Photo Unit Cop Caught Forging Documents

Geoffrey Jacobs (Photo: New Times)

A former officer with the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s now-defunct Redflex “photo enforcement unit” was allegedly caught forging documents and using “state” resources — a DPS airplane — to stalk an ex girlfriend.

According to AZCentral, “[Geoffrey] Jacobs wrote a fake obituary regarding another ex-girlfriend and sent it to Hawaiian Airlines, along with a letter detailing how Jacobs was trying to cope with the “huge loss” of his fiancee. The letter was sent so Jacobs could transfer his ex-girlfriend’s ticket to another woman…”

If this officer was corrupt enough to forge documents for an airline ticket change, did any of the members of the public stand a chance when their citations were in his hands?

But wait, there’s more… This one’s for the “if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about” crowd:

He also was found to have abused DPS resources when he flew a state-owned plane over the neighborhood where he believed an ex-girlfriend lived in an attempt to locate her new home.
And who better to help run the accident-increasing photo enforcement scheme than an officer who had great first-hand experience causing accidents:
Jacobs joined DPS in late 2002. Less than one year later, he was served with his first letter of reprimand for an October 2003 wreck in Tucson. The next year, Jacobs was in another wreck and lost eight hours of vacation pay.

Jacobs, according to the New Times, “was the trooper who arrested Republican Party Executive Director Brett Mecum in May 2009 for criminal speeding. “

Now Jacobs is redefining irony, by suing the state over his dismissal. His claim? “…Defamation and violation of privacy and constitutional rights. “

Perhaps one would be more compassionate for the troubled cop if he didn’t work in a police unit that defamed and violated privacy and constitutional rights on an automated level.

With forgery, stalker-like surveillance, and dangerous driving supposedly under his belt, he would fit in well with the corporate criminal culture at Redflex Group.

(Should a full investigation into this officer’s role in the photo enforcement unit be conducted by AZDPS? Sound off in the comments section)

27 Responses to Photo Unit Cop Caught Forging Documents

  1. reason says:

    Just the type of person I want staring at me from behind the camera lens, with access to all my MVD info…

  2. Joe says:

    This is a made-for-Hollywood plot. Looks like DPS could have a settlement on their hands for this. Yes, an investigation and audit over access to our MVRs should take place so this doesn’t happen again.

    • reason says:

      the proponents of photo enforcement say their cameras are “force multipliers.” So it works both ways: these surveillance systems also act as force multipliers in a very BAD way when in the “wrong” hands.

      Which leads me to ask: what are the “right” hands for these tools to be in? Obviously with the cameras, the answer is none… they shouldn’t exist and serve to multiply the bad cops’ influence. How many incidents of abuse have occurred that we never heard about due to the information gathered by the cameras?

      Time to eliminate the vast majority of cops who wear an outfit and pretend to be police rather than wear a uniform and represent lawful limitied protection of life and property.

      • photoradarscam says:

        The ‘force multiple’ myth is one of the biggest lies they tell. If you have x cops on traffic patrol before cameras and you have x cops on traffic patrol after cameras, your force is not multiplied. If you remove cops from traffic patrol because of cameras you are removing cops from the road, which is never good. The only time you’d have a force multiplier is if you used the revenue to pay for more cops to be on traffic patrol.

  3. Stacey says:

    Arizona Highway Patrol Association proved they wanted the money from the photo enforcement program a long time ago.

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,122 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

  4. Will Kay says:

    This story needs to go viral. Does the Governor know about this? It could be just what CameraFRAUD needs to get the initiative on the ballot.

  5. Reason says:

    Come on camera apologists, where you guys at on this one? Did atsredflexdpsscottsdalemesapd give you guys the day off, or are you sleeping in to get ready for your big scam cam removal project on the us60 tonight? Inquiring minds wanna know…

  6. guttersn1pe says:

    Sounds like case #5 from the AZ POST integrity bulletin (March/April 2010).

    Click to access IntegrityBulletinVol48.pdf

    With a revoked certification – he won’t ever be a police officer in this state (or any other that does their homework). Good riddance.

  7. Millions are being refunded in Australia because of malfunctioning cameras and improper signage.

  8. photoradarscam says:

    It just shows that these camera programs cannot be trusted.

  9. Stacey says:

    Arizona Department of Public Safety administrators will have to answer questions Wednesday morning about the procedures used to lay off two employees and demote 12 others as a review board seeks to determine whether the agency followed its own policy.



    60 WB East of Gilbert Rd Sep 7 – 9
    60 WB at Mesa Dr Sep 7 – 9
    60 WB at Alma School Rd Sep 7 – 9
    I10 WB East of 40th St Sep 15 – 16
    I10 WB at 24th St Sep 15 – 16
    I10 WB at Buckeye Rd Sep 15 – 16
    I10 WB at 16th St Sep 22 -23
    I10 WB at 15th Ave Sep 22 -23
    I10 EB at 16th St Sep 22 -23
    I10 EB at 15th Ave Sep 22 -23
    101 SB North of Olive Sep 29 – 30
    101 SB North of McDowell Sep 29 – 30
    101 SB North of Indian School Sep 29 – 30
    101 SB North of Bethany Sep 29 – 30
    101 NB South of Glendale Ave Oct 6 – 7
    101 EB West of 35th Ave Oct 6 – 7
    101 EB East of 75th Ave Oct 6 – 7
    101 EB East of 59th Ave Oct 6 – 7
    I17 NB North of Bell Rd Oct 13 -14
    I17 NB At Thunderbird Oct 13 -14
    I10 EB West of 43rd Ave Oct 13 -14
    I10 EB West of 31st Ave Oct 13 -14
    I10 WB West of 59th Ave Oct 20 – 21
    I10 WB at West of 75th Ave Oct 20 – 21
    I10 WB at 91st Ave Oct 20 – 21
    I10 EB West of 59th Ave Oct 20 – 21
    I17 SB West of 12th St Oct 27 – 28
    I17 SB East of 15th Ave Oct 27 – 28
    I17 SB at Indian School Oct 27 – 28
    I17 SB at Bethany Home Oct 27 – 28
    51 SB South of Thomas Nov 3 – 4
    51 SB at Highland Ave Nov 3 – 4
    51 SB at Bethany Home Nov 3 – 4
    I10 EB West of Watson Rd Nov 10 -11

    I10 EB East of Miller Rd Nov 10 -11 I10 EB At 287th Ave Nov 10 -11

  11. Stacey says:

    lol. I was just about to post the above schedule from ch 5

  12. Stacey says:

    How many people have been hurt in Photo Radar Zones?

  13. Dr Jett says:

    In Jolly Old England they used to hang Highwaymen who robbed citizens on the side of the road. Now we pay them large salaries, massive benefits and great retirements for doing the same job that would have gotten them hung in England. The difference; we call them police “to serve and protect” serve themselves to our money and protect themselves from obeying the U.S. Constitution. The worst part is the courts act in collusion with them. Jacobs is just another example of business as usual. Redflex probably has a job for him because he has the perfect credentials since he is already corrupt and won’t require additional training.

  14. 4409 says:

    Seriously, It takes 2 months to take some cameras down….Give me a fu%king break. How hard is it to un-screw some bolts?

    More idiocracy from both Redflex and our Government. Its like watching a bunch of retards on downers.

    Considering the contract ended on July 15th it will have taken roughly 5 months to take the cameras down….just around… guessed it, ELECTION TIME!

  15. oh my says:

    There was an audio clip on the radio this morning of Mr. Dow saying the new DPS director has released numbers showing the cams were infective and dangerous. Would anyone care to back that up, or was Mr. Dow depending on people believing him and not bothering to check into the facts themselves?

    • reason says:

      Good question… lets see the data!

    • oh my says:

      Hello…. Mr. Dow….


      • Lolz says:

        They’ll get back to you once they finally answer my question on how the FCC has control on ground sensors thus justyfing their statement: “that all their tickets (Redflex)issued from 1997-2008 are still in question due to the admission by Karen Finley that they were operating with falsified FCC documents.”

        Or they’ll just continue making false blanket statements that have no merit.


  16. LoneWolf says:

    No mention of photo enforcement as being the saviour here:

    • Dr Jett says:

      The worst part is that our current form of traffic enforcement (rob as many citizens as possible & its all about making money for the enforcers) is responsible for an additional 10-15,000 deaths per year. source:

  17. very sad to see that…

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