ATS Accuses Woman, 84 of Motorcycle Speeding

American Traffic Solutions scameras in Bluff City, TN accused an 84-year old woman from Lexington of speeding at midnight on a motorcycle late last month:

“I thought maybe I ought to send them the money and not worry about it, and that’s the last thing you should do.“

The victim thought upon receipt of the “notice of violation” that the ticket was a scam (and rightfully so) and got the matter resolved only after involving the local media.

Other ATS and Redflex FAILs this week include:

Changes bring DeLand red-light cameras to rolling stop
Officials will have to re-evaluate whether to pursue the use of red-light cameras now that… a new state law would take a big chunk of local ticket revenue.

Firm doubles Palm Coast’s fees
Here’s something to make Palm Coast officials see red: The company that runs its traffic light camera system is asking to more than double what it currently charges the city.

Seeing red over camera contract
A CITIZENS’ revolt against red light cameras in New Orleans has led to claims a Victorian company agreed to pay a share of the fines to a former city councillor if it won a contract.

Red light photo enforcement is no longer active in Yucaipa
“The program was not very productive in terms of paying for itself,” Hemsley said. The city anticipated a revenue of approximately $140,000, but has only collected $27,500. Since it is the court collection system that has resulted in lack of revenue, Hemsley said the Redflex and the city could not find a good solution or alternative to canceling the contract. “After negotiations with Redflex, we agreed to pay the balance due of $198,000 and terminate the agreement.”

Town’s Automated Traffic Enforcement Approaches One Ticket Per Citizen
Tennessee town of 17,000 has issued over 7,300 traffic tickets in half year since adopting system

19 Responses to ATS Accuses Woman, 84 of Motorcycle Speeding

  1. Pro-Camera says:

    From the article you linked as the source of your information about the 84 year old with a ticket from a motorcycle.
    “Bluff City’s Police Chief tells me his officer should have caught that the registration information didn’t match with the motorcycle and never sent Jean a ticket. DMV can’t explain why they even have the same plate. “It’s been years we’ve had the same banged up license plate,“ said Jean. “We’ve just been renewing it every year.“”

    So you blame the camera company for the DMV issuing the same plate to two different vehicles, and for the officer that signed the citation and sent it along instead of realising the registration difference. What’s bad is that in this same situation, a records check by a real cop would have shown the license plate returns to an 84 year old woman’s car instead of a motorcycle and they would have treated the situation as if it is a stolen vehicle with the tags replaced. What would you rather have? A notice in the mail that you easily clear up by sending back at your convenience, or a cop pulling you over and having you step off the vehicle as if you stole the motorcycle.

    • 4409 says:

      You said “you easily clear up by sending back at your convenience” ….really its all at my convenience….LMAO

    • photoradarscam says:

      How else can we unnecessarily burden the innocent? It’s so easy to just send it back – it’s just that no one will believe you until you get the local news station involved.

    • LoneWolf says:

      If you’re reading about it, chances are sending it back didn’t work. But I think you’re right as far as who should be blamed for this one: “Bluff City’s Police Chief tells me his officer should have caught that the registration information didn’t match with the motorcycle and never sent Jean a ticket”

    • Will Kay says:

      Pro-Camera, have you seen the video clip of the story by the local media? In case you haven’t, here it is:

      “Problem Solvers: Lexington woman gets ticket from Tennesee, but she’s never driven there”

      She’s from Virginia and HAS NEVER BEEN to Bluff City, TN. It wasn’t the same plate on two different vehicles, it was two different states, two different plates. They even show close-ups of both plates, which if there really was someone “reviewing” these “citations”, then it should have been realized that this was not the driver.

      Stolen vehicle? Why would they have gone about treating it as a stolen vehicle if it weren’t listed as stolen in their database?

      Your second paragraph basically implies “Don’t blame the camera companies, we just take the photographs (and 24 hour live streaming video), it’s the cops that make the mistakes with “reviewing” these tickets”, which is what CameraFRAUD has been saying all along, it’s all about the money to the scamera companies.

      How much do you want to bet that if an actual sworn officer pulled that motorcyclist over that night that there would have been no mistake that it wasn’t an 84 year old woman from Virginia?

    • Alucard says:

      This appears to be a case where there was a knee-jerk reaction to a possible violation by ATS — that is, to send out a ticket for a monetary fishing expedition.

      If there was an actual review of this by a sane person, common sense would tell them that an error occurred and not ticket the 84 year-old woman.

      To answer the last question, I’d rather get pulled over as described, rather than get extorted for cash. At least in the former scenario, there would be cause to sue.

      • Will Kay says:

        Even if both plates happened to be from Virginia, Alucard you hit the nail on the head. If it had been reviewed (which I highly doubt it was) then yes, any sane, common sensed person would see that it was obviously an error.

  2. Stacey says:

    Aren’t the officers and employees required to compare the photo to the information DMV has?

  3. Oh she’s guilty for sure.

  4. I would not trust any ticket from Bluff City. They do not even know how to keep their domain properly registered. They’re famous for being asleep at the switch.

    • Dr Jett says:

      The Bluff City cops probably downed too many mason jars with a clear liquid known as moonshine. That may have made it more difficult to read the ticket.

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