Scamera Front Group Duped by Activists

UPDATE: 7/19 10:20 PM: See below.


No, not Sarah Connor, who was mercilessly pursued in the Terminator series by a self-aware surveillance network named Skynet. We’re talking about the “Safer Arizona Roads Alliance,” the astroturf answer by photo radar peddlers such as American Traffic Solutions and Redflex to opponents such as CameraFRAUD.

On July 6th, SARA “re-tweeted” a message from Twitter account @RedflexPR regarding

SARA homepage with Twitter feed on right

the statewide ballot initiative missing the mark for number of signatures required:


Of course, upon even basic examination of the RedflexPR account it becomes painfully obvious that

The SARA twitter account, #SaferArizona

the account is a spoof of the beleaguered Australian firm, with quips such as “WHEN YOU CANCEL OUR CONTRACTS, WE’LL COME AFTER YOU,” and “WE’RE AS REAL AS THE PHOTO ENFORCEMENT VIOLATIONS SENT IN THE MAIL.”

Other honorable tweets from the phantom account, which is not operated by CameraFRAUD, include:



According to our research, SARA is the largest and most organized of the groups supporting the cameras, boasting 32 friends on Facebook and almost 23 followers on Twitter.

Keep up the good work, SARA!

Update: SARA not only removed the “trojan tweet,” they also removed the entire Twitter widget as well as their link to their Facebook account. Of course, the entire incident will live happily documented on CameraFRAUD from now until…. forever. Here’s their latest screenshot, with convenient circles of doom (added by us) highlighting the areas changed.

(Note to SARA: Contact our Twitter guy… he does online brand management professionally and would probably love to represent your disinformation and propaganda campaign… for a price!)

25 Responses to Scamera Front Group Duped by Activists

  1. reason says:

    Order my Flashing Money Tree system today, only $19.95! Just call the toll-free number on your screen and ask for Shoba! It’s so easy!

  2. bobj239 says:

    should be interesting to see if RF will use its might to “terminate” that twitter account.

  3. bobj239 says:

    They’re also liars. SARA has the nerve to state on their twitter account: “We’re sorry to see the state’s photo radar go. it’s not like it recorded people who were obeying the law!”

    What a damnable lie. We know the truth about the cams doing video 24/7 and ALPR applications, which RESULTED in even state reps having to feign outrage long enough to pretend to take a stand against them.

  4. Obviously, whoever is running their twitter feed is just going through the motions.

    They also don’t really have a good grasp of the facts either.

    About all they do have over there at SARA is the funding of Redflex and ATS.

  5. jury nullification says:

    Same fraud different name…

  6. Butihave Nothingto Worryabout says:

    Go SARA!!! The cameras will be back. Watch for a proposition on the November ballot that will bring the cameras back.

    If the proposition fails, Brewer is ready to issue an executive order to bring them back.

  7. camerafraud says:

    ***This article has been updated***

  8. alucard says:

    I love the twitter page, especially the reference to FarmVille! 😉

  9. Enigmaforever says:

    Redflex is in the business of spying not safety, and so is the government. Redflex contracted with government agencies such Homeland Security to run cameras 24/7 recording every plate number that passes, with ability to pull up any plate, and see when/where it has passed any camera in the world in the past, or follow you across the nation. Even with the cameras not recording speeders in Arizona it is still recording your plate 24/7 as it passes any camera. Must be some reason?

    • oh my says:

      Wow. Conspiracy theory at its best.
      Please provide so basis for this theory, “citations” as ya’ll like to say. And not from . Folks over there forgot their medication also.

  10. Sure says:

    Goldwater Moment:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    • If any of you ghouls out there show up and start posting comments in favor of what Destories did, you’ll be banned and reported.

      This will be enforced, just ask our troll.

  11. 4409 says:

    All I have to say is that DPS knew that someone was eventually going to get hurt and they allowed the fraud to continue.

    Throughout history it has shown that If you blatantly steal from people and cause harm to their families you’re more than likely going to get hurt.

    The van driver that was conspiring to steal from others with the use of sophisticated tools had something coming to him and the company that put him in that position bears all the fault.

    The moral of the story is DON’T FREAKING STEAL from people and you increase you odds of living.

    • reason says:

      Sorry 4409, I disagree.

      A person has an inherent right to protect their life and property against force. So lets say for the sake of this argument that Redflex and the van drivers are initiating force against drivers.

      Said drivers have a right to defend themselves against force and fraud…. but ONLY with an equal and appropriate level of force.

      In this case, the firing of anything other than a camera back at the photo radar van was well beyond defense: it was murder, an initiation of force, not a defense against it.

      • 4409 says:

        Taking their picture does NOT have the same force or effect as when they do it to you because they use government as their force.

        You don’t the ability to suspend their government contract after mailing your photo do you?

        I’m not sticking up for the shooter…I’m just acknowledging that the man in the van knew what he was doing had consequences and he paid the price. No different than when you unconstitutionally invade countries and wonder why they shoot back.

        He was stealing from We the People using sophisticated tools at his disposal with the blessing of the force by government. No a good combo

        • reason says:

          He may have just been a pawn in a game of greed and never taken a moment to consider his employer’s actions… It’s easy to drink the kool-aid to justify what you do (“just doing my job”), and doesn’t make it right.

          IMHO the blood of this man is on Redflex and DP$ who KNEW what they were doing was ILLEGAL by placing a civilian in a marked fake police vehicle.

          And just like there’s no honor among thieves, or maybe because the police union stepped in… the expendable pawn in this game was never recognized for his misguided sacrifice. Even civvy employees of DPS get more respect if they die on the job…

          It just goes to show how corrupt it is to blur the lines between corps and gov.

  12. “All I have to say is that DPS knew that someone was eventually going to get hurt and they allowed the fraud to continue. ”

    We’ll see if that stands up in court. The lawsuit against DPS is going to trial soon.

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