Scam Vans Caught Speeding, Running Red Lights

Racing to the scene of the next potential lucrative revenue stream, ACS photo vans were caught speeding and running red lights

Not to be outdone by American Traffic Solutions and their City of Mesa traffic law scofflaw caught last week by CameraFRAUD volunteers, it appears Denver’s fleet of scam vans are driven with even more wreckless impunity.

Employees driving the surveillance instruments were caught speeding, parking illegally, and running a red light by KWGN, the local FOX affiliate.

Denver’s racket is run by Affiliated Computer Services, a government-contracting conglomerate that also dabbles in the lucrative field of extortion by mail and fraud by deception— otherwise known as automated ticketing.

ACS was purchased by Xerox last year, and some believe that IBM may be lining up behind Redflex as a potential phantom purchaser.

One Response to Scam Vans Caught Speeding, Running Red Lights

  1. artie says:

    directly from their website…no shame in their game

    Photo Enforcement

    Public safety is a major concern for most communities – especially as populations grow while budgets are cut. One way to help make streets safer while reducing workload is a well-run photo red
    light or speed enforcement program.

    Photo enforcement solutions can reduce collisions while generating needed revenue through violator fines and fees. More than 300 jurisdictions in the U.S. now operate speed or red light programs. Studies show that red light cameras can deter unsafe driving and reduce violations by up to 50 percent.

    At ACS, we offer you red light, speed, work zone, school zone and railroad crossing enforcement solutions. Each is:

    * Built on our expertise as an integrator
    * Supported by our superior violations processing systems
    * Designed to provide peace of mind for your residents
    * A proven way to increase revenue and resource availability for your municipality.

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