Paradise Regained

Dear Redflex,

We’re coming.



12 Responses to Paradise Regained

  1. reason says:


    past participle, past tense of re·gain (Verb)

    1. Obtain possession or use of (something, typically something abstract) again after losing it.

    2. Reach (a place, position, or thing) again; get back to.

    • reason says:

      “Paradise is a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless. It is conceptually a counter-image of the miseries of human civilization, and in paradise there is only peace, prosperity, and happiness. Paradise is a place of contentment, but it is not necessarily a land of luxury and idleness. It is often used in the same context as that of utopia.”

    • LoneWolf says:

      I’ve been living in Phoenix for over 22 years and I’ve been living somewhere around Paradise Valley (so the college and school is named) but I have yet to see the actual town. Where is it???

  2. Sure says:

    Paradise Valley is in bad financial shape. There number one industry is tourism.

    So, when tourist come to Paradise Valley they receive photo radar tickets from vans hidden behind trees, very welcoming indeed.

    They are going to give Scotttsdale a million dollars a year to help attract tourists. Who the hell wants to go to Scottsdale with all their cameras?

  3. Stacey says:

    Paradise Valley Financial Projections and Revenue Alternatives:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

  4. If PV loses their photo cash cow, they have the state of AZ and other cities to blame.

    When they had the corner on the market in photo ticketing for AZ, people seemed to accept it.

    Now that just about every major suburb of Phoenix has jumped on the bandwagon, PV gets targeted first for removal. First in, first out.

    It was a great scam while it lasted. Both ATS and Redflex operate photo ticketing devices in PV.

  5. Sure says:

    Perplex’d and troubl’d at his bad success
    The Tempter stood, nor had what to reply,
    Discover’d in his fraud, thrown from his hope,
    So oft, and the perswasive Rhetoric
    That sleek’t his tongue, and won so much on Eve,
    So little here, nay lost;

  6. Chi says:

    Enough of corruption guys. CAMARAS DOWN MAN!

    Yes indeed we are scaring all visitors, after they are flash buy the STUPED idea od STUPID people, setting up STUPID (SCAMARAS) OR (CAMARA FRUD)

    We the people do not need to be monitored that way, we need our freedom back. lets fight it together guys.

    We still have rights, and we need to use them. NO MORE CROOKS.

    A M E N

  7. Chi says:

    DID YOU SAY BLAME. They will blame the undocummented mexicans, ask PEARCE whom is to blame, he seems sto know everything! ALELUYA, HE KNOWS EVERYTHING AND IS NEVER WRONG WITH IT.

    God help us (WE THE PEOPLE) as we are victims of corruption.

    A MEN

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