ADOT to Redflex: You’re Cut Off

You know the corruption, propaganda, and outright lies run deep within Redflex and the Arizona Department of Public Safety when simple details are omitted and potentially false statements are provided to the local media.

In case you missed it, CameraFRAUD volunteers had to inquire high and low regarding a statement in the local paper regarding the cameras being left on to “document traffic speeds” past the expiration of the contract.

The controversy and confusion grew to the point that the Arizona Department of Transportation got involved, making it clear that they physically disabled the electricity to all Redflex equipment.

In response to the shenanigans, we will be announcing the CameraFRAUD Tyranny Response Unit (TRU) this coming Monday, which will include a 24 hour hotline. Our goal will be to photograph and videotape the supposed removal of the Redflex scameras.

When we said down, we meant DOWN.

2 Responses to ADOT to Redflex: You’re Cut Off

  1. reason says:

    Tyranny is defined as taking power that doesn’t belong to you. It looks like Redflex invoked the literal interpretation.

  2. Beau Jangles says:

    Something Smells Like Tuna Fish Again!!!

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