The Answer to “1984” is 2010

Big announcements are expected soon from CameraFRAUD, as well as from the statewide ballot initiative which is under the direction of Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar.


Post your speculations and comments in the comments section.

14 Responses to The Answer to “1984” is 2010

  1. reason says:

    MORE cameras are coming down…

    • Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

      nope …. it appears they are not being removed…. its july 2nd…the contract ended on the 1st. the easiest ones to remove are the mobile units but they are still out there…. time to just let it go boys…you failed… move on to another pointless cause….

  2. Dr. Z. says:

    Please! How many signatures do we have already?!

  3. Will Kay says:

    Disclosure and First Contact?

  4. Brent says:

    Lets start writing catch-phrases and slogans for the election cycle..

    Guess we just need to be told what the Proposition number will be…

    Here, I’ll start… hopefully something that rhymes..

    “Get a clue, vote Yes on 402!”

    • I am guessing it will be 202. It will be in the 200’s. 400’s are reserved for Countywide piggyback measures.

      Keep in mind they need to have 153,000+ valid signatures. Validation process will occur over the next 90 days. Court challenges would start in early Sept. Final court sign off must occur after Sept. 13 so the ballots can be printed for early balloting.

      In the mean time, the AZ legislature can preempt it by passing it as law. I consider that a good possibility. Not because they love us, but because they don’t want it on the ballot in Nov.

  5. There is no such thing as a red light safety camera, it’s an oximoron.
    The Ticket Doctor

  6. Mark says:

    if the AZ Rep is correct, unfortunately, it looks like it failed to make the ballot by 34K signatures

    • Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

      that is 34 k short of the goal…. however if truth be told probably halfof those were not even valid signatures!!! failure at its finest!!

  7. Hahahaha says:

    Guess you don’t need to know the proposition number.

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