Redflex Lawsuit Will Cost Tempe Taxpayers

Tempe and Redflex aren’t talking because, well, their talking points are now gone. Any justification either one had left for the ring of scameras found within that city can no longer be used.

Photo radar is now costing everyone in Tempe money for legal fees, regardless of whether they’ve been ticketed.

This is clearly about money, always has been and now the local media is having a different conversation than they were two years ago. The biggest change is the PR campaign by city officials and camera company lobbyists has transformed into a silence routine. They know they’re finished and are just attempting to “bury the lead.”

Unfortunately for them, they don’t have that option anymore. 3TV tried to get both sides to comment on their impending lawsuit and both declined.

It’s a good thing we all know what the score is!


10 Responses to Redflex Lawsuit Will Cost Tempe Taxpayers

  1. Unreal… they made a deal with the devil and it’s biting them in the ass yet again.

  2. photoradarscam says:

    Just wait until the RICO suit starts…

  3. Mike Waters says:

    OH curses those of us who are “exempt” from the cameras will have to slow down when they go …

    HINT: Look for “Family Transportation Trust” on the meetup website!

  4. photoradarscam says:

    Sometimes I get jealous of other city councils:

    West Des Moines nixes cameras

  5. Jeff Weninger says:

    I have fought in Chandler to abolish them. Unfortunately I was the only one to vote against them.

  6. 4409 says:

    The pirate lawyers ALWAYS win

  7. Sure says:

    Under a new law, patients would be required to be fingerprinted when picking up your medication.

    The City of Peoria is considering fingerprinting everyone who picks up prescription pills so that if the customer is suspected of prescription fraud, his or her fingerprints are on file for law enforcement.

  8. How did I miss this one?

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