Redflex Says “Show Me the Money!” Rejects Offer

Redflex just can’t get enough of that green stuff.

Their latest move leaves little doubt that they’re for sale to the highest bidder.

Redflex has rejected the Takeover Bid by toll road operator Macquarie Holdings and is now listening to other offers.

According a late breaking update from the scam peddler, they will also be open to a new offer from Macquarie as well.

The story is also covered, in greater depth at

It makes one wonder why their equipment continues to litter the side of our freeways, more than a month after the DPS contract expired. What are they waiting for?

Meanwhile, in news from across the pond…

16 Responses to Redflex Says “Show Me the Money!” Rejects Offer

  1. oh my says:

    So, if you owned a business, you suggest taking the lowest bidder?

  2. Stacey says:

    46 comments regarding ATS ripping people off with platepass:

  3. Stacey says:

    The Scum at ATS Never Stops

    Some Florida rental car drivers complain they’re paying tolls twice

    State investigating whether companies tell customers their vehicles have automatic toll-paying systems
    April 12, 2010|By Diane C. Lade, Sun Sentinel

    Bill Murphy, a corporate pilot from Jupiter, paid his road tolls in cash when he rented a car from Hertz for a recent business trip in Orlando. So he was stunned when the next month he saw a $4 charge on his credit card for tolls, plus a daily service fee.

    “I thought it was highway robbery,” said Murphy. “It wasn’t a lot of money for me. But if they are doing it to a million people, that’s millions of dollars.”

    State regulators now have launched an investigation into the Hertz Corp.’s use of electronic toll-paying systems, after five customers like Murphy told officials they were not properly notified that the vehicles they rented in Florida were registered with a company called PlatePass.

    PlatePass has a contract with Hertz to provide electronic tolling services in its 300,000 vehicles nationwide. “I told Hertz I never had authorized PlatePass to charge my card but they told me it was on my [rental] agreement,” said Murphy, who filed a complaint with the Florida Attorney General’s Office.

    Some said the electronic tolling system activated automatically and charged them tolls without their knowledge. Others complained that they continued to be charged a service fee even on days when they didn’t use toll roads. Hertz declined to comment on the complaints or the investigation by the Attorney General’s Office.

    Almost all major rental car companies now have ways to electronically collect tolls in Florida and other states — a service they say allows customers to use cashless or high-speed express lanes like Florida’s SunPass lanes and bypass long lines at toll booths. But many consumers are outraged by what the industry touts as a convenience.

    State regulators settled a case against Avis Rent A Car System, which also owns Budget, last year over allegations similar to Murphy’s involving its use of PlatePass.

    Last month, two private lawsuits seeking class-action status were also filed against Hertz, PlatePass and its parent corporation, Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions. Customers who filed suit were upset about what they said were limited disclosures.

    Hertz also declined to comment on the legal actions. Spokeswoman Paula Rivera said customers are told at the counter that the vehicles are equipped for electronic tolling, and that there are stickers with the same information in the cars and at the rental lot exit gates.

  4. Butihave Nothingto Worryabout says:

    The equipment is NOT coming down because photo enforcement WILL be back.

    Bills making it through Legislature in CLOSED DOOR sessions putting more bite into the tickets. We are talking points, tickets issued TO THE OWNERS and not the drivers, and registered mail delivery of the tickets.

    If a ticket has to be served, the added price will be double the original fine and WILL be delivered by a law enforcement officer.

    • No, no, no. Redflex is just here to “win the hearts and minds of the Arizona people” and bring us “safe driving.”

    • LoneWolf says:

      Let it come back. We’re not stopping until they’re all down permanently. It should be put to a vote by the citizens and only they should decide if cameras stay or go.

    • justcurious says:

      Butihave Nothingto Worryabout and my dick hangs to the floor too

    • B says:

      Oh really… Citation?

    • Alucard says:

      I wonder how the scamera companies are doing in Europe, where the equipment itself is regularly the target of destructive testing? I wonder how things would be if that type of testing were to occur here in the States?

      Me thinks that such will be the case if the proposed “Putting bite in the tickets” approach is actually adopted. This approach will definitely push innocent people over the top, that is certain….

      Shoving the responsibility down the owners throat does not make any sense, when the intent is to identify and rehabilitiate bad drivers. A car cannot be found guilty of a moving violation; neither should an absentee owner.

  5. Stacey says:

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  6. Stacey says:

    Politics on the Rocks Website with information for the 19th.

  7. Stacey says:

    Arpaio withdraws support of Jack Harper

  8. Stacey says:

    Houston Police and ATS are Liars:

    Houston police have notified 79,000 motorists that they cannot renew their vehicle registrations until they pay red light camera fines and penalties, even though Harris County officials repeatedly have said they will not prevent people from registering their vehicles because of the outstanding citations.

    Police Chief Charles McClelland denied critics’ charges the Houston Police Department’s collection campaign relies on scare tactics, but he acknowledged HPD has no legal agreement to block registration of Harris County residents who owe red-light camera fines. He said that some of the red light violations were committed by residents in adjacent counties that are enforcing the registration holds.

    Harris County officials have rejected requests to help HPD collect red light camera fines, expressing concern the county could lose a large share of the state registration fees it collects.

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