(Un)American Traffic Solutions on Facebook

Check out ATS on Facebook. Every single one of their posts are filled with comments from people who know red light cameras are a scam.

The screen shot below shows that they try to influence polls, make excuses for the fact that accidents go up in scamera surveillance intersections and get shot down by their own “fans.”

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6 Responses to (Un)American Traffic Solutions on Facebook

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  2. Sure says:

    Maryland Appeals Court Forces Cops to Pay Camera Tickets

    Posted: 07 Feb 2011 12:43 AM PST

    The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled on January 24 that officers who received speed camera tickets while driving police cars on duty must pay the $40 fine. Montgomery County Officers Dean Cates, Randy Kucsan, Bill Tran, and Dana Way protested after their department reissued citations in their names in 2008. They were found guilty in district court, but a circuit court judge dismissed the charges on the grounds that the officers were denied their due process rights. The state appealed, hoping the court would rule that police officers are not entitled to due process before liability for a speed camera ticket is transferred.

    Under county policy, speed camera tickets are re-issued to the policemen, paramedics and firemen who were behind the wheel of police cars, ambulances and fire trucks if the emergency lights on the vehicles were not visibly activated in the photograph. The officers complained that their sergeant would ask them weeks or months after an alleged offense to explain why they were speeding.

    “How are they going to recall that it wasn’t because they were speeding to stop a kid from running in the street, chasing a ball; or a person in a wheelchair was spinning,” the officers’ attorney argued in court. “That’s exactly our argument, that there are many, many reasons for an officer to speed that are lawful and justified…. How are they going to remember what they did yesterday? I mean, an officer’s in his car for eight hours, ten hours. And if they’re accelerating for a lawful purpose, and it’s not on the [activity log], or they can’t remember, then they get the ticket. We’re saying the whole process violates their due process.”


    • photoradarscam says:

      I love that all of the arguments used are great arguments against using the system on ANYONE, let alone police and fire crews. Kind of funny how these great “excuses” are only valid for police and fire, but don’t apply to the general public.

  3. Alucard says:

    This was a rather interesting and funny read. Lots of sensationalism and play on people’s emotions.

    However, they ignore the fact that the red light / photo radar system causes more problems than it can possibly solve.

    In addition, they are a “reactive force” — meaning that they can only “respond” when an “alleged violation” (as programmed into the system) has occurred. The system does not physically stop people’s actions. Hence, the argument that the photo $cam system “saves lives” is specious at best.

    The scamera artists and their supporters need to wake up and understand that life and law is not all black-and-white. Both are an exercise in exceptions — something that the scamera system is ill-equipped to judge.

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