SB1352 Fails in Senate 15-15

The early returns are in on SB1352 and it’s not what we were hoping for. The worst part about this vote is how many republicans violated their own party platform and voted with the democrats to continue the shredding of your constitutional rights. Every single Democrat voted no if you’re scoring at home.

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39 Responses to SB1352 Fails in Senate 15-15

  1. Zeigh says:

    Does anyone know what is up with Senator Pearce and why he is listed as “not voting” on this measure? I would be interested in a political analysis on this bill from those that really know what is happening in the hallways of the Capitol.

    • Zeigh, he voted Yes but his vote wasn’t recorded at the time that the screen shot was taken. The final vote was only shown on screen for about a second so this was what we were able to capture.

      • Zeigh says:

        What a shame. In the rest of the world when there is a tie, the game goes on or the participants at least get to arm wrestle in order to break the tie! With no Arizona politician able to be arrested for domestic violence while in session, I say we arrange a cage fight for whether SB1352 passes or not!

  2. B says:

    I can’t believe that the lobbyists hold that much sway down there.

    Just ONE person derailed this. ONE person. (I expected it to possibly be Kirk Adams, but I NEVER expected it to be a GOP senator).

    I’ve emailed both of the GOP senators listed above. I hope that I hear back soon with a rational explanation, even if it’s short.

    I can’t believe that we can have such an overwhelming majority in both the House and the Senate, and an anti-camera governor, and we STILL can’t kill the cameras. It goes to show us all just how corrupt the system can be when Big Money gets involved.

    • Thanks B,
      Do what you can to get others to do the same. Maybe this setback will light a fire under some folks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Could it be that this so-called Republican platform is not thorough? IOW’s, some have that platform which means it’s not their entire platform; they’re divided. 21-9 majority and it’s the Dem’s fault. Nice one.

  3. Reason says:

    My comment didnt show up.. Admins can u check? Thanks

    • I don’t see it. Post again

    • Ok I saw your post. It looks like one of the admins didn’t want that on the front page. I didn’t moderate it, however.

      Just FYI it looks like we’ll get what we want with a vote. All the legislators who voted against 1352 and are who are willing to talk keep saying the same thing: “The state shouldn’t interfere with the cities ability to (shred the constitution).”

      This proves that they are not only towing the Redflex/ATS/Wintersteen line but they also don’t care if we know they have no idea what type of a governmental system AZ is, just as Andy Biggs pointed out in committee.

      Giving us the vote over the outright ban will do two things:

      1. Buy everyone who is in on the scam some time to come up with an exit strategy

      2. Make it almost impossible for the cameras to come back because it would have to go to another citizens vote.

      To me this say that they know they’re finished.

  4. Arizona Democrat says:

    This is what makes your quasi tea bagger agenda under the guise of, “let’s keep the cameras off the streets” so worthless: it’s really a right wing movement. Today, all of your Republican appointments agreed that disgracing a military funeral for a fallen hero is protected, other than Alito, along with all the Democratically appointed justices. If you had a clue as to how to rally people w/o creating dissent you would have left your partisan ignorance aside, obviously you do not. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to mention that cam is just a typical right wing nutjob movement under the guise of a legitimate movement.

    Shall we talk about tax cuts from your nutty side and the results? Do you have the ability to decipher objective data? Shall we talk about all the numerous Constitutional and other deprivations such as habeus corpus that came from your side?

    I didn’t think so, this site was doing so well until the occassional RW / Libertarian / Tea Bagger (all pretty much the same tax cutting agenda) comes in and morphs the issue from keeping the cams out, to, “Gee aren’t we a bunch of Democrat-haters.”

    Love to read your response.

    • The democrats all voted for the cameras. What else is there to say? The republicans party platform says that photo radar should be banned. When the dems add something like that to theirs, we can talk about it.

      Neither side wants to look like they are voting with the other when it comes to party politics, so you use that against them. Is that a tough concept, or am I missing something?

      • Lane D. says:

        Not all democrats — I am a dem but I’m firmly against the photo radar cameras.

        • Anonymous says:

          Right, don’t you have all the Dem bashing here? They have a 21-9 majority in the senate and can’t get a bill out and it’s the Dem’s fault? What a joke.

        • All the democrats in the senate voted against SB1352. I’m strictly talking about the elected reps who put a “D” next to their name. When pressed, Kyrsten Sinema flipped to a “yes” vote on SCR1029. She was the only dem who voted the right way one time this issue out of 9. Please let them know the next time around that this is unacceptable.

    • Reason says:

      The left-right paradigm is sooo last century.

  5. Zeigh says:

    Arizona Democrat,

    The only thing that I feel compelled to address in your comment is the fact that I have pledged to no political party and never will as a CameraFraud supporter. Regardless, I lean toward Democrats often, because it seems to be closer to my general ideology. Politics should be about working for a cause, not allegiance to any party or some backdoor favor. CameraFraud is bi-partisin and yes, there are very vocal proponents on both sides who make their opinions known. That is what this country is all about.

    Like George Carlin once said:

    “Voting in an election is like going sex toy shopping. Your going to end up with a pain in your a**, so aim for the toy that hurts the least.”

    • Man, George Carlin had it so right about politics. I miss that guy.

    • Anonymous says:

      The administration is basically all conservative, whether teu hide under the title of Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party, etc. Their constant barraging of how the Dems are not for the Constitution and then backpedalling saying that doesn’t mean they are anti-Dem is ridiculous. This place used to be about anti-cams, now about anti-Democrat.

  6. The appeal of this site is for those who believe in liberty and the rights your elected officials swear an oath to protect when they take office. Frankly I think both parties are terrible at it right now and this vote proves my point.

  7. Kirk Wines says:

    I also sent this to Senator John McComish. These appear to be the two pivotal votes:

    Dear Senator Reagan,

    I work as a municipal bus driver in Tucson and am writing to ask you to reconsider your “No” vote on SB 1352, the photo radar prohibition. Driving 400 miles each week in heavy city traffic, I’ve had an ongoing opportunity to observe drivers’ real-life responses to several of the photo-enforced intersections in Tucson. Drivers appear to have learned where the fixed cameras are and exhibit bizarre driving behavior at times at those locations when confronted by amber lights. Once or more each week I see a driver caught beyond the crosswalk but just behind the violation line put his/her car in reverse and back up 10 or 15 feet to be even with the crosswalk after the light changed. Fortunately, every driver I’ve seen doing this so far has looked behind and not backed into anyone YET. Nevertheless, this is not a safe driving practice at all. The response I see more frequently is the panic stop. I’ve seen a car with a young driver lock up its brakes while on Nogales Hwy. approaching Valencia Rd. when the green light ended, with the tires smoking and the car rotating about 10 degrees. Fortunately, no other vehicles were behind or surrounding the car. I’ve personally seen a rear-end collision seven feet from me in an adjacent left-turn lane at the infamous Oracle and River Rd. intersection. Fortunately, the damage between the two cars was very minor and my bus was not involved. Several times each week I see left-turning cars brake hard enough to rock the suspension in response to an amber light about to end. The car behind them then comes to a quick stop very close to the other car’s rear bumper. I am surprised I haven’t seen more rear-end collisions.
    As someone who drives for a living, I believe that the majority of multi-vehicle accidents are caused by one driver performing a maneuver that another driver is not expecting. The photo-enforced intersections I see each day generate the most bizarre and unexpected driving I’ve seen anywhere. I can’t honestly say that I see such a frequent, high concentration of unexpected driving maneuvers in any other intersections besides the photo-enforced ones.
    I hope I am never placed in the position of having to bring my 40,000 pound bus to a quick stop behind some driver who has locked up the brakes and screeched his tires in response to a yellow light. People could be seriously hurt and it’s completely unnecessary. Unbiased studies in Virginia and Texas have shown that photo enforcement creates more accidents in intersections without substantially reducing fatalities. I respect your concern for safety and encourage you to promote bills increasing the duration of yellow lights (which DOES save lives). Also, particularly in Tucson, it would be helpful to promote maintaining crosswalk and intersection markings in a bright and clear condition and to increase the size and intensity of traffic lights, which can be difficult to see under some sunlit conditions.
    Regarding SB1352, I know that yours was a key vote on this bill. I urge you to reconsider your “No” vote and instead allow the bill to pass for consideration by the state house. I also strongly encourage you to vote “Aye” on SCR1029. Regardless of one’s position on photo traffic enforcement, no one can deny that it is a significant, highly public, and controversial issue that deserves to go before the voters. Thank you for considering my observations and point of view.

  8. Shane Boor says:

    this is the reasoning I received back from John McComish [] for his no vote on

    “I believe that cities have the right to decide if they want to have traffic light photo enforcement. The state should not make this decision for them. Their elected officials can be held accountable if necessary.”

    John Mc

    I let him know that this is not just an issue that affects you in the municipality you vote and reside in. It affects you in any city you drive in and you have no recourse if you are not a resident.

    This is not a local issue. This must be addressed at the state level to protect the rights and safety of all Arizonans regardless of what city they live in.

    • Shane Boor says:

      You might want to send him an email.
      lets see if he replies.

    • Shane Boor says:

      If you vote in his district you may also want to let him know who you feel is “accountable”.

      • Thanks for the insights Shane. It sounds like McComish is using the Redflex/PV/Wintersteen argument that the cities are somehow allowed to do whatever they want even though AZ has a national system of gov’t, not a federal system.

        McComish will be held accountable come election time unless he changes his vote.

  9. Stacey says:

    Well, that is a FIRST! We have never been called tea party people before.

    These slimebag Republicans wanted to get out of this vote to make their lobbyists(Linda Gray) and corporation friends(Michele Reagan)happy. Both of these two bimbos have pushed for photo radar for years. Oh wait, throw Kirk Adams in with the bimbos.

    That is why they all stuck to the line that they would let the local municipalites decide.

    A Particularly weak argument as none of these legislators seem to be familiar with the Arizona or U.S. Constitution.

    Love how the Democrats voted for Redflex and Goldman Sachs ATS) and against their own poor constituents.

    Goes to show you who is running this state – corporations.

    • Anonymous says:

      See, I’m not the only one noticing the Tea Party movement IN THIS SITE. You’re ruining such a great thing. With a 21-9 majority and you can’t rubber stamp a simple majority vote, yet it’s the Dem’s fault? You’re losing it.

      • Ed,
        When you post from two different names on from the same IP address, we know it’s still you.

        I know you are also AZDemocrat, which was already pretty obvious from your Meetup posts.

        Stick to the HAM radio operating. This little game isn’t fooling anyone.

  10. Sure says:


  11. Sure says:

    Documents Reveal TSA Research Proposal To Body-Scan Pedestrians, Train Passengers

    You can see the link to the contract in the article.

    The contract included: body scanners that could be used on people walking around, intelligent pedestrian surveillance platforms, discriminative tracking using discriminative features (??), eye tracking in pedestrian surveillance, thermal imaging, x-ray vans, and all sorts of other crap that could probably damageyour health.

  12. Ryan says:

    Sen. Michele Reagan emailed me back today after I expressed my displeasure with her “no” vote, and said she will be supporting SCR1029 which she said she “thinks is a better draft.”

  13. Stacey says:

    Senators who voted In Favor of Photo Radar as Part of The State Budget a few years ago


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