McCain Poses with Camera Lobbyist Group

The man who stopped his Presidential Campaign in 2008 to make sure billions of tax payer dollars were used to bail out irresponsible Wall Street firms and banks, also likes to show his support for paid advocacy groups funded by Redflex and ATS. Nice to see him smiling next to “Stoppy” or whatever their mascot’s name is.

Of course, now that Senator McCain is in a hotly contested race, he has assured everyone paying attention that he wasn’t really for the “bailout” in the first place.

We are certain that once Redflex and ATS are kicked out of AZ, he’ll insist that he was never a supporter of them or their front groups either.

For now he can take comfort in having his image next to two photo ticketing operations that make millions off the backs of Arizona motorists.

Both of McCain’s Republican opponents have [supposedly – ed.] come out against scam cams.

Let’s hope whether McCain wins or loses, he eventually changes his mind about automated ticketing, an inherently fraudulent system. We’re sure he

will once he realizes the wind has changed directions.

Speaking of, it looks like something funny was down wind from the intersection of Shea and Tatum Blvds. this week.

[Editor’s Notes: this article was updated to reflect that McCain’s [Republican] opponents have allegedly repudiated automated ticketing. We removed McCain’s opponents names as no endorsement towards them is intended.]

22 Responses to McCain Poses with Camera Lobbyist Group

  1. Stoppy is looking a little off-kilter these days. Maybe ATS and Redflex have been tinkering with him too.

  2. oh my says:

    But McCain is aligned with your Nazi boy Bubu?

  3. Sure says:

    Our Nazi boy? Seriously, get a life.

  4. Sure says:

    Let us count the ways we can screw you:

    • photoradarscam says:

      Just follow the law and you have nothing to worry about. Except when there’s a malfunction, and no one will answer the phone… and then of course the person who answers the phone doesn’t believe you, and you have to hope the news media will get involved on your behalf.

  5. LoneWolf says:

    Mccain won’t change his mind. He’ll just forget where he’s at, what party he’s with, and what he stands for.

  6. Robert Brown says:

    John McCain is an asshole, I’ll never forget how he slapped that old woman in a wheelchair who was inquiring about her brother missing in action in Vietnam. It seems like McCain doesn’t want to discuss anything about Vietnam, he’s afraid might be found to be the traitor he is, cooperating with the enemy for his own comfort.

  7. Sure says:

    Lol. Politicians who slap old women in wheelchairs? At least he is transparent. hahaha

  8. Walter says:

    I hate McCain and JD. both. Neither one has any “character” that matters.They are both just a couple of characters putting on whatever costume they feel will get them the furthest at that exact moment in time.
    But you couldn’t pay me to vote for anyone with a “D” by their name right now…Or ever.

  9. James Howard says:

    Too bad Hayworth is a slimy politician, too. Consistent conservative? He certainly wasn’t when he was my District 2 Representative.

  10. Dr Jett says:

    You can also drive by on a motorcycle with a full face helmet and a drop down sun shield so that the picture only shows an unidentifiable grin. Flash this! Oops, can’t identify the rider. NO $$$$$$$
    We, the people shouldn’t have to go through this insanity in a free society. The cameras have got to go away or we will end up with as much freedom as a Communist country where constant surveilence is used to keep the citizens in line. NO VOTES FOR McCAIN!!!

  11. Sponsor of Red Means Stop supports GPS tracking for teenage drivers

  12. Stacey says:

    Death threat email could end up in your inbox… what to expect and what to do…-what-to-expect-and-what-to-do

    • L. Davis says:

      Stacey, as someone who works in the anti-spam field I can tell you that these emails are not new, they have been around quite a long time. Most of them are sent by spammers in Nigeria or eastern Europe. For what it’s worth if you receive one of these threatening emails you can rest assured that it’s only meant to solicit money from your pocketbook; they do not have the resources or means to follow through with any of the threats. It’s best to just delete them and forget them.

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