New Study: Speed Cameras Cause Bad Driving, Increase Crashes

We’ve known since they first appeared, but now it’s official: Speed cameras cause bad driving. A recent poll by UK car insurance provider Liverpool Victoria, 81% of drivers said they looked at the speedometer instead of the road when a camera appeared, and 5% admitted to braking suddenly when in sight of a camera. Liverpool Victoria managing director John O’Roarke was quoted as saying, “…while they may reduce speed they also appear to impair driving ability or, at the least, concentration on the road. As this report shows some drivers behave erratically and, at worst, dangerously around speed cameras.”

We agree, as free-flowing traffic with driver’s attention on the road is safer than having even a small portion of drivers distracted and driving erratically.

In another report, reports that cameras have caused 28,000 lives in the UK over the pas 10 years, as cameras have been cited as the official cause of 1% of all accidents.

To prove the point that the opposite is true – that removing cameras reduces accidents – the Telegraph reported Saturday on newly reduced data from Swindon (UK). Swindon turned off their cameras 9 months ago, and similar to Arizona, experts predicted a bloodbath. Redflex’s Shoba Vaitheeswaran predicted, “…watch for a large increase in aggressive, dangerous driving” after Arizona ended its statewide contract. Instead, the opposite has happened. Since the cameras were turned off, injury and fatality crashes were down by 4% and 50% respectively in the entire area. At the camera sites themselves, fatalities dropped from 1 to 0 and non-injury accidents dropped from 13 to 12. We expect similar results in Arizona.

Governor Brewer: Helps us improve road safety here. Let us vote on photo enforcement!

15 Responses to New Study: Speed Cameras Cause Bad Driving, Increase Crashes

  1. Butihave Nothingto Worryabout says:

    Sorry to break it to all of you, but Brewer is going to be bringing the cameras back.

  2. Beau Jangles says:

    the same thing would happen if a cop were parked on the side of the road. I don’t see the point of this…….

    • photoradarscam says:

      Then let’s see your study that show that cops on the side of the road cause accidents.

      Furthermore, are you suggesting that we remove cops from the road to make the roads safer?

      • Beau Jangles says:

        I’m just saying that when people see a highway patrol on the side of the freeway they all slam on the breaks, same effect as the cameras, no study is needed just drive on the freeway.

  3. oh my says:

    So the picture you put of is of a guy who fully admitted to DPS of falling asleep at the wheel after an overnight shift?
    That’s logical. Must be the camera’s fault…

    • Butihave Nothingto Worryabout says:

      CF is just grasping at straws now. CF is on life support now. A dieing cause ready to have the plug pulled. I see they are now harassing the lawmakers which is something they should not be doing. The cameras will be back and stronger and no amount of CF will get rid of them this time.

      • photoradarscam says:

        So three independent stories come out refuting the effectiveness of cameras and we’re grasping at straws?

        Just keep your head in the sand, you seem to like it there.

        • Butihave Nothingto Worryabout says:

          Maybe instead of posting a picture of an accident caused by SOMEONE FALLING ASLEEP at the wheel, you should post a picture of an accident THAT WAS ACTUALLY caused by a camera and verified that it was caused by the camera. Like I said, CF is grasping at straws now.
          You NEED to pull your head out of your butt!

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  5. Alisha says:

    How are statistics “grasping at straws?” If they believe these statistics are true, then they have a responsibility to not back down. The fact is that human discernment is being taken out of the civil traffic punishment system, and no matter what you call it, that is never a safe or responsible move.

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  8. Sallie says:

    At this time I am going to do my breakfast, after having my
    breakfast coming over again to read further news.

  9. Proof Read says:

    You either mean “cost” lives, or “caused” deaths. You can’t possible mean “caused lives”.

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