. The second is that there are greater than 2/3s majorities of R’s in both Houses. We have a shot to impose our will (and we’re doing it btw) on the Republican party. We would be absolutely out of our minds and not truly committed to the cause of Liberty and getting rid of the all-out destruction of the Constitution by this surveillance system, if we didn’t exploit that advantage at every possible opportunity.

    The fact of the matter is that outside of one yes vote by Kyrsten Sinema on SCR 1029, we’re getting no help from the Dems. If they are automatically going to vote for stomping all over civil liberties, maybe they need to hear it from their supporters. Kyrsten Sinema did and that’s why she changed her vote to a Yes on 1029.

    If you consider (or register) your self a democrat, please help! The people who run this blog and organization, if I can speak for them, are not in this to place nice with the Republicans or Dems for that matter. We are doing this to make them absolutely regret, with every fiber of their being, their decision to vote for photo ticketing. And if they continue to vote the wrong way, they know what’s in store – things like RINO Patrol or protests, or just floods of phone calls and emails. It all has an effect.

    Again, if you think those of us who registered as R’s to push the Liberty Movement and more specifically, the anti-photo ticketing agenda in AZ won’t use our advantage with the R party for everything it’s worth, then I wonder if you really want to see us win.

  5. photoradarscam says:

    Desperate propaganda from Mesa:

    Come on now, selectively comparing numbers from 2006 to 2010?

    • You can tell they had their trolls all ready and waiting for this one. The comments at the beginning are getting more thumbs up for pro-camera slugs and the early results of the poll are skewed.

      It’s always fun to watch these turn the other way in favor of the good guys.

      As far as the data, hey at least they were comparing some arbitrary period in the 1990s like the IIHS study attempted to.

      I wonder how much those intersections “shrunk” from 2006 to 2010? That’s their new game to manipulate the #s – just count fewer of the crashes and there a magically less.

  6. Stacey says:

    Someone needs help on the message board = Collections question

    Hello. I was recently sent a collections notice from LDC Collection systems. It says

    Kingman justice court recently contacted you regarding the delinquent case listed above. Because you have failed to satisfy your obligation as required, the Court has authorized LDC Collection Systems to take all appropriate actions to collect the fines and fees owed on this case.
    etc etc

    I live in SC, and I was never served. Someone is at my place of residence at all times, and nobody ever came to serve me.

    What is going on?

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