Rest In Profit…

Time of death: 12:01 AM.

Aspice, officio fungeris sine spe honoris amplioris.

Who’s next?


17 Responses to Rest In Profit…

  1. Stacey says:

    Hoooooorrraaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!! Made a trip to Redflex tonight to let the rest of the employees know we have some more love for them coming.

  2. LoneWolf says:

    They’re keeping the scameras up so they can perform a study between now and November. Anybody care to bet me that their (totally biased) results will prove a definite need for the cameras to go back up?

  3. Stacey says:

    Celebrating tonight at Redflex:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

  4. Stacey says:

    The company said it will leave the fixed cameras in place through Labor Day to gather data on speeding trends after the program’s end.

    • LoneWolf says:

      I was so thrilled I missed that part.. all I saw was that they had until November to remove them.. How nice of them to remove them a couple of months early… but I guess that makes sense if they’re collecting dust and not making any money for them.

    • Brian says:

      Given that the contract is now expired, I question why Redflex is able to collect speed data on Arizona’s freeways. There is no longer a contractual relationship between Redflex and DPS. As a private citizen, I do not consent to have any private, non-law enforcement company collect speed data on my personal vehicle.

      Are there any attorneys out there who would be willing to file a lawsuit to compel Redlfex to cease and desist? Moreover, I am willing to be a plaintiff in the suit.

      • B says:

        They’re collecting speed data to give to ADOT and getting paid to do it. Remember – it’s all about money – so why not use their remaining asset? And it’s hard to argue with that usage – as long as the identities of the speeders is not being tracked.

    • Brian says:

      Btw, did you notice that the Repugnant yanked the paragraph from the story that mentioned Redflex collecting speed data???

  5. Sure says:

    0900 – Called DPS, the officer I spoke with said to expect a press release soon. The number for DPS photo enforcement is 602-271-7420.

  6. photoradarscam says:

    They continue to stick with the only claim they can really make – that cameras slow traffic down. So we must be vigilant about pointing out the truth of that statement – so what?

    All they have achieved is making traffic less efficient. They have not made the connection that going slower is safer. And if going slow IS safer, then why not lower speed limits?

    The safety numbers are in crash and fatalities, not speed of travel. If someone challenges the speed statement, all you have to do is mention when nationwide speed limit cap of 55 was removed… Officials predicted a blood bath, but accidents actually DECLINED. Last year Utah experimented with 80mph on their freeways, and accidents did NOT increase.

    So going slower ISN’T safer, but Redflex is banking on people holding onto the myth that slower is safer.

  7. guttersn1pe says:

    I noticed the “photo enforcement zone” sign at EB 101/35th Ave has been replaced with a “buckle up” sign. I feel safer already! 🙂

    • Matt says:

      GOOD! As do I…..and I don’t even live in Arizona!

    • photoradarscam says:

      Yes, back to the incessant, tired focus on seat belts. When will they start focusing on more important messages about distracted driving, yielding, signaling, lane courtesy, and other factors?

      • Whenever the profit motive kicks in is my guess i.e. making texting while driving illegal, even though it already is bc it’s a form of distracted driving.

        I always buckle my seat belt anyway, so a sign telling me to do that is wasted space and just another road-side distraction.

      • oh my says:

        Actually, I think reality here is that no matter what, you guys just want reasons to complain.

  8. Congratulations to Chris and from all of us up here in Winnipeg Canada. We have been taking this to our government as well and although they continue to ignore us we are building strength and hope to follow your gameplan to help ban the scam cams up here too.

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