Frank Antenori to Push Red Light Camera Ban in AZ

Finally someone is ready to sponsor a bill that echos the will of the people in Arizona.

No matter what pundits outside of this state have speculated about, photo ticketing is the most galvanizing issue for the people of Arizona.

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10 Responses to Frank Antenori to Push Red Light Camera Ban in AZ

  1. 4409 says:

    Why would you post this crap before anyone reads or even sees the bill?

  2. 4409 says:

    Post this monday

  3. Lee Anders says:

    Best news I’ve heard this year…..I hope he’s successful.

  4. oh my says:

    Do motorists have the right to run red lights without consequence?

  5. B says:

    Someone had better get on Kirk Adams and make sure he’s going to at least consider the bill if/when it comes over to the House.

    Otherwise, this is dead in the water. 😦

  6. reallyo says:

    frank is indeed a legislative terrorist.

    ask anyone at the capital.

  7. 4409 says:

    @Lee Anders never trust ANYTHING these politicians do until its done ….especially when they have some not so transparent individuals writing the bill for him while he grand stands on a podium claiming how constitutional he is.

    Anyone can propose a bill its another thing if they know its dead on arrival.

    Remember….this is the same man who just the other day shredded the first amendment by voting to create a free speech zone at funerals.

    Either you have free speech or you don’t. Its not something that should be legislated away at the first glimmer of political pressure or some tragic event.

    Why did Antenori think it was his job to create a bubble around private property? First its 300 feet and then its multiplies like rabbits and you find your self in free speech zone 1 mile away from the event you wish to protest.

    To award someone a medal for winning a race before they suit up is a little premature…but hey, I’m sure he is enjoying that medal he won for creating the free speech zones 🙂

  8. 4409 says:

    Notice how Antenori was palling around with Redflex lobbyists in the background…he also was having a meeting that day with another Redflex hack Mike Williams.

  9. jury nullification says:

    What about the anpr cameras and surveillance of innocent people?

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