Washington Activists Already Keeping Scameras Out

It’s good to have this man on our team and not the opposition’s. Alex Rion, a member of Campaign For Liberty in Washington is making sure the scameras don’t shake down the people of Mukilteo any longer. The anti-photo radar website in that city is BanCams.com, run by Nick and Tiffany Sherwood.

The three, along with Tim Eyman were able to collect signatures from 50% of Mukilteo’s active registered voters in a period of only two weeks. For their efforts, the City Council has backed off their plans to allow for speed and red light scameras in the Seattle suburb.

They’ve also made plenty of news in the process. Despite the city backing down from its stance, Rion and Co. still want the measure to go to the voters. It would require citizens of Mukilteo to vote every single time a speed or red light ticketing camera is installed. It would also require the maximum fine to be capped at the lowest fine for illegal parking. Currently that would mean a max of $25 for speeding or a red light infraction, which would make the city very unattractive to ATS or Redflex.

A CameraFRAUD volunteer contacted Alex Rion to ask him if they plan a state-wide petition, similar to our own in Arizona. Below is a direct quote.

“What I would really like to see is a legislative solution to the Automated Ticketing Machines. We should encourage our state legislators to step up and pass legislation either to create a statewide ban or allow the citizens in any given community to have their voice heard with a vote on the issue.”

More about the developments from Rion and his Campaign For Liberty Patriots below:


The Seattle Times

Snohomish County News




7 Responses to Washington Activists Already Keeping Scameras Out

  1. RPr says:

    big props to the Sherwoods!

  2. Some clarification: Alex Rion is the coordinator for the Washington State Campaign for Liberty, which is a co-sponsor or the Mukilteo initiative. BanCams is not run by Alex and is separate from the Campaign for Liberty. BanCams is run by myself and my husband, Nick Sherwood. BanCams.com is a co-sponsor and well as Tim Eyman’s VotersWantMoreChoices.com

    Thanks for the mention!

  3. Tim Carrasco says:

    The more I’m learning about these issues, the more I applaud your efforts. Keep up the good work.

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