Redflex Failures Aplenty

It’s easy for us to understand just how incompetent Redflex Traffic Systems because we watched the 3 ring circus that was their contract with Arizona and DPS, signed by Big Sis aka Janet Napolitano. The end of the statewide contract did not mean Redflex’s exit from Arizona, nor did it conclude their seemingly endless stream of bad press.

With all the victories against (Un)American Traffic Solutions at the ballot box this month, Redflex has been missing from our posts for a few weeks.

That hasn’t stopped them from tallying more embarrassments and failures across the United States:

Lousiana – Redflex had been under investigation in Jefferson Parish by the FBI for more than a year over an alleged arrangement that put cash in the pocket of a Judge’s wife and a lobbyist every time their scameras popped a motorist with an extortion ticket. Now another city, Zachary, LA, just north of Baton Rouge wants out of their contract with the Australian operation. Redflex has repeatedly breached their contract with the city, according to city council. In a desperate attempt to prove their little speed trailers were worth the investment, they were deployed against the wishes of the city. The Advocate in Baton Rouge has the full story.

New Mexico – While accident rates are dropping nationwide, cities using Redflex surveillance ticketing are seeing an increase in collisions where it has been deployed. New Mexico Dept of Transportation studies have shown this to be true. That hasn’t stopped inept city councils from continuing the program to the detriment of their own people. has more details.

11 Responses to Redflex Failures Aplenty

  1. Bizarre behavior by TSA Agents in Phoenix

  2. Sure says:

    I am surprised the little glass room doesn’t automatically lock and x-ray.

  3. Sure says:

    Houston – ATS claims the city broke the law when it allowed Proposition 3 to be placed on the ballot and even violated the US Constitution when it adopted a law that went against a pre-existing contract.

    • Someone needs to drug test their lawyers and probably Adam Draizen. I think he was juicing.

    • photoradarscam says:

      I don’t see that their argument is valid. The contract most likely spells out provisions for breach of contract. Any contract can be broken, and any good contract has provisions for what to do in case of breach of contract.

      The only question I believe is whether the city is allowed to break the contract without penalty or must pay damages. Either way, the voters want the contract broken, regardless of the consequences.

  4. Sure says:

    Airport Cop, TSA Officer Steal, Assault Clerk May 2010

  5. Sure says:

    Colorado lawyer, Gary Fielder, has filed for a Permanent Restraining Order in federal district court against Janet Napolitano, John Pistole, the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA. Attorney Fielder made headlines earlier this year when he refused to go through a naked body scanner installed at a Colorado court house. He has now filed a Complaint for Injunctive Relief to stop the naked body scanners and enhanced pat downs at our nation’s airports.

  6. Sure says:

    What’s next

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