Cameras Coming Down In the US and Across the Pond

Ever since the British government announced and end of funding support for speed cameras across the country, headlines have been announcing the decisions of towns and villages across the country to end their automated ticketing scams. While the government has always insisted that the cameras are about safety, it is definitely apparent that no one wants to actually pay for this alleged benefit as location after location is announcing the end of their camera programs.

The move is not without its critics who conveniently ignore data that shows the decades-long trend of improving road safety slowed significantly after the saturation of scameras across the land:

“Using the road casualty rate from 1978-1990 it can be estimated that 1,555,244 more road casualties have occurred from 1991-2007 than would have if the 1978-1990 trend had continued.”

These same experts are predicting a bloodbath after the end of the program, in a desperate attempt to get motorists to wonder how they ever survived without cameras taking pictures and mailing fines to the owners of vehicles. These critics also ignore the results of Swindon’s decision last year to end their camera program. Six months after the switch off, there has been no increase in accidents, as well as other reports of increasing accidents.

Here in the US, Yucaipa, CA and Costa Mesa, CA recently ended their red light camera programs, as has reported. Yucaipa was so desperate to end their contract that they paid Redflex $198,000 for the privilege. According to city data, Costa Mesa saw accidents INCREASE after installing cameras.

5 Responses to Cameras Coming Down In the US and Across the Pond

  1. jury nullification says:

    Beware, the sheeple are starting to wake up..

  2. photoradarscam says:

    Cities and local governments are willing to spend millions on proven traffic safety devices and improvements for the sake of safety, but when it comes to cameras, they just aren’t convinced. They know the truth – it’s about money, not safety.

    • Dr Jett says:

      It is too bad that the cities and local governments won’t do the traffic engineering studies that are required by law every 5 years. The reason: the speed limits would have to be raised to the speed that 85% of the drivers actually use which would decrease revenue. This would actually make the roads safer if they would also inform the drivers about the reasons why instead always blaming speed as being unsafe.

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