Tennessee Expectant Couple on the Way to Hospital Slapped with ATS Red Light Ticket

A father-to-be on his way to the hospital with his wife who was 30 hours in to labor should have slammed on his brakes, according to city policy. Steve Selvidge explains in the video that the poorly timed yellow light didn’t give him time to stop safely with his wife about to birth their child sitting in the back seat. There were not any other cars near the intersection at the time of the “violation.”

The town isn’t budging on the $50 fine, which will almost double if he tries to contest it with a Judge and loses.

Germantown is clearly not building up any good will with folks who are interviewed about the scam ticket.

19 Responses to Tennessee Expectant Couple on the Way to Hospital Slapped with ATS Red Light Ticket

  1. His fine should be way more. After all, Germantown is the most expensive neighborhood in Memphis. I say hit them with a $550 fine and raise their taxes by 20%. They can afford it.

  2. Alucard says:

    Illustrated here is a clear weakness of having robots enforcing traffic laws. If a real officer observed this, the guy would have gotten an escort to the hospital. I hope the victim of this scam sues the city and ATS for false & malicious prosecution, fraud, and anything else that can be found to hang ’em with.

  3. Sure says:

    What a great f****** memory of your child’s birth, ATS.

    • ProCamera says:

      And to think, he got the ticket in the mail weeks later. Wasn’t pulled over by a cop. Wasn’t held up by the officer on the side of the road for minutes while the officer discovered the situation. If driving his wife to give birth to their child warrants him to be able to violate traffic laws in an officer’s eyes, then it should also warrant him to violate those same laws in the Judge’s eye. The camera company only takes the pictures, it is up to the judge to look at your circumstances.

      • Your scenario makes no sense if he could only pass through the intersection safely by not slamming on his brakes. An officer would not have pulled him over for safe driving.

        • ProCamera says:

          If he went through the intersection while the light is red, then he was exceeding the speed limit. and was not paying attention to traffic signals. And that is not “Driving Safely”. Like I said, tell it to a judge, bring in pictures and the hospital paperwork. Maybe the judge will be just as understanding as you think a real cop would be.

  4. Sure says:

    Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Republican from Utah’s 3rd congressional district, is being called by the Salt Lake Tribune, “the Transportation Security Administration’s biggest congressional critic”, in a dispatch on Saturday, December 18, 2010. Mr. Chaffetz, age 43, will head the subcommittee that focuses on national security, homeland defense and foreign operations starting in January, 2011.

    Some say that TSA, headed by administrator John Pistole, is among his prime targets for reform. He has already challenged the agency over an incident on Friday, November 19 at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), when TSA officials claimed that they asked the father of a small boy remove the child’s shirt, because the toddler had allegedly set off a metal detector.

    That incident escalated when TSA officers followed Luke Tait, a Utah Valley University student who recorded the boy’s shirt removal by his father so that agents could allegedly confirm he was not carrying any contraband.


  5. Sure says:

    Bill of rights night


    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

  6. ProCamera says:

    1. Your emergency does not mean that you can drive on the roadway and disobey the traffic regulations.

    2. If your situation would warrant an officer to look the other way, then it should also warrant a judge to look the other way when deciding the case if you take it to court.

    • Who says he disobeyed any traffic regulations? A machine? If the choice was between running through the light or slamming on his brakes it seems like it’s yet another poorly timed, scamera monitored intersection. Big surprise there.

      • ProCamera says:

        Poorly timed light? I would think that it is an inattentive driver that is more worried about his wife in pain in the vehicle and less worried about the other people on the road or the traffic control devices he is supposed to obey.

        1. If the light is poorly timed, then bring that up in court. Case dismissed because the CITY engineers have the light set up wrong (Camera company doesn’t control Yellow light timing).

        2. If his medical emergency warranted him to be able to go through a traffic control device, then let the judge decide that. Again, the camera company takes pictures of all violations, not just the ones that happen to not be heading to the hospital.

  7. Sure says:

    Kind of funny how the cops in Paradise Valley never even look at the photo radar tickets or videos. This is how the town gets away with shortening the yellow light times.

  8. Mesa Arizona Resident says:

    Only $50 for a red-light ticket? Is that all?!?!? I got a ticket for no headlight on my bicycle her in Mesa, and the fine was $151.20.

  9. YourMom says:

    He should have been ticketed for naming his child “Frannie”.

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