Scamera Ticket Refunds Included in City Petitions

The process of banning photo ticket programs at the city level is well under way. Petition packets have been pulled from 14 cities in the greater Phoenix area.

Unlike the state-wide initiative, the city versions will include refunds for motorists who have paid the fines for scam tickets.

Will the scamera companies be prepared to pay for their repeated violations of the US and Arizona Constitutions?

10 Responses to Scamera Ticket Refunds Included in City Petitions

  1. Sure says:

    DPS will provide opportunities for live media broadcasts from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 15th, from the northeast corner of northbound I-17 and Thunderbird Road.

    • photoradarscam says:

      Notice what they said: ” Arizona Department of Public Safety officers will utilize all measures available to enforce the posted speed limits on the federal and state highway systems just as they did prior to the photo enforcement program.”

      Key phrase is “as they did PRIOR to the program.”

      That’s because they stopped patrolling during the program! I am glad to have real officers back on the road.

  2. justcurious says:

    “out with the old and in with the new” ???
    these systems could need to be updated and for redfux to pull the old and later install new updated equipment is a option but i like the option of JAN BREWER PUT IT TO A VOTE ……(SO CAMERA FRAUD STILL WINS)

    I’m still faster than a speeding ticket

  3. GTBoy27 says:

    i really hope they put the cameras BACK UP! its a great source of revenue from LAW BREAKERS! if you dont speed why would you care that there are cameras? obviuosly those who want them down dont like big brother watch but if you arent doing anything wrong who gives a f**k? with all the states going broke and schools being shut down, teachers laid off and all that you care about is the government making money fro you BREAKING THE LAW? WTF is wrong when we can use the law to be able to then break it with out recourse? i would be very interested to see a study of the makes and models of vehicles caught speeding, i would bet money that less than 10% are vehicles that could even be considered as being some what safe at speeds above 75mph. i know when i am out on the highway i NEVER get passed by a Ferrari or a Porsche, its always a damn civic or a tercel driven fast by someone who needs to prove that they arent as lame as the car they are driving would suggest! those drivers are also the least prepared to handle an unexpected emergency accident avoidance move, hence they crash into innocent folks just because they think its their right to drive fast. if only the drivers who were speeding ever died in highway crashes died i would say yes, ban the cameras and open the road… however that is never the case. put the cameras back, its less about big brother than it is about driving the f**king speed limit and obeying a freaking law!

  4. nahimgood says:

    GTBoy: it’s over, they’re down… deal with it. k? cool

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