Scameras Come Down

Scameras on a Flatbed

Right on schedule (and right before the November election), the Scameras are coming down on the southbound i17. Crews were busy cutting down the Scamera poles and grinding down the bases that supported them. See more pics here.

Good riddance!
Of course, this is no time to celebrate because those cameras could return at any time. But we at CameraFRAUD can’t help but feel some satisfaction at a sight like this, knowing that Arizona’s ‘deal with the devil’ (that devil being Redflex) was, in their own words, an expensive failure.

14 Responses to Scameras Come Down

  1. 4409 says:

    Weird, I just called Jan Brewers office on Monday and gave them an earful. I taped it and was going to do a video but I guess I don’t need to now 🙂

    good pics! What time were these pictures take?

  2. Glyph says:

    @4409: I’d say 11:30ish. Minutes after I took these pics, the vehicles left this site and proceeded to the i17 and Indian School location.

  3. LoneWolf says:

    I wish I could have one of those. I could use another camera and the box/pole would make a nice bird house.

  4. kandaris says:

    Whew, I’m uttering a suspicious but still rewarding sigh of relief.

  5. The British CameraFRAUD

    I think the man on foot is a distant cousin of Stacey.

  6. Stacey says:

    I have video of them taking the cameras down on I-17 also. I laughed and and laughed and laughed.

    • Matt says:

      I would LOVE to see THAT video! Do you have a link? Frankly, seeing something like that makes me happier than if world peace were to ever become a reality.

  7. Alucard says:

    They haven’t had the chance to take down the scameras on 51 southbound side — they were still up as of 12:30 pm today.

  8. Glyph says:

    The SR51 scameras are supposed to come down on Nov 3rd and 4th.

  9. Alucard says:

    Too bad they don’t take volunteers — I’d get out there now and angle-grind them all down! 🙂

  10. iraq vet says:

    what about the camera’s at US 70 and the town of superior

  11. justcurious says:

    My brother called me from ILLINOIS he drives to WISCONSIN mon- fri and he noticed a camera sys just put up coming back into ILLINOIS TO CHICAGO , I told him it’s our old camera’s movin up there he’s not happy
    Does’nt this seem redfux or sh$t for braines ATS move around like a transit or homeless camera co…….

  12. Jury Nullification says:

    A proud day..

    Question “AUTHORITY”

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