Redflex Attacked By Australian Media

One of the largest news organizations in Australia is shedding light on just how negative the sentiment is towards the cameras there. They’ve seen what’s been happening in Arizona and are anxious to follow our lead. The Aussies are trying kick Redflex out of their Courts and take the cameras down!


12 Responses to Redflex Attacked By Australian Media

  1. 4409 says:

    Still Voting?

  2. photoradarscam says:

    Good job Shawn!

  3. Mike Waters says:

    Yes great job Shawn!

    In Queensland (where we spent 5 years) they simply add the “fine” to your tag renewal! No trial nothing!

    That is why they invented the “Family Vehicle Trust” – even Queensland can’t penalise a new owner (new trust) for the sins of the former owner!

  4. Looks like the Aussies have more in common with us that we thought!

    • Mike Waters says:

      Maroochydore is a suburb about 50 mi N of Brisbane, ( see the “point” to the right of Oz on the map – THAT is where they are).

      The do like to “tell it like it is” – even the Mayor has the same attitude!

      They ALL hate the “traffic cameras”, but money talks there too!

  5. Dr Jett says:

    It looks like the Aussies know what a Kangaroo Court is whether they like it or not.
    Time for
    Redflex doesn’t have enough people to show up for all the court cases…. WTF….Hire some….We’ll send you some from Arizona!

  6. How about Not Voting for anymore Redflex Judges? Maricopa County, Arizona Justice Court JP’s are getting jittery about re-election, so the Redflex cases are being heard by a random selection of rotating hearing officers. It’s being pitched as a solution to the huge backlog of cases, but the actual JP’s are mostly just sitting around picking lint off their robes. A little Redflex sign under your favorite Judge’s campaign paraphernalia might help.

  7. B says:,daley-homeland-security-cameras-082619.article

    Janet Napalitano must be hearing some really scary scat in her HS briefings – or she REALLY LOVES invasive technology.

    Either way, she apparently could give a rat’s ass about privacy or common sense law enforcement w/o relying on camera intimidation (which doesn’t even work, according to statistics from London on crime solving rates).

    If she had her way, she’d put a camera ANYWHERE she thought she could get away with…

  8. Stacey says:

    California Legislature to Authorize Photo Parking Tickets

  9. Stacey says:

    Freeway Photo Enforcement Equipment Removal Begins Next Week

    PHOENIX – Following the holiday weekend, crews working for Redflex Traffic Systems will begin removing equipment used for the former freeway photo enforcement program. The program ended July 15 and the cameras have been inactive since.

    Arizona Department of Transportation News Releases Update

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