Did Sen. Harper Threaten Camera Opponents?

The original document in question showing a request for donation list.

You would think that a candidate up for re-election would be happy to answer simple, straightforward questions.

In a bizarre email dialog with Sen. Jack Harper-R, the LD4 pol dodged direct questions regarding an alleged contribution request (right) from the Senator’s office involving American Traffic Solutions, Hawkings /EZ Messenger process serving, as well as Taser International.

Here’s how the email tag went:

CameraFRAUD to Harper #1:

Recent allegations have been made regarding you accepting campaign contributions from American Traffic Solutions, an automated ticketing and tolling provider, as well as their primary process server company. Do you oppose all forms of automated ticketing (red light camera or
speed camera / photo enforcement)? If you oppose automated ticketing, why did you request or accept
contributions from ATS? Are you willing to return any and all donations received from ATS?

Harper then responds in a three-part email, ignoring all of the simple and direct questions we asked.

Harper to CameraFRAUD #1:

I do not remember getting a contribution from them.  Was it an individual?

Harper to CameraFRAUD #2:

They never gave anything.  I voted to repeal Photo Radar in Senate Finance.  Burns never put Andy Biggs’ bill up for a floor vote in the Senate.  I opposephoto radar.

Harper to CameraFRAUD #3:

I think you should go back and check with Andy Biggs.  I offered the strike-everything amendment in Finance to repeal photo radar.  You’ll notice that Mike Williams does not support me because I oppose photo radar. I am indifferent to red-light cameras.  If the Republican PC’s take a position against it at the convention, like they did against photo radar, that will mean something to me. Stick with your friends, Camera Fraud.

Stick with “[your] friends, Camera Fraud”? What the hell is that supposed to mean? So we asked:

CameraFRAUD to Harper #2:

Thank you for your rapid response. I believe the point of contention was it appears you made a request to a consulting firm for them to attempt to raise money or supplies from the specified companies on your behalf (Taser, ATS, Hawkins / EZ Messenger Process Serving). Can you confirm whether or not the request was made, or if it has, has such a request been cancelled or unfulfilled?

Then came this random, entirely irrelevant comment from Harper:

Harper to CameraFRAUD #4:

Actually, Taser is the only one of those companies that I had knowledge of what they do AND support their position.  I support tort reform for manufacturers and they agree with me on that issue.

Dodging the questions again, and throwing his support behind “Taser” and their “position…” whatever that may be. And “tort reform for manufacturers” usually means corporate amnesty against potentially justified lawsuits, but that’s for a different blog.

So we presented the questions again:

CameraFRAUD to Harper #3:

With all due respect, you avoided the pertinent questions:

“I believe the point of contention was it appears you made a request to a consulting firm for them to attempt to raise money or supplies from the specified companies on your behalf (Taser, ATS, Hawkins / EZ Messenger Process Serving). Can you confirm whether or not the request was made, or if it has, has such a request been cancelled or unfulfilled?

In addition, [we] didn’t understand your closing comment (“Stick with your friends, Camera Fraud”). Tone of voice is hard to determine by email, but that came across vaguely threatening. Please tell me I’m wrong.
Now well over 12 days later, Mr. Harper has failed to respond or to clarify his previous email which came across as disrespectful at best and threatening at worst.
One thing it seems CameraFRAUD and the automated ticketing industry can agree on: Rep. Jack Harper doesn’t seem to get along with anyone.

24 Responses to Did Sen. Harper Threaten Camera Opponents?

  1. oh my says:

    It’s a simple as he’s telling Camera fraud to stick with and please support the politicians that support their cause. Why is everything such a scandal? So, he’s opposes photo radar, and you probably just completely alienated this guy. Good Job.

    Now, here’s a real one that is actually threatening.
    Sheriff Bubu’s profile for Camera Fraud where he discusses getting rid of ATS and REDFLEX. (Oh, and I have a screen shot of it, ya know, just in case)
    BUBU: I have finely trained skills at defeating the enemy. I also carry a gun.

    Tactfully said Mr. Bubu…And how’s that partner McCain of your’s doing, now that he’s shown support for traffic laws? He is one of us ya know (wink wink!)

    • reason says:

      What a classic diversion from the resident pro-cam troll. The guy never answered the question relating to if he requested the money be raised… read his emails again, they’re evasive.

      Then you mention Babeu (you seem to have a hangup over him) as if he’s worshipped as some sort of CameraFRAUD diety. He’s not, and shouldn’t get a pass on anything he does because of past supposed anti-camera comments. And his support of anyone in the u.s. senate race was a foolish move, IMHO.

  2. jasonanthony says:

    That is an interesting set of emails… Oh my, are you talking about Sheriff Paul Babeau when writing “Bubu”? Threatening b/c he says that he carries a gun? Well, he does. That is part of his job. I am not sure about the Harper guy. Has Harper had other problems not related to the cameras? Just wondering. He seems to be willing to come out and say that he is against the cameras though. Maybe if you could get that in a television interview, then that would pass the acid test…

  3. Stacey says:

    Funny how Taser International and Redflex always receive the same awards, are mentioned in the same paragraphs by the Phoenix Business Journal, and they each have the same lobbyist Mike Williams (You know the Desert Diva dude).

    On top of that, the owner of Taser International is running Vernon Parker’s campaign.

  4. Stacey says:

    Oh My hasn’t figured out that we are all individuals here with a number of opposing views when it comes to a lot of matters, but we ALL are working to get rid of the cameras. That is are only objective. I guess he can’t tolerate diversity and expects us to come up with some sort of sytem to weed the “different” people out. I think he will be the first one we kick out. lol

  5. Stacey says:

    Eeeeehhhh, meant to say “our” not Arrrrrrre.Night maties.

  6. 4409 says:

    Good job exposing this legislative terrorist.

    I like Harper gets all excited when claiming he supports Taser International who operates a company which its main goal is to torture and terrorize people with hand gun styled cattle prods.

    The 8th amendment to the Constitution is clear.

    The amendment states, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.” The Government has been violating all three and I think Shocking human beings with 50,000 volts is very cruel and unusual punishment. I would not even electrocute an animal much less a human and anyone who does has mental problems.

    Matthew 5:9
    “Blessed are the peace makers”


  7. LoneWolf says:

    “Stick with your friends”.. I’m not sure I’d take that as a threat. I think it was more of a kind gesture like stick with your friends as in the government officials (senators and legistlators) who are against photo enforcement (like himself if what he claims is true and if he does in fact oppose photo enforcement).

  8. Trevor Reid says:

    I believe Harper substantially answered your questions in the first exchange. You asked: “Do you oppose all forms of automated ticketing?”

    Harper stated: “I oppose photo radar,” and later “I oppose photo radar. I am indifferent to red-light cameras.”

    Your follow up question rests on the premise that Harper indeed opposes all forms of automated ticketing. Since that is not his position there is no reason to answer the follow-up.

    Finally, you ask if he is willing to return any and all donations from ATS. It’s true he never directly answers that question. I think it’s reasonable to take silence as “no” in this case.

    • reason says:

      BS. He NEVER answered the questions relating to the attempt to raise money from ATS.

      So he’s gonna “oppose” photo radar and be “indifferent” to red light cameras and turn around and take their money?

      Get real.

  9. Stacey says:

    If you go to page two you can see he didn’t have any problems with going to Mike Williams for money:


  10. Stacey says:

    The legislator economic freedom bill (2010)

    Retiring lawmakers could quickly morph into lobbyists under a bill advancing in the state Senate.

    The measure, Senate Bill 1262, would repeal the one-year buffer that current law creates between a legislator leaving his or her post and joining the lobbying ranks.

    The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Jack Harper, R-Surprise, said that’s unfair to legislators. Senior legislative staffers, for example, can leave the statehouse one day and return the next as a lobbyist without any restriction, he said.

    “I feel the current ban steals the economic liberty of members when they leave the Legislature,” Harper told the Senate Republican caucus.


    • It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when politicians are passing laws to make sure they never have to work outside of politics again, even for one year.

      Thanks for using our time and money wisely JH.

  11. Joy Hanover says:


    Jack Harper says that he is against photo radar. Fair enough. But it has been pointed out by CameraFraud.com that he has asked for campaign contributions from the Photo Radar industry. Isn’t that hypocrisy akin to voting Pro-Life and asking for contributions from Planned Parenthood?

  12. westside lady says:

    You make a good point I know of a person in the LD 4 Senate race that is pro life, but supported, via video spot, for a pro choice candidate…guess hypocrisy is rampant huh?

    • Blog reader says:

      Scott Bundgaard was the loser that did a campaign video for pro-abortion Paulina Morris. He’s going to hell for being a liar, thief, and instigator.

  13. Wow looks like this comment section is turning into “candidatefraud.com”

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