Tempe Man Files Massive Scamera Lawsuit – Redflex Named

CameraFRAUD has been sent a copy of a RICO suit that names a large contingency in the scamera criminal enterprise in Arizona as defendants. Here are some highlights of the list of money-grubbers:

*Redflex Traffic Systems

*City of Tempe

*Tempe Police Dept

*Karen Finley, CEO of Redflex

*Terry Goddard, AZ Atty General

*Hugh Hallman, Mayor of Tempe

*John Halikowski, Director AZ Dept of Transportation.

*Roger Vanderpool, (former) AZ DPS Director

*Thomas Ryff, City of Tempe Chief of Police

*Joel Navarro, Tempe City Council

*Judge Louraine Arkfeld, Tempe Muni Court

There are many more listed on the official document here. The plaintiff, Mr. Daniel Gutenkauf has filed the suit under the grounds that all named parties are acting as a criminal syndicate, committing extortion and fraud in order to profit from scamera tickets.

Eventually the scam of photo ticketing will come to an end in this country. If this RICO suit is heard and goes through, it will be a giant step in the direction of a nationwide ban.

The state of Arizona and it’s elected officials have shamed themselves by allowing the criminal behavior of scamming motorists with photo tickets to continue. If it takes a lawsuit to put it to and end in our state, so be it, but our public officials have had plenty of chances to do the right thing and have looked the other way. This shame is theirs.

74 Responses to Tempe Man Files Massive Scamera Lawsuit – Redflex Named

  1. photoradarscam says:

    The lawsuit is solid. Hopefully we can get the injunction soon.

    • Justice says:

      I agree that the lawsuit appears to be very solid. The only thing that troubles me is that he is acting in pro per. Those who represent themselves are seldom successful. Although he is seemingly knowledgeable, the system my find a way to take advantage of him. Does anyone happen to know the plaintiffs legal background?

      • Kirk says:

        Yes, I know his background. While he is not a trained legal professional, he is very knowledgable and thorough, working on small legal cases for many people over the years, primarily as a researcher, to give them the info they need to address various claims and suits. He has done an enormous amount of research on this case, prepared it carefully and has engaged several highly trained professionals to verify the substance of this suit, and it is rock-solid, believe me.

      • Kim Dyer says:

        That is what we are brainwashed to believe. Actually, pro per gives a much better chance for the truth getting on the record as any lawyer knows that RICO looks good in writing and that they would like to keep their license to practice law. They are there to supportt the crown of England under Maritime law, not the constitution when Bush crime family “War” of ____ is on. And it is organized crime fromthe AZ, American Bars on down. The zionist criminal elites wanted this camera issue out for mor than just tickets. Now healtchare has replaced that agenda for nationalized ID system for social control/opression. I put the original think tank together while divorcing a narco-money laundering (Iran Contras) Under bushes Neocon and was placed in a position taht I had no idea that I witnessed while a legislative intern. The camera agenda pretty sure fixed findings (oil company types) got in to the back pockets of state Universities: To study Transportation and got the cities to whore into it: Extortion. Barry Aarons and Mike Williams are the lobbyists who got paid Federal funds to push for it.

    • Kim Dyer says:

      I hope that this is not “fake opposition” the oldest trick in the book that allows the masonic banksters to swing the pendulum from left to right while cleaning house from public funds. A lot of these things are set ups. In my experience and opinion, if he got a huge judgement or settlment in this crooked RICO system, it will be FRAUD. I don’t buy it yet. Keeping my finger’s crossed.

      • Kim Dyer says:

        My question is: IF this guy gets punitive damages, where will he dedicate the money? That will show you what this is really about. Question everyone, everything.

  2. reason says:

    Go get em and godspeed!

  3. B. L. Garrett says:

    I don’t remember reading an 88-page complaint before. But this really details the issues with these cameras and the questionable process that surrounds their use. It doesn’t hurt having an identical twin brother, either! (grin)

    Good luck with this!

    • Kim Dyer says:

      Whatever it takes to take these criminals down and expose them for the greedy bastards that they are. Tempe’s named in particular. They have no ombudsman to keep them accountable from corruption. They need their own checks and balances.

  4. Pro-Camera says:

    His situation is unique. I agree that he was railroaded by the court. But I don’t understand why he denied the settlement? In his situation, it sure appears that the guilty party is City of Tempe. They were paying his requested legal fees. It was their officer that did not review the ticket. It was their officer that did not show in court. It was their Judge that ruled against him. Redflex provided photo and video and electronic evidence.

    • photoradarscam says:

      Why take the settlement when you have the chance to expose this criminal enterprise to the world? In pursuing the settlement, Dan learned/obtained some crucial evidence that lead him to realize that this racketeering was happening.

      If you bothered to read the suit, you’d see that on 2 prior ocassions courts have ruled that a gender match alone is insufficient to identify a driver and issue a citation. Part of issuing a citation is an officer signing a statement swearing that he’s identified the violator. After having lost in court twice (and now at least 3 times), the city, DPS, Redflex, and anyone else involved should have known that the gender match process was illegal and a fraudulent way to pursue payment of “citations,” yet they are continuing this practice knowing full well that courts have ruled a gender match insufficient, and they CONTINUE to issue citations where the violator has not been properly identified. This is not being done because all of the defendants are trying to improve safety, it is being done for PROFIT. This is fraud, this is extortion, this is racketeering. There is no other explanation for ignoring court rulings that affect your revenue stream.

      • Pro-Camera says:

        I read the entire suit, and like you said, the gender match is what is provided by the camera company. The City of Tempe knows this and issues citiations on that alone. It is the city’s responsibility to identify the driver per Arizona law. Redflex provides the images and the other evidence, the City needs to identify the driver. When the city did not do this, they were the ones at fault.

        To rectify the situation, the city agreed to accept his settlement and wanted him to sign that the incident would be done and free all parties from further litigation. Again, the City acted in bad faith when they tried to lie about the contract covering Redflex, and the City tried to coerce him into accepting the check as an enforcable verbal agreement.

        I’m sorry, but his lawsuit is going to get tossed.

        • photoradarscam says:

          Please explain why you think it will get tossed? It becomes racketeering when all parties involved know that their behavior is illegal but they continue to do it anyway in order to profit. Redflex is at fault because it is their proceedures manual and training that recommends or instructs this illegal practice. It would be one thing if they did this, it got shot down by the courts, and all parties corrected their procedures. Instead, there is evidence that despite knowing it is illegal, they continue to defraud the public by issuing illegitimate citations based on gender match alone.

          • Pro-Camera says:

            It is not illegal for RedFlex to provide video and still photo evidence of a traffic violation to the police if Redflex has not identified the driver of that vehicle. It is up to the police to positively ID the driver. His lawsuit shows that Tempe Police failed to make this ID. Sorry, but everyone else is not in a racketeering scam. Redflex provides a service. The city knows the limits of those services. Failure to ID people has nothing to do with Goddard or Redflex or former DPS Directors, it is a failure by Tempe Police.

            • Kim Dyer says:

              This is why the Russel Pierce legislation to give crooked cops immunity for commiting crimes. Judge’s already have it. It is the crooked court’s sheild against RICO accountability. Hell, they get $15 grand per child they rig out of a home to a crime syndicate in Pennsylvania. Where does this end?

        • Kim Dyer says:

          IT will be tossed because it has the propensity to expose more fully the true agendas and criminals behind this scam that I allege goes straight to the Bush family masonic Bankster brotherhood, the oldest crime syndicate formulated the year of the “declaraion of independence”… the constitution only applies to the “Freemasons=above the law”

      • Kim Dyer says:

        I agree. And where will the money go? Is this more dog and pony show or authentic? I am a witness to a lot of alleged dog and pony show fraud (corporate big fish fake opposition, control both sides, control attitudes, and settlements, and how it’s split). Winnie the pooh the gangster will never get enought honey from the beehive.

  5. Glyph says:

    Looks like Tempe and Redflex screwed with the wrong guy, he case seems pretty solid.

    • dorthy of wizard of oz... says:

      If we had a clean judicial system, he would have been allowed to pursue and would have won. Unfortunately, I have experienced the absolutely insane criminal racketeering scams in the judicial and legislative and executive areas in Arizona alone, and they are not independent. Also, funny how Tempes own police officers are ignorant to the fact that they work for a private corporation with no accountability, checks, balances or audits. They are unfortunately modern-day nazis by coersion. And it will not get any better, the military is worming its way into the police which is unconstitutional, we can’t have our own military working against our own! Kim Dyer here. And no, you can’t sue city Hall. Not unless YOU ARE WITH THEM As criminal Bush W. Stated after his Nazi cartel (research his Grandaddy Prescott Bush and Nazi Germany) embellished a coup de tat against all Americans with the 9/11 explosions, explosives stolen from Los Alamos Labnoratory, New Mexico, another mass coverup by government. Follow the money. Mormons, who are a Masonic SECT got rich, so did the banks. They own most of our real estate today. Since 9/11, they went from 20% to owning 90% of American’s wealth. It’s a CABAL!

      • Ernest T. Bass says:

        another post from another twit!! hey dorothy take a look at the dates from these comments… does it appear that any normal people give a crap ? do the research the answers will be right in front of you…

  6. steve says:

    I find all this to be depressing. It’s a prime example of why this movement has and continues to get little traction. First, anyone reading this who believes it “sounds solid” has a very limited, if any, understanding of law, particularly when it pertains to civil RICO cases. The suit reads like any number of crank lawsuits filled in any given courthouse on any given day. It baseless, has no merit in regard to RICO statutes and will be dismissed as such.

    To those who maintain this site, you should more carefully consider the articles you post. Just because a lawsuit, article, concept or alleged fact is anti-camera enforcement doesn’t mean that it presents our opposition in a positive light. Frivolous lawsuits such as these discredit the cause and shouldn’t be celebrated. All time and effort should be managed towards forwarding ballot initiatives.

    Although I do not live in Arizona (OH resident) I have been active in my community, helping to get the issue to ballot referendum. However it disheartening to see these same kind of errors made on the majority of web sites for grass roots movements across the nation. the only way to forward our opposition will be through local efforts. But when those we’ve appointed to be our leaders lead ineffectively and we that follow turn a blind eye and fail to be self-critical, we’ll continually set ourselves up for the same failures.

    Although I salute and appreciate the efforts of those here, you really need to consider what’s most vital to forwarding this cause and weigh it thoughtfully against the myriad of distractions that will undoubtedly derail your efforts. The saddest thing is although I’ve done my best to rationally present my concerns, I can already envision the replies this post will get from the myopic, who won’t even consider that the biggest challenges come from within the opposition not outside of it.

    • photoradarscam says:

      Are you a lawyer? Did you take the time to read the entire 88 page complaint?

      Part of the purpose of this website is to publish news related to photo enforcement, and regardless of the legitimacy of the lawsuit, this lawsuit is news because of its subject matter. When the judge rules on it, it will be news again.

      At the very minimum, this lawsuit exposes the injustice that has happened and continues to happen in our courts. Hopefully this lawsuit will bring some sunlight to these practices, even if the lawsuit doesn’t make it very far. A judge telling Dan to PROVE that he wasn’t driving (rather than the plaintiff proving it was him) is newsworthy because it flies in the face of our very constitution. Leaders from the state, city, and DPS continuing to identify people using only a gender match despite being shot down by the courts 3 times(!!!) is legitimate news – especially the fact that they continue this practice even though they should now KNOW it is illegal. The fact that we have public officials who haven’t been properly sworn in is also important news and information, as well as the lack of licensing for these private investigator firms.

      They say the best disinfectant is sunlight, and this lawsuit – and publicity associated with such – is the sunlight. I would hate to see CF keep this kind of news a secret, as the media is not likely to even care about this story unless CF makes a story of it, and the public won’t know about it unless CF publishes it or the media picks up on it.

    • ACG says:

      You have said more than enough to show your hand. We know who you are and allow you to speak because what you say is not worth a wheat penny.

    • Kim Dyer says:

      No, STEVE, phonies like you are what is depressoing. Leave these people alone and make a living honestly. You are so transparent.

      You identify problems and offer no solutions… Like you are an authority or something. Piss off Steve, we don’t need your fraudster games here.

  7. steve says:

    Sticking to that flawed mentality will continue to provide the same results this group has produced to date. There’s been a lot of talk, a lot of meetups, a lot of volunteer effort, etc. 2 years later there have been minimal results. In OH we’ve produced significant result by strategic planning. The best you’ve managed in AZ is to claim responsibility for the lapse of a single contract.

    This site gives the impression that CF is a small, loosely knit group of cranks. I’m not saying that you are, I’m trying to assist by providing some constructive criticism and some frame of reference for outside perspective. In reviewing the forums on CF I find one glaring commonality in the posts. Blind, mean spirited rebuttals and attacks on anyone who makes even the slightest criticism of CF and/or their tactics. The inability to utilize and objectively ascertain the merit of criticism is an indicator of the immaturity of your organization. However I learned long ago that you can’t assist those who are unwilling to learn. So good luck to you and your org., you’re going to need it more than you’re willing to admit. I won’t be returning to this site, as there’s too little of value here to assist us in more organized and serious endeavors towards forwarding our opposition on a national level. We’ll prevail without you.

    • photoradarscam says:

      Well please enlighten us, rather than attack us. You allege the suit is frivolous. I am no lawyer, but the claims seem legit to me. Please tell us where the suit will fail? Please tell us how public officials and Redflex continuing to issue citations that go against a court ruling (3 times) is not an overt attempt to profit fraudulently? All of the evidence is a simple matter of public record. A LOT of time and preparation was done in putting the suit together which included vast research into previous RICO suits that failed so as to not make the same mistakes. If you can see a weakness in the lawsuit, I’m sure Dan would like to know it so he can ammend the complaint.

      • oh my says:

        Why do you say the suit seems solid and legit, and when others give their opinion you blast them for not being lawyers, when you just said yourself you are not a lawyer neither?

        • photoradarscam says:

          I don’t blast them for not being a lawyer, I ask if they are because that will lend credence to their comments.

          If someone is going to say that the suit is frivolous, they should be able to explain why they think that is so. I don’t see anything frivolous about it. If anything, the only thing I’m blasting steve for is for making baseless claims, or for failing to make his case with specifics. Unless he can say why it’s frivolous, his comments are worthless. I say it’s solid because the complaint speaks for itself – it is full of citations, evidence, precedent, etc. – and I don’t see anything obviously wrong with it. Steve on the other hand does, but he can’t (or won’t) say what it is.

          • Kim Dyer says:

            Amen! This is so paramount to a general constitutional right to due process that is an amazing argument that will allow the discovery necessary to expose them. It is so much bigger. Anyone who uses the word “frivolous” on a site like this is a scammer and probably on the take.

        • Kim Dyer says:

          Notice how in Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons that the cameras are represented as their saving grace and the criminal patent theifs represented as “scientists” when they are Jesuit controlled faking opposition to the Vatican… As a Templar descendant, I should know. Plus with my educational background and experience… They are masters of duality (cleaning up while swinging the pendulum)– they love to grind on menutiae. It keeps you lost.

          • Kim Dyer says:

            What is up with these symbols that get assigned anyway, is this a place where people can tip themselves off to the enemy?

    • reason says:

      LOL… minimal results. Except for the cancellation of the only existing statewide photo enforcement contract (Redflex – State of Arizona).

      • Pro-Camera says:

        It was not a cancellation of the contract. It was the non-renewal of the contract. Big difference there.

      • Kim Dyer says:

        They got cancellation because the Healthcare bill will now be the vehicle for nationalized RFID control over all of us with hidden technologies to make sure taht you don’t step out of line and prove foul play. Chips get deactivated. RFID is in most of your electronics today. Most electronics today also have Avenet technology that can be activated and corrupted by remote through the 30 satelites that all electronic communications filter through each and every time you communicate electronically. (Even when your smart phone might surveilance you).

    • Kim Dyer says:

      Funny, this is Kim Dyer, I would never have left the comment I am reading to Steve above. From my experience with CF, he is absolutely right. Unfortunately because I made the calls and watched the camera agenda come together using Federal funding, I am the target of a smear campaign, the founder of CF included. Made the mistake of dating this guy who I am certain is CIA sponsored from having dated him and seen much up close . Even the guy who started the Greater Phoenix Tea Party being paraded around the media in my experience from knowing him is another shill who is aiding bad guys to intimidate us into not becoming activists. Sorry Steve, I would remove the above comment if I could.

  8. Sure says:

    Yeah minimal results,Steve. I am sure Redflex agrees with you. Bwhahahaha.

  9. Somebody better tell KFYI this isn’t news also.

    http://drev.me/baF8yu “Slew of Arizona Politicians, Redflex Named in RICO Lawsuit”

    • And Fox 10, they’ll be covering it tonight too.

      This is definitely not newsworthy.

      **Fox 10 story will actually run tomorrow.

      • Kim Dyer says:

        It is my experience that this is yet more THEATER intended to circulate through the bogus activist groups to intimidate people from becoming politically active. The Greater Phoenix Tea Party harassment hoax: In my experience with Les White: A HOAX. We are being discouraged from practicing our God-given rights to stand up.

  10. LoneWolf says:

    Steve, everything we do here in Arizona helps weaken our opponents and gives strength to this initiative across the country. Understand that Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the nation. Both Redflex and ATS have set up their base camps in this state so that puts us on the very front line. We were the first state to implement this scam. We have a hell of a lot going against us so we need to attack this issue from every single angle that we can. We tried the statewide ballot inititiave and we failed, however, through our failure we have learned a lot and we’re determined to move forward. Understand that we’re up against greed and corruption. We’re up against local lobbyists whose big fat incentives push them to the point where they have to fight to the death to keep this scam going in this state, after all, this is their home and their income. Every little bit of help that CF or similar organizations receives makes us a little bit stronger although we’re not quite as strong as we could be and we realize this… But we’re working on it.

    We have a small handful of loud voices in this organization. They’ve made waves across the nation and even in other countries. People are listening and they’re taking stand by starting their own organizations. We were the first to influence many others because everything began right here in Arizona.

    You’re not giving enough credit to CF. The initiative in Ohio has had a lot of help from us. We’ve posted opposing views on their news websites and we’ve helped sway public opinions. We led Ohio’s citizens to this website so they could see for themselves the scam that was taking place in their cities and towns.

    There’s a lot of things going on here in the background that you just don’t see. Most of us don’t see it because why tip off the scam companies about our next moves? They’re trying to stay ahead of us because there’s millions of dollars at stake. They do a lot of things that we don’t see and this is where we have to spend extra time trying to investigate and determine the legalities of whatever it is they’re doing that they don’t want us to see. Part of our purpose revolves around exposing their corruption. Cities across the nation have taken notice so don’t think for 2 seconds that we haven’t made much of a difference nationwide.

    Steve, we all need to work together on this. We’re not in competition with other anti-photo-enforcement organizations, in fact, we encourage more of them. And yes, we can all learn from one another. We learn what works and we learn from our mistakes.

  11. Sure says:

    Lonewolf – the voice of lone logic amongst us. lol

  12. Sure says:

    Seriously WEIRD


  13. Stacey says:

    Phoenix cops keep drug paraphenelia in cop car and play “jokes” on black people


  14. Chris says:

    Interesting. They say a man who represents himself in court has a fool for an attorney. This may well be the case with this RICO suit.

    I sincerely doubt the process server was an active and knowing part of a broader conspiracy, given that the process server merely serves the documents he/she is given. The process server must assume the documents he/she is given are legal and proper to serve. I’m fairly certain the process server will be dropped from this suit fairly quickly. Gutenkauf would have been better off naming AAA Photosafety as a co-defendant, instead of the process server.

    • Kim Dyer says:

      Chris, it is the only way that the truth gets on the record. Dig deeper. I got out of more things by firing attorneys, and won more times in court because they DO NOT want things on the record taht they must cover up and they do not want a papertrail of the blatant corruption and denial of the constitution in the crooked system. Attorneys are there to control you.

    • Who cares says:

      That saying is idiotic. Anyone who can read can defend themselves without paying lawyers, who most times do an inadequate job and take all your money.

  15. Has anyone noticed that Redflex’s Court Training Program includes instruction for the appellate process?

  16. photoradarscam says:

    Don’t want a ticket, just don’t speeed, unless you’re this lady:

    Then you just have to spend all day on the phone and finally get the media and the secretary of state involved and…

  17. Sure says:

    Guilty until proven innocent.

  18. This story is DEFINITELY not news and we never should have reported it. ABC 15 agrees..

  19. Attorney says:

    I am an attorney and I think the case has lots of merit. The fact that Redflex and/or ATS issue purpoted complaints and mail them to the owners of vehicle with a section that asks the addressee to identify the driver if it is not them is abuse of process. You can’t bring a frivolous suit againt the owner of a vehicle to extort information from him. What is really needed is a class action for abuse of process and malicious prosecution by all owneers of veihcle who were improperly accused. That would put a nice dent in these bastards pocketbook.

  20. Who cares says:

    How can the lawsuit and wrongdoing help people NOW who get cited???

  21. Who cares says:

    I need help and wish someone would answer.
    I have been fighting a serious illness since early Jan. I have had many surgeries. The last was three weeks ago. On the way back from a dr. appt. the red light camera apparently got me. I am innocent. I don’t want to go to court because I am not up to it. I won’t be forced to pay a ticket. If they take away my license I won’t be able to get to the dr. appts. I can tell the truth, but from what I read here, the truth doesn’t matter.

    • Kim Dyer says:

      OH PAHLEEEASE! Do you actually believe that they won’t commit fraud when they have an inherent conflict of interest? They want it both ways. They benefit from fraud. There is no system to prevent fraud. They want to not prove your speed posted is accurate, but you can’t require proof that the driver is you either. This case is paramount, just so many of you don’t get it. And that’s okay. Just opening minds here.

  22. Kim Dyer says:

    Get your allegation of fraud on on the court record in affidavit form and post it on Freedomsphoenix.com so that it is in their library and posted for many others to find and network to come together in truth. Numerous witnesses claiming the same story is what we need in our RICO suits.


  23. Who cares says:

    Attorney why don’t you get a class action suit started. The citation needs to be signed my an officer, not a Redflex employee, as spelled out in AZ Revised Statutes. It needs to be signed not with a rubber stamped signature.

  24. Who cares says:

    Attorney why don’t you get a class action suit started. The citation needs to be signed by an officer, not a Redflex employee, as spelled out in AZ Revised Statutes. It needs to be signed and not with a rubber stamped signature. I want my money back because I was framed by a crooked town.

  25. Justice says:


  26. Justice says:


    All Documents can be found here


    From the judgment

    A little bit of knowledge can sometimes be worse than none at all. Plaintiff’s pro se
    filings demonstrate some exposure to the legal process. But they also demonstrate a
    fundamental failure to appreciate that the administration of justice promotes fairness, not
    abuse. This is not plaintiff’s first § 1983 action against scores of public officials. Plaintiff received his full measure of justice when he obtained the reversal he sought
    and the City agreed to pay him the sum he demanded. Not content with this, he made a
    mountain out of a mole hill and caused great harm to the public by filing frivolous litigation
    and forcing public entities and officials to spend scare resources on legal fees.
    Because plaintiff’s complaint cannot be cured by amendment, it is ORDERED
    GRANTING all defendants’ motions to dismiss with prejudice (docs. 43, 57, 79, and 87).
    The clerk shall enter final judgment in favor of all defendants and against plaintiff.
    We urge plaintiff to seek the advice of a lawyer before any new filings. If he does not
    have one, he may wish to contact the Lawyer Referral Service of the Maricopa County Bar
    Association DATED this 3rd day of May, 2011.

    So when are you putting up your story on this? I thought this joker had a solid case!


  27. dorthy of wizard of oz... says:

    Camerafraud.com is a FRAUDULANT FRONT people. It took some getting burned to figure it out, but they are hiding the true agendas of the cameras and creating a belief that they are coming down just long enough for your ID to be downloaded for hidden abuses to be used against American citizens by private enterprise. the so-called founder “front” is an obvious shill.

  28. dorthy of wizard of oz... says:

    Oh, and DO NOT POST ON FREEDOMSPHOENIX.COM (I rescind). IT is a TRAP to discredit credible sources. They change scripts to mess with what it shows you wrote. They remove and add as they deem profitable to the front’s cause, and it ain’t patriotic. Kim Dyer

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