SCR 1029 Passes Senate, on to the House; Redflex, ATS on brink of being voted out of AZ

The decision in the Arizona Senate went the way most were expecting for SCR 1029 which would put photo ticketing to a state-wide vote.

The final vote count was 18-12. Two R’s, Michele Reagan and Adam Driggs along with one D, Kyrsten Sinema switched from their No vote on SB 1352 to a Yes vote on SCR 1029, which has the same language.

It is not yet known how things will play out in the AZ House, but a decision on that floor is expected next week or the following.

If this vote to bring down the scameras all across Arizona is approved by the House, it will skip over Governor Jan Brewer’s desk and go straight to a citizens vote. The rule is that the Governor has no say on SCRs. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves

It is of utmost importance to begin contacting AZ House reps today!

They must know, just as the Senate members found out from hundreds of your emails, that the citizens of Arizona want ALL the cameras to come down and deserve to vote on it.

Below is a roster and contact info for each. Please make it a priority to send them your thoughts about photo ticketing, even if it’s just a sentence or two. Give them a story, anecdote or data you’ve seen that shows the cameras cause erratic driving and more collisions. The more personal, the better.

We are getting closer….

Link to AZ House member roster

or use the lists below:

AZ House email list in Word format

AZ House email list in PDF format

or call their office directly..

AZ House phone list (Word)

AZ House phone list (PDF)

18 Responses to SCR 1029 Passes Senate, on to the House; Redflex, ATS on brink of being voted out of AZ

  1. Stacey says:

    What is going on with Glendale:

  2. some guy says:

    Since the fight against the cameras began, these same legiscritters have taken us so far down the road of lost liberties that the removal of the cameras is almost a joke at this point.

    Perhaps its time for the removal of these so-called elected officials who continuously play the problem-reaction-solution game.

    As for scamera removal, the proper method is no longer via a corrupt and dishonest political process: It’s time for angle grinders and plasma torches.

    • kimmy says:

      Who says that they are legally elected?

    • I haven’t released the video yet and I’m not sure if there’s a reason to, but you could literally hear a pin drop in the Senate chamber when the vote on 1029 was taken. There was no more grandstanding and none of them wanted to end up in another youtube video featured on this website.

      Since we began hammering this and SB1352 we’ve gotten to them. The people who changed their vote did so because they were absolutely worked over by their constituency with phone calls and emails after the piss-poor showing on 1352. I didn’t know it was going to work this well, but it did.

      In fact, we still have a shot at getting SB1352 reconsidered.

      You can say it’s time to take these glorified bird houses out of the ground yourself, but then you’d be just bringing yourself down to the level of the criminals who installed them. That’s not how we choose to fight.

      In Missouri this week a high level employee from ATS assaulted an anti-photo radar activist in the halls of their state house after he gave his testimony about why the cameras are dangerous. I repeat, we are getting to them. They will hang themselves eventually so let’s just continue down the path of using the truth and the political process to root out these slime eating trolls where they live.

      That’s where I choose to claim victory.

      • B says:

        I still hope and believe that SB1352 will pass.

        Why? With SB1352, anti-camera chances may actually better off, where only their lobbyist(s) can affect their outcomes. (It’s why republics are ultimately better than pure democracies – it’s based on the assumption that our elected representatives are actually educated individuals and make the best decisions for us all.)

        Barring an infusion of serious cash into a pro-proposition campaign, a complete ban on ALL photo enforcement is going to be a tough sell due to the relative ignorance of the populace. Some people who hated the speed cameras ignorantly stand behind red light cameras, thinking that they actually make us safer. (Yeah – we all know that longer yellow lights are the real solution, but who has the $$$$$$$$$$$ to make commercials to get that information out there?)

        This sounds a little like a wacky conspiracy theory, but it very well may be that ATS/Redflex are willing to “concede” a statewide vote, knowing that they have $$$$$$$ for ad dollars on their side. Remember that in Texas at least one of the public votes was relatively close when they threw serious effort into a pro-camera marketing campaign.

        If it gets on the ballot (and I hope it does, in the absence of 1352’s passage), this will be ATS’s home court. It wouldn’t surprise me if they will spend Warren Buffett-like money.

        Of course, it’s always comforting to know that no photo radar system has ever survived a public vote. There’s a first time for everything, however – and ATS/Redflex would pony up all that they could in this case.

      • B says:

        With all of that said – it is good to know that the effort of us more vocal protesters of the 1352 vote probably made a difference…

      • Lane D. says:

        In Missouri this week a high level employee from ATS assaulted an anti-photo radar activist in the halls of their state house after he gave his testimony about why the cameras are dangerous.

        Wow. Do you have a link to this story anywhere? If it isn’t an article anywhere it should be!

    • I need the help of this group! I will be happy to write and tell my story to the media, but I don’t know whom to contact.
      Let me begin by saying I am a 60 year old retired federal agent who has never been arrested for anything before in my life. The ONLY ticket I ever received was from an ATS camera on Shea Blvd. It turned out to be an ATS mistake, but it cost me thousands of dollars in wages and a lost contract because I had to be in court.
      On June 2, last year I was “flashed” doing LESS than the posted speed limit by five men sitting behind an unmarked van on Shea Blvd. I parked my vehicle a block away, confronted them, asked what they were doing and told them I was calling the police.
      Nine Scottsdale Police cars arrived, some using lights and sirens, and arrested me for “disorderly contact” because the ATS people said I yelled at them.
      I have now been prosecuted and convicted of “fighting” by Scottsdale Judge Morgan (although the testimony shows there was no fighting, no violence and no disturbance.) Furthermore, Scottsdale Police apparently registered my permanent fingerprints as a felon, and now I am stopped by Customs and Border Protection every time I re-enter the U.S. from abroad, and questioned about whether my “violent crime” in Scottsdale has been resolved.
      The Scottsdale Police, the Scottsdale Prosecutor and the Judge seem to have been corrupted by the influence of ATS and their money. As the ATS lawyer told me before the trial – “Whether you have a lawyer or not, you will be found guilty. We tell the City of Scottsdale what to do and they do it!”
      Everyone who has listened to the police tapes says they are unbelievable!
      If anyone knows someone in the print or T.V. media who might be interested in this fascinating story of “corruptive influence” and “a miscarriage of justice”, let me know.
      Neville W. Cramer

  3. B says:

    I’m still a skeptic. Kirk Adams is the biggest hurdle now… He may not even let it come to a vote…

  4. Stacey says:

    What does TSA blogger Bob look like:

  5. Stacey says:

    Bodyscanners emitting ten times the radiation originally reported.

  6. Doug says:

    On the brink all right…..IN TWO YEARS 🙂

    • Doug says:

      The Matrix is all around Grasshoppers….just don’t look to closely because you may not like what you see.

  7. Lane D. says:

    A man with the 4th Amendment written on his body launches a lawsuit against the TSA:

    PDF of the lawsuit here:

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