Oh, (no) Snap! Red Light for Red Light Cams

Orlando, Florida is now potentially on the hook for over $4 million in refunds after a judge rules the ticketing scheme to be invalid.

LaserCraft was the initial vendor for Orlando, until American Traffic Solutions purchased the Georgia company in June of this year. ATS has automated ticketing operations throughout Central and South Florida, as well as a vested interest in tolling.

In a rare example of honor among thieves, Redflex has refused to operate cameras in the Sunshine State, calling such operations “illegal.” (Update: No such thing as honor among thieves; Redflex proceeded to bid on contracts in Homestead, FL despite their own securities statement acknowledging such schemes to be illegal.)

Video: MyFoxOrlando: Red light cameras violate law.

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  2. RedflexSux says:

    Lasercraft was *not* a Georgia company. Like Redflex, it pretended to be a U.S. company, but it was based in England. The owners were from Israel and Kazakhstan.

  3. Sure says:

    Maryland Attorney General Upholds Right to Video Traffic Stops


  4. Sure says:

    One of Wall Street’s main lobbying groups is starting an image-improvement campaign aimed at showing the financial industry as trustworthy and a positive force after more than a year of being chastised in Washington.

    The board of the Financial Services Roundtable, which represents the 150 largest banks and insurance companies in the U.S., discussed the effort last week at a meeting in New York. The public relations campaign, which will come to fruition as the mid-term election season heats up, is being led by three firms: public relations specialists APCO Worldwide, pollster Luntz Maslansky Strategic Research and DDB, an advertising agency owned by New York-based Omnicom Group Inc.


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