“Scariest Speed Camera of All” coming to Phoenix?

Actually, they’re already here because with the flip of a switch, the city of Phoenix can begin ticketing you for just about anything caught on Redflex intersection scameras and with speed camera vans.

The Daily Mail, a newspaper out of the UK is reporting on a camera that can ticket drivers across the pond for alleged unpaid taxes, insurance, unfastened seat belts, or even tailgating!

Page 29 of the Phoenix contract with Redflex has the provision for just this sort of abuse of technology. How soon before our checking accounts and credit cards are charged automatically after each “offense?”

More from The Daily Mail.

Courtesy of The Daily Mail UK

7 Responses to “Scariest Speed Camera of All” coming to Phoenix?

  1. Sure says:

    PHOENIX – As many as 40 Phoenix police officers are being investigated by the Arizona Attorney General’s office for fraudulent activities involving off-duty security work, according to multiple ABC15 sources.

    The investigation stems from an internal police department review started in 2007, sources said.


  2. Sure says:

    When will you draw the line?


    Channel 10 reports PHX freeways are safer now than
    previous yrs..
    So all you camera likers, I’d like to offer you a camera, from redfux. It’ll be used of course, to be put on your driveway, so if you even fart we will know witch way to move out of your way……..

  4. Stacey says:

    Olivia Munn Combats Circus Cruelty


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