Redflex Front Groups invade Texas; Port Lavaca city council spineless reaction

The largest jellyfish in the Gulf Coast reside in the city council of Port Lavaca

When you’re beaten in the court of public opinion, badly, there are only a couple routes for giant, blood-sucking multinational scamera corporations. All roads usually lead down the path of lawsuits and front groups funded by the money extracted from motorists by dangerous red light cameras.

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11 Responses to Redflex Front Groups invade Texas; Port Lavaca city council spineless reaction

  1. I’m sure ACS told them how popular the cameras are. The council has swallowed ACS’ claims of safety an popularity hook, line, and sinker, so I don’t see why the council is afraid of a vote.

    Of course, we know that they know the truth, that the cameras are just about money, and that the cameras aren’t as popular as the sales literature says they are.

    • Dwayne Buehring says:

      I organized this petition and the mayor was on record saying that a vote was fine with him. They posted an agenda to consider the vote and the lawsuit was filed. I have the lwsuit in my hand now I need to find some resources to fight this.

  2. Someone please recruit the guy in the brown rat suit

  3. Great write up from Havasu News

    They missed on one point however. The vote in the Senate on SCR 1029, which would allow the citizens vote on scameras is today.

  4. ProCamera says:

    You would think that the Sheriff would not accept this “Blood Money”.

    Arizona House OKs $5 million for Babeu’s border security

    “The $5 million is left over from the state’s defunct photo-enforcement program fund.”

    Personally, I have no problem using the funds, but you would think that such a strong opponent of Photo enforcement would adamantly be against accepting these funds. (Or is he just another politician?)

  5. Stacey says:

    Can someone please help the mayor of Glendale pull her head out of her butt:

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