CameraFRAUD Supporter Nears Finish Line

Helene Neville aka “One On The Run” is almost at the finish line of her amazing race across the US. Sunday, August 1st will mark the end of her journey from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL.

In April, less than two weeks before setting out on this 2,520 mile run, she attended a CameraFRAUD meeting to show her support for our efforts. She of anybody could identify with the struggles and successes against the odds of our activist group.

Helene is a cancer survivor who endured 3 brain surgeries, all the while hearing from doctors that her chance of survival was slim.

This only made her more determined. After finally getting out of the hospital, she decided to take on running and soon ran her first marathon. Her passion grew and she wanted to start her own marathon in Iowa. During the process, Helene received phone calls from people telling her that a woman could never do such a thing. She did it anyway.

Through these struggles and successes, she learned so much about health and fitness, she decided to write a book, called Nurses In Shape. Helene’s dream is to inspire others in her profession, nursing, to live a more healthy lifestyle.

There is so much to tell about her life, much more than could reasonably fit here. Helene’s journey, which is two days from being completed, can be read like a journal in pictures and thoughts on her Facebook Fan Page.

Helene has made this entire run, including many days in desolation without a major sponsor and an RV support vehicle that broke down countless times along the way.

If you’re not inspired by this woman’s life and her journey, you may likely need your pulse checked, just to be safe.

Helene will be finishing her 2,520 mile journey in record time. Nobody has ever run “The Southern Route” this fast. 3 others have finished, but Helene is the only person to even attempt it in the summer time.

CameraFRAUD is both proud and humbled to have Helene Neville on our team.

(Press Release For Finish Line)

6 Responses to CameraFRAUD Supporter Nears Finish Line

  1. Stacey says:

    Hooray Helene!

  2. Sure says:

    This ain’t our first rodeo:

  3. Thanks for supporting Helene in her run! You guys rock!

  4. Costco poll on Photo Ticketing.

    Vote however you feel!

  5. B says:


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