CameraFRAUD Turns Two

Uh oh... it's time for the "terrible twos...

It all started in early August of 2008. A handful of grassroots activists, political novices, and disgruntled voters met at the “Uncle Sam’s” restaurant in Scottsdale to discuss the upcoming invasion of a statewide photo enforcement program.

It seemed too late to do anything about the massive surveillance rollout, and groupthink apathy greeted ideas of resistance and protest with the equally-powerful emotions of uncertainty and doubt.

A small handful of the people at that meeting decided they wanted to pursue “photo enforcement”— more accurately defined by CameraFRAUD as automated ticketing — as an issue worthy of substantial dedication.

Tucson Demonstration

Within a week, on August 15th, CameraFRAUD went live online. Three days later, a video showing activists hanging “FRAUD” signs on ticketing equipment was uploaded to YouTube. And, on August 22, our first “sign wave” demonstration was held at the intersection of Thomas and Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times even took the time to dissect the new group’s grainy, “rough”-looking logo in an article titled “Pick-axe Politics:”

The initial opposition to the cameras started with the grassroots organization, which itself came out of a monthly meet-up of Ron Paul supporters. That origin probably explains the similarity in’s homemade,

The unofficial "Revolution" logo created by Libertarian activist and talk show host Ernest Hancock, contrasted with an earlier CameraFRAUD logo

stenciled protest signs and those roadside signs from earlier in the year touting the “Ron Paul Revolution.”

Lemons was correct: the logo paid homage to what for many had been their first adventure in activism: the 2008 Presidential race.

Fast forward two years. While still true to its unofficial Libertarian and freedom-oriented roots, the group encompasses members with a vast range of political beliefs and ideologies. And due to the constant efforts of many activists, the statewide DPS-Redflex surveillance and ticketing program came to an end.

Many people associated with CameraFRAUD are even more active towards other issues or subjects, while some are involved solely due to the cameras. The reasons for opposing the cameras vary wildly among supporters and readers of the website, with some citing civil liberties as their primary concern while others tout limited government intrusion as a factor in participation.

Protest at Redflex, Phoenix AZ

Despite all differences, a dedicated group of about 50 meet each month in Tempe as CameraFRAUD — not necessarily as a collective, but as a group of individuals who are encouraged and empowered to “do it, not dream it.”

After 165 events, 499 articles (this one is, appropriately, #500), 15,000 WordPress comments, countless media interviews, and millions and millions of website visitors, it’s important to realize that our strength is not in numbers, but as individuals who freely choose to associate and take action towards a cause that’s important.

Gilbert Days Parade

The following video is not specifically “CameraFRAUD,” and you may see examples of activism you dislike or issues you disagree with. It doesn’t really matter what issue you choose to get involved in. What really matters is that you’re active, in a capacity you’re comfortable with, doing the things you like to advance the principles you believe in.

A radical example? Even those who go to work each day at Redflex and American Traffic Solutions are activists in their own way, and while we disagree with them vehemently, we applaud anyone who takes a stand for what they believe in.

Editor’s Note: Come to our next monthly meeting on August 17th, and help shape the next two years of “The Cameras Coming Down!”

13 Responses to CameraFRAUD Turns Two

  1. Stacey says:

    It just goes to show you, resistance is not futile.

  2. Giz says:

    The cameras are not in the public interest, only for the government and private enterprises to make money off of. Case in point. Watch the video here. As soon as the cop starts wailing on the bystander, the CCTV almost immediately zooms away from the action, pretty much trying to cover up what is happening. When the government and private companies own the cameras, you can bet with certainty that they will not act in the public’s interest.

  3. LoneWolf says:

    Nice video.. That’s the first I’ve heard Steve Perry singing to techno.. interesting.

    Congratulations CF on your 2nd birthday. You’ve come a long way in the past 2 years. People around the world are taking note and many are following CF’s lead. It’s awesome that a small group of people can have such a big impact. CF has been fortunate that it received a lot of coverage by the media. There are, however, other groups and causes that are less fortunate. To give you an example:

    Opponents of HOA’s: HOA’s are anti-American in many ways. While it’s certainly understandable to make it a goal of keeping neighborhoods clean and all, what gives others the right to dictate how people in their community can and cannot live? Some HOA’s are equivilent to the gestapo.. Community citizens receive never-ending warnings about weeds and clover in their yards, open garage doors, RV’s parked in the front yard, plants that are against the HOA standards, vehicles with expired tags, etc, and some even charge phenominal monthly fees. It seems most people would rather become proactive in the HOA instead of standing against it. We don’t hear much from the HOA’s opposition because many members of the media may be actively involved in the HOA along with a countless number of judges and attornies. I think a lot of people would agree that HOA’s could vanish and they certainly wouldn’t miss them.

    Certain registries: This can be a dangerous system that many believe is beneficial in protecting us from criminals when in actuality, it’s a form of tracking which can eventually be used to get rid of items such as guns, and even people (cleansing).

    Weapons have to be registered upon purchase. Just think back in history what other countries made their citizens register and then eventually confiscated all of the weapons… and the aftermath… Sex offenders and other criminals have to register after being released from prison (some have to register for the rest of their lives). Your vehicles have to be registered every year (why? we have a title, why is it necessary to register every year?). Most of us register to vote. (why? US citizens should automatically be permitted to vote regardless). This is the gov’s way of keeping track of where you are at all times and what items you own so the day may come when those items are taken away, and we make it easy for the gov. Through registration, it knows exactly where to find them.

    Some of these issues, such as those involving sex offenders, most people would rather avoid having anything to do with because a lot of people in our society would look down on them. But sex offenders need to be taken note of because there are serious injustices taking place every single day. Barely anyone is standing up for them because sex crimes have somehow become equivilant to or worse than murder. If you want to get rid of someone you hate for a very long time, just accuse them of a sex crime. That’s exactly what happened to someone I knew in my home town. He’s serving 20+ years for a rape he never committed and he has all the evidence in the world that shows his wife (the accuser) is lying through her teeth.

    I know of a couple of vigilante organizations that are targeting people on the internet and having them arrested for victimless crimes either because they’re pedos or just plain stupid. One such organization had a popular TV show a few years back (TCAP). If you try to stand against some of these organizations, they’ll assume you’re an offender and they’ll target you or label you as such. There’s only one organization that I know of that stands against them but they’re not very proactive. At least they’re unheard of by the mainstream media.

    I’m not a SO and never have been, nor do I think like one, but I’ve taken note of a lot of inhumane, unjust, and BS issues revolving around sex offenses. There are a lot of horror stories evolving from these issues such as the arrest of 6-yr olds over what used to be normal childs play, on up to women having to register as SO’s for flashing their breasts in public. Yes, there are bad sex crimes against people and kids, but the offenders pay a thousand times more by getting locked up, released after so many years, having to register in any neighborhood they move in, are not allowed to live within so many feet of a school, pamphlets containing their pics and profile circulate around the neighborhood, employers are made aware of the offenses, and personal info is often published on the internet through registries, maps, and whatnot. Does the punishment really fit the crime? Someone whose only crime was urinating on a public street could be lumped in with this mess. Needless to say, organizations whose cause is to point out and correct these issues don’t get much publicity from the media. (And I’ve noticed that even CF members tend to avoid touching this subject.. and rightfully so as it could taint our efforts against photo enforcement)

    I’m not trying to hijack CF for these agendas, but I’m just listing some examples of supressed issues that need to some day be taken into consideration by individuals who have strong voices like members of CF do. I’m sure many others here can think of several other issues that need attention. I also believe that CF has inspired a lot of people from across the country to take action against photo enforcement and other issues. The internet is a great place where like-minded individuals over certain issues can get together and start something. But a lot of the real work takes place in the real world. That’s what makes CF successful.

    Happy Birthday (or anniversary) CF and hats off to all who started this organization!

    • Dr Jett says:

      I don’t hear anything about the most important issue that Camerafraud is just barely touching; photo radar is only one component of the larger picture in illegal traffic law enforcement. Everone who wants justice should read the traffic law case of Nevada vs Dornsife:
      The traffic court dropped the case because it brings up the laws that show how our courts and police agencies use traffic courts to guarantee their paychecks while depriving us of our U.S. Constitutional rights. It is time to go after the head of the snake and end all illegal traffic law enforcement.

  4. Stacey says:

    Eeeeh, we better stop flashing our bo-heinies out car windows!!!!!

    • LoneWolf says:

      lol, here’s what Wikipedia says about mooning: (I won’t post the link since some may find the pic of some guy displaying the full moon offensive)

      “The legal position of mooning varies between legislations, from indecent exposure to legal self-expression.

      In 2006, a Maryland state circuit court determined that mooning is a form of artistic expression protected by the United States constitutional right of freedom of speech. The court ruled that indecent exposure only relates to exposure of the genitals, adding that even though mooning was a “disgusting” and “demeaning” act to engage in, and had in addition taken place in the presence of a minor, “If exposure of half of the buttocks constituted indecent exposure, any woman wearing a thong at the beach at Ocean City would be guilty.”

      Defense attorneys had cited a 1983 case of a woman who was arrested after protesting in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building wearing nothing but a cardboard sign that covered the front of her body. In that case, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals had ruled that indecent exposure is limited to a person’s genitals. No review of the case by a higher court took place since prosecutors dropped the case after the ruling.”

    • Dr Jett says:

      I’m Shocked and Confused! I can’t imagine people letting it all hang out of car windows.

  5. jury nullification says:

    Congratulations. The sheeple are starting to wake up.. Keep up the good work.

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