Baytown, TX Red Light Cameras Exceptionally Dangerous

That title actually should come with an asterisk because Peoria, AZ saw similar numbers at many of it’s intersections after installation of surveillance ticketing devices.

If the city of Baytown, TX wanted to drive the accident and injury count WAY up in its intersections, they picked the right way to do it: Install red light cameras.

Numbers about to be released to the local media in the city just East of Houston show an alarming increase in collisions, up to 400% in several intersections. CameraFRAUD has been sent and advance report.

Press Release From has been fighting for a November vote on banning the system outright, but with the current danger these devices pose to the public, their city council should move swiftly to have them removed before more crashes and injuries occur due to the driver distraction they pose.

Here are some of the alarming statistics from the report, compared with the previous numbers available at the Texas Dept of Transportation website (TxDOT):

Measurement Report 1 2009 Report 2 2010

% Change

Total accidents 50 70


Red Light related 18 20


Injury crashes 8 14


Red Light T Bones 11 15


Rear End accidents 23 42


Injuries 13 18


Some intersections have seen a dramatically large increase in certain types of accidents, most notably three that have seen a 300%, 350% and 400% respectively.

What would you call allowing this trend to continue after being given the figures that point to sharp increases in accidents? Profit over safety? Absolutely. Gross negligence and public endangerment? There is an argument to be made.

Whatever it is, Baytown, take down those cameras! The public shouldn’t be subjected to even one more day of the danger they pose. We all know the public vote will end the program, but why wait 2.5 months to do the right thing?

10 Responses to Baytown, TX Red Light Cameras Exceptionally Dangerous

  1. RPr says:

    Some Intersections show a shocking increase in certain types of accidents, some of the most dramatic are;

    Hwy 146 @ Garth rd; Red Light Related Accidents up 400%

    Garth rd @ I-10 EB; Total Accidents up 350%

    Bus. 146 @ Hwy 146; Injury Accidents up 300%

    Hwy 146 @ Wyoming; Injury Accidents up 300%

  2. LoneWolf says:

    Another recent fraud-poll by yours truly, ATS:

    • Alucard says:

      Wouldn’t it have been nice, if they had the time, to see the “vandals” snip off antennae at all scameras, not just one. Linesman pliers or aircraft shears whould do the job.

      I figured we’d see more and more UK-like responses to scamera invasions.

  3. photoradarscam says:

    Where is the pro-camera crowd? It must be hard to support something that makes the roads more dangerous. They must be the same kind of people that hate puppies.

    • guttersn1pe says:

      Maybe I can help…let’s see…

      Just drive the speed limit and don’t run red lights you idiots. If you obey the law, you have nothing to fear.

      Well – except maybe in Baytown or other places using photo enforcement. But it’s not the photo enforcement that’s causing the problems – it’s all those evil speeders and red light runners – like you guys at CF.

      I think the increase in accidents at those intersections is just an anomaly anyway. You guys are twisting the data. Oh, it’s from the TX DOT. Well…damn it…it’s still twisted. Just slow down and pay your damn tickets already.

      And remember, the accident you were involved in at the photo enforced intersection isn’t the camera’s fault.

      • Nutso says:

        Uhhh…yes, it IS the red-light camera’s fault! Where there are cameras, short yellow lights are close behind. If they didn’t touch the yellow lights, things would be fine. But since they shortened it, one is now more likely to get into an accident driving the same way they always did, just because of the camera!!

        Very simple.

        You want red-light cameras? Make the yellow LONGER, then.

  4. Who would have thought that placing high profile surveillance equipment that flashes, sometimes at random, in the most dangerous part of a road would cause a distraction and lead to accidents?

    I’m sure all the yellow light times were set to proper engineering standards as well, no?

    Wow, this really defies explanation.

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