South Carolina, South Dakota Ban the Scameras

Arizona continues to fall behind other states with better leadership. It’s alarming to watch our politicians stand by while states who have much fewer cameras wise up and ban them.

In South Carolina, the governor signed a bill in to law that bans photo ticketing. featured a story about it on Friday, June 19th:

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford last week signed a law banning the use of red light cameras and speed cameras in the state. The measure swept unanimously through the House, 106 to 0, on June 3 and in the Senate 38 to 0 on June 2. – – South Carolina’s law takes effect immediately.”

Not to be outdone by the other state with the word “South” in its name, South Dakota was the next to step up and ban the scameras. This time it was judicial action that did it, which could mean more financial losses for Redflex. Again, with the report:

“A red light camera company faces being fined for running an illegal operation in the state of South Dakota. Last Tuesday, a circuit court judge ruled that Redflex Traffic Systems and the city of Sioux Falls violated state law and the US Constitution when they set up automated ticketing machines without approval from the state legislature. The question of whether Redflex is financially liable, and to what degree, will now be determined by a jury.”

Why is it so difficult for anyone with a position of power in the state of Arizona to step forward, admit this system is a complete scam and save the citizens from one more day of dealing with it? Sure, we’ve had folks in law enforcement step up and do the right thing, but they only have so much power.

Arizona truly is at a major deficit in leadership. When you go to the polls in November, first to vote for our citizens initiative to ban scameras, but also to select our next group of leaders, please choose wisely.

Anyone who didn’t do their part to ban photo radar in the state of Arizona, and mind you, there are very few who did, does not deserve to “serve the public” for another term.

12 Responses to South Carolina, South Dakota Ban the Scameras

  1. I am happy to see that some other state’s leadership are stepping up. I believe that it is unConstitutional on the grounds that we are to be free of unreasonable search and siezure. Surveillance is a search! We are also entitled to a reasonable right to privacy even on public roads. Also, want to give a huge thanks to the people that came out to the 2 sigature gatherings this weekend! Those people are: Ben, Ross, Stacey, James, Dustin, and Paul! Mudmania was absolutely wild. There were so many people there and Many in support of terminating the scameras. I believe we could have gotten a couple hundred more signatures if we had a few more people out at Mudmania. The Rattlers game was quite a bit quieter, but we still gathered signatures nonetheless. Dbacks game (vs Yankees) on Wednesday if anybody is available to help.

  2. Jury Nullification says:

    When the revenue finally dries up and the politicians can no longer feed at the trough of Scamera money, they will be deperate to come up with new ways to line their wallets at our expense.

    According to Popular Science magazine 6/10, Califorina drivers may soon have electronic license plates for advertising..

    • B says:

      Yeah – and that won’t EVER be abused. Nobody will EVER have their license plate number faked as they commit crimes…

      Here’s a clue, California – get real on your fiscal problems. You can’t have your cake and eat it too anymore… The endless entitlements party is over – all over the country.

  3. “Redflex had argued that, as a private company, it should be dropped from the suit. Redflex maintained that the camera program was entirely city run. Second Judicial Circuit Presiding Judge Kathleen K. Caldwell laid out the criteria for determining whether this was the case.”

    Not surprising, Redflex wants it both ways. They want to be a state agent in AZ because it possibly exempts them from laws and requirements like having a PI license and illegally parking on freeways. But when they go to court in SD, they suddenly aren’t a state agent.

    Interesting how that is.

  4. Helldigger says:

    you say..,”Arizona continues to fall behind other states with better leadership.” Then you cite Mark Sanford.


    The same Mark Sanford that disappeared to go “hiking the Appalachian trail” – a phrase in America now synonymous with secretly flying to Buenos Aires for a sexy tryst, in his case with a lady named Maria Belen Chapur.

    But hey, his veto’s continue to get overridden by their state’s legislature and Jenny Sanford is roving around the state – when she’s not going on talkshows to diss him – campaigning for Republican candidate Nikki Haley. Maybe Mark Sanford should just go hiking and save everyone the bother.

    I’m all for getting rid of these cameras once and for all, but please don’t confuse Sanford with being a better leader than what we have.

    Politicians can’t be trusted no matter who they are.

    Brewer is currently riding a new wave of popularity because she grew some balls and stands up against the Obama Administration and signed SB 1070 and good for her. She opposes the speed cameras. Woo hoo…

    But she also pushed a 17% increase on sales taxes.

    We get what we vote for.

    The important thing now is to get this initiative on the ballot and get it passed into law to ban photo and video money stealing technology for good.

    • All Sanford did was sign the Law. It was passed unanimously through state legislature.

    • B says:

      “But she also pushed a 17% increase on sales taxes.”
      Using 17% as some kind of, “holy cow, that’s a lot,” mathematical slant hurts your credibility.

      In my book, Brewer has excelled as a leader who was willing to compromise and get things done with substantial cuts and a temporary tax increase – even in the face of her own political party’s staunch (and often short-sighted) leadership. She also pushed the speed cameras out the door (at least temporarily).

      That wasn’t pandering to the public. That was leadership that Janet N. (and her GOP predecessors) lacked…

      Really – Look at how well she’s performed when compared to the former AZ governors… What tough choices did Janet make? Renaming Squaw Peak? Adding all-day K (which we can’t afford anymore) while presiding over the biggest bubble economy in AZ history? Hell – anyone of us could’ve looked good as AZ’s governor from 2002-2008… Janet’s only play was bigger government and “safety, safety” – She’s sticking airport body scanners and full internet monitoring/regulation by the government down our throats – all in the name of “safety”… She’s one of the worst things to ever happen to this country… Then you have crooks like Fife Symington (acquittal, my butt – where there’s smoke, there’s fire), oddballs that can’t keep their mouths shut like Evan Mecham, and completely incompetent governors like Jane Hull…

      Jan Brewer stands head and shoulders over her predecessors… Yet you would still actually prefer Terry Goddard?

      You’d really piss and moan over a temporary, three year, 1% sales tax – and because of that put a man in office who would have the cameras running again (and probably expanded in scope out to Janet N.’s original plan of 100+ cameras statewide) by the summer of 2011 if he gets elected?

      Look at the big picture, prepare for the worst, and plan/vote accordingly. And counting on polls and past history alone as “proof” that a statewide camera ban would pass without competition is as dangerous and blind as assuming there’s no way a 1% sales tax increase will ever pass (which some people assumed).

      Until this camera ban is actually on the ballot – AND it passes in November – I’m not taking any chances by voting for a pro-camera, overly left-leaning ass clown like Terry Goddard.

    • B says:

      Despite what I said on Brewer and other stuff, I do agree that Sanford was a dirtbag for what he was doing on the side. That took serious balls (and some serious infatuation) to try and pull those escapades off…

  5. Joe Manna says:

    Until the political ads go on the attack over the issue, the money will always influence their decision.

    For the politicians who are against photo enforcement **AND TAKE ACTION** they can go on the offensive by their flip-flop opponents.

    It would be great if we can outlaw the existence of the companies themselves from here. Driving in Arizona would be much better without a Redflex or an ATS around.

    Arizona just doesn’t have the balls to say no to any type of money. I suspect this voluntary “canceled” contract is merely a ploy to confuse the public (which it has done) and I bet my pink slips that in January, Redflex makes a comeback.

    Arizona: “grow a pair!”


  6. Dr Jett says:

    Goddard may not be good either, but you would have to be dumber than a box of rocks if you think this is a ‘temporary tax’. I don’t recall any tax that is passed that has ever been removed later.
    Yes 17% is correct. We are now one of the highest sales taxes in the nation with one of the highest unemployment rates. What a great idea.
    Remember that the parents who kept popping kids out want the rest of us to pay for them. I have a better idea; tax each parent for every kid they have and then they can pay for their kids education.
    I tried to publish that in the Arizona Repugnant in reply to a lady that thought we should pay our photo radar tickets so that we could put her kids through school. Beware of how the kids scam is used by those people trying to pilfer our pockets!

  7. guttersn1pe says:

    Wow. 106 to 0 and 38 to 0. I can’t wait for Redflex’s spin on how South Carolina’s population really does love the cameras.

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