Desperate Redflex Sues City of Tempe

Two years ago Santas were disabling Redflex Scameras. In 2011 it will be lawsuits.

It’s desperation time for the ticket camera companies. Redflex is starting to emulate their potential buyer, ATS, and suing anything that moves.

Redflex has filed a lawsuit in Maricopa County Superior Court against the City of Tempe seeking damages in excess of $1.3 million dollars. Their claim is that Tempe is profiting off all the defensive driving courses being sold to motorists in lieu of paying Redflex the fines.

The suit was filed on December 1, 2010, less than two months after both parties were joined as Defendants in an $8 million dollar civil rights/RICO action in Federal District Court by Plaintiff Daniel Gutenkauf of Tempe. Redflex is alleging that the City of Tempe has never shared any revenue with Redflex from “violators” who attend Defensive Driving School (DDS).

The lawsuit alleges that “The City is unfairly enriched by its actions and omissions.” It seems that Redflex can see the writing on the wall in Tempe with Gutenkauf’s RICO case and the PR nightmares to come.

The Aussie vendor stands to lose large sums of money if the verdict doesn’t go their way. 2011 is shaping up to be an even uglier year than 2010 was for them.

Cheers to the cameras coming down!



4 Responses to Desperate Redflex Sues City of Tempe

  1. Who cares says:

    Why not admit that the cameras are not infallible! Then Tempe can’t sell courses to innocent people who are railroaded into taking them. The whole thing is unfair. If Tempe is cheating Redflex, they should stop sending violations to people.

  2. kandaris says:

    You must remember, there is no honor among thieves. They will steal from each other as quickly as they will steal from the public.

  3. Who cares says:

    How can one use the lawsuit to show that tickets should be thrown out?

  4. Who cares says:

    Why were the cameras removed from the freeways but left in Tempe?

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