Australian Media Slams Redflex

It’s hard to find a mainstream media piece as perfect as this one. Enjoy the video and post your comments below.

Good: The lovely Tracy Grimshaw of A Current Affair asks the question of automated ticketing: “Life savers or just revenue raising cash cows?” CameraFRAUD as well as are mentioned in the story.


Quotes from the video: “Governments all around the world are in a lot of debt, they have to raise more money, and what better place to raise money than from penalties and speeding fines.”

“The cars are unmarked and there’s no warning sign until after you’ve driven past, and even then it’s tiny.”

REPORTER: “What do you do to pass the time when you’re sitting in here?”

REDFLEX DRIVER: “We watch the instrument.”

REPORTER: “And you need all three of you in here to do that?”

REDFLEX DRIVER: “That’s correct… at the moment…”

Best: The closing video of the UK show ‘Top Gear’ using a vehicle-mounted rocket launcher to take out a Gatso scam cam.

19 Responses to Australian Media Slams Redflex

  1. hahahaha that was great at the end!

    The link is a little screwy. You have to click on “playlist” at the bottom left of the video box to get to the speed camera segment.

  2. Sure says:

    Crazy jack harper website mentions camerafraud.

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  4. B says:

    Interesting report… It’s sad to know that Arizona is the “other jurisdictions”…

    Another sad part is that unlike reports here about Redflex’s demise, there’s a bank in Austrailia that wants to buy the entire company because they see it as a “revenue generator”.

    At least the governor – God bless Jan Brewer for what she did – showed she had more balls than any male leaders in the Legislature on the issue… And some of you are actually considering voting for Terry Goddard – Mr. Pro-Camera candidate.

    Like her or not, everyone here owes her a huge thank you and a strong consideration for her vote because unlike us and our 36,000 signature shortfall, she actually killed the program for the time being.

    So, it’s either Brewer and no speed cameras here on state roads in AZ for another four years, OR Terry Goddard… and speed cameras back online and running with even more units, by the end of 2011. (And yes, he’s a pro-speed camera guy. Look at his past comments on them, and his party affiliation, and that should be clear enough.)

    • Brewer hired Jay Heiler to fill out her cabinet. She is choosing to ignore our initiative.


      • B says:

        Yes, she did do that, but that came to naught, didn’t it? She DID pull the plug on the contract in the face of tough economic pressures (and camera lobbying).

        Also, it’s time to face the music: The initiative isn’t off of the ballot because Jan Brewer did something wrong.

        The initiative is not on the ballot because 98% of the people that signed up here on CF (unlike you and I) didn’t do their part to get the initiative on the ballot.

        Yes, it is 100% unfair that it takes an unholy amount of signatures to get something on the ballot anymore due to AZ’s growth. That part of AZ’s constitution is more and more flawed every year, putting populist government out of the hands of the people and solely back into the hands of the Legislature (and people with deep pockets).

        So… Now you have a choice. Jan Brewer, who actually took action and pulled the plug on the cameras (which should be cheered loudly here by everyone), OR Terry Goddard – the guy who’ll turn back on the cameras ASAP.

        Everyone here that hates speed cameras and hates Jan Brewer has a horrible choice to make come November… Which “evil” are you going to choose?

        Do you REALLY hate photo enforcement?

        • I’m not going to advocate for any candidate.

          I plan on keeping the pressure on Jan. If she loses, I’ll focus on Goddard until we truly take the cameras down.

          I’m sure we’ll have something for Goddard real soon.

    • Mike Waters says:

      I will support Jan Brewer IF and ONLY IF she keeps her word and adds the camera initiative to the ballot!

      If she “forgets” that promise then she is a slimy as any other politician – GOP or Democrat!

    • reason says:

      Ummmm, you forgot the “Paid for by Brewer for Governor” disclaimer in your post.

  5. B says:

    BTW – there’s NO WAY we would’ve put up with a “Your speed has been checked” sign that’s smaller than a pizza box after the fact… What a scam.

    Where is Austrailia’s outrage at this billion dollar money grab? Grow a pair, Aussies…

    • Grumpy Brad says:

      Well said, B. And there’s worse. Some states deliberately disguise or camoflage scamera cars, and there’s even one that installs scameras in wheelie bins to maximise revenue!

      Also, you hit upon a very sad difference between Americans and Aussies, B. And I say this as a fourth generation Aussie. I once had a Swiss girlfriend who put this really well when she said (admittedly unkindly), “When I talk to Australians, sometimes I hear the chains clanking”. It’s true that too often Australians act as if this still is a penal colony. Too many Australians want anarchy for themselves and Stalinism for everyone else. It’s infuriating. Because Australia never had to fight for its freedom (other than alongside America in WW2), too many people here don’t value freedom. Post anything on the mainstream blogs here attacking photo enforcement and you are met with two idiotic responses. The first is – “tight controls are needed because some people drive badly” (ignoring the ineffectiveness of photo enforcement as a safety tool). The seocnd is the ubiquitous (and equally lame brained) – “don’t speed and you have nothing to fear”.

      BTW, this IS serious enough for me to contemplate emigration from our little South Seas gulag. And if I was 20 years younger, I’d be heading across the pond permanently quick smart!

  6. Sure says:

    Obviously not enough Irish immigrated to Australia.

  7. Anothercoilgun says:

    This is an easy one for Australia to fight and win. You see the bank that has stock in Redflex has publicly tipped their hands letting people know they are expanding in redflex for revenue generation. Simple very simple. All the citizens can simply do the same. Publicly announce they refuse to do any business with the bank and close accounts for those who currently do.

    They would drop redflex in a minute. Assuming the bank had any notion of what risk management is.

    • Dr Jett says:

      Cutting off the piggy bank would force the piggys to work for an honest living which may not be possible given their intention to tax the world. The bank obviously has deep pockets already and no scruples. I like the idea of everybody closing their bank account and refusing to do business with them. Let the $$$$$$$$ talk.

  8. Great site. All speed cameras in the u.k. are being switched off. End of..

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