PD Website Snatched By Scamera Critic

This is the hilarious result of somebody forgetting to renew a pretty important domain.  The person in charge of the Bluff City, TN Police Department website probably has a bad case of the..

Scottsdale based GoDaddy.com did not receive a domain renewal order from Bluff City PD, so they sold it to a clever person who is not a fan of photo ticketing. Interestingly enough, American Traffic Solutions(ATS), also based out of Scottsdale, splits $90 of every photo ticket issued by the Bluff City PD. The site now features a cartoon character that is pretty excited about using his status to make a few bucks.

Links to a few local websites, including this one are featured. CameraFRAUD would like to say thanks in advance for all the visitors to our site from the Volunteer State. Keep up the good work, Mr. Brian McCrary of Gray, TN, you’re alright in our book!

36 Responses to PD Website Snatched By Scamera Critic

  1. LibertyDefenderAZ says:


  2. Glyph says:

    Sounds like Bluff City needs a more attentive IT guy!

  3. Stacey says:

    This is exactly the kind of dork ATS is looking for.

  4. Stacey says:

    During a Friday interview, Bluff City Police Chief David Nelson admitted that he did not play the “active role” that Ede recommends her customers take when it comes to monitoring their websites.

    “It just slipped my mind,” Nelson said, adding that he knows little about computers and the more technical aspects of running a website. “If you open up a website and let it go down, somebody can buy it – I did not know that.”

    Wonder how he comprehends the technicalities of the photo radar equipment.

    • Dr Jett says:

      Photo Radar!
      Huh, WTF do I know about my job? I wasn’t hired to be a technician, I’m just the Chief. I’m in charge of simpler things, like cops!

    • Matt Smith says:

      I also wonder how they handle the tedious task of logging and categorizing evidence seized. Or do they just smoke it all up and sell the rest?

      Hmmm I better check Ebay for Bluff City booty the cops are selling.

  5. Dr Jett says:

    Atta boy Brian,
    Caught the money grubbers with their pants down because they were too busy grabbing the green to keep up with their website. It’s too bad that the police aren’t so conscious about fighting crime as they are about robbing the citizens. “to protect and serve our paychecks and those of our RICO Partners” should be the new wording on cop cars

  6. Redflex may be bought by a financial firm:


    Red light and speed photo operator Redflex Holdings Ltd (ASX:RDF) says it believes it will receive a takeover offer in the next few days following discussions with a large Australian financial institution. In response to an ASX price enquiry the company says it became aware of a special crossing in respect of 8 million shares in the company after the close of trade on June 4 at a price of $2.50 a share. Redflex says it held confidential discussions with representatives of the buyer yesterday afternoon.

  7. Olleo says:

    Seems to me that people who get caught on camera speeding deserve a speeding ticket. Here’s some simple logic for all of you bashing cops for not being computer savvy. Don’t go name calling cops when you lot aren’t smart enough to figure out if you don’t speed, you don’t get a ticket.

  8. Sure says:

    Olle, olle, O!

  9. Stacey says:

    Macquarie sees Red

    MACQUARIE Group was last night revealed as the acquirer of a 10.2 per cent interest in Redflex, a Melbourne-based traffic technologies business that has 1200 red light and speed camera sites in the US.

    The bulk of the Macquarie interest was acquired on Friday when 8 million shares in Redflex were crossed at $2.50 a share. But Macquarie’s substantial shareholder notice indicates that planning for the Redflex tilt began as early as February.

    A substantial shareholder notice from Thorney Holdings, a long-term investor in Redflex, disclosed that it sold 2.5 million of the shares purchased by Macquarie. Other significant Redflex investors include Hunter Hall and Renaissance.

    A full takeover proposal from Macquarie is expected within days.


  10. Pro-Camera says:

    Rather than this article speaking of the inattention made by the police department (From other articles, the PD webmaster was on medical leave at the time the Domain was sold), it speaks more about how GoDaddy makes their money by publishing lists of “Domains to Expire” to anyone wanting to feed off site hits from the previous owner.

    Namely the spam sites that like to purchase previously owned sites in hopes that the people who used that site before would get unknowingly redirected to theirs. As in this guy, getting people that were looking for a PD web site and instead getting a hack website of anti-camera links. At least the Camera companies make money off of people actually violating the law.

    GoDaddy makes money by exploiting people who forget to renew a domain name. Funny, on GoDaddy.com. they want you to sign up for their “Domain Buy Service” to try to purchase the domain that was just recently sold away from the Police Department. For a small fee of 79.99 + commission, GoDaddy will negotiate the sale of the domain for you. How nice of them to offer that service.

    • You neglect to mention the fact that domains names, like other property, should be protected and maintained by their owners. It’s not different than leaving a $100 bill on your front lawn and expecting it to remain there until you get around to picking it up.

      GoDaddy offers protection services, automated renewal, sends repeated renewal notices, and you can register for as long as 10 years if not more for right around $100 (10 years x $10). There is no excuse for letting a domain name expire except carelessness.

      • Pro-Camera says:

        1. The PD paid GoDaddy for the domain name. If you paid someone to hold your wallet for you for 10 days and got hit by a car and was hospitalized for a month, would you feel real good that the person holding your wallet sold your credit cards to the highest bidder because you didn’t answer an email on day 9?

        2. GoDaddy offers other paid services to protect you from GoDaddy selling your domain. Again, that’s like paying someone $10 to hold your wallet for 10 days, and the guy saying, for an additional $5.00, you can protect yourself from me selling your wallet to someone if you forget to pick up your wallet in 10 days.

        And since all notifications are sent to the webmaster of the website (who was on medical leave), if someone else is not checking his/her email, the PD doesn’t get the notifications. And the large majority of people that do not own a domain name, they do not know that a domain name is a temporary ownership.

        • Not exactly, and poor example. If I ran a business or PD even that had a website, I would register the name for the maximum term. Why buy 1 year at a time if I plan to be around forever, and especially when it’s less than $10/yr.

          GD sends out renewal notices at least weekly for probably the last 2 months of the registration. They don’t wait until the last day and send a notice, those notices have been sent for a couple of months.

          Further, the renewal notices are sent to the registrant *AND* the Technical contact and possibly others. It’s the PD’s fault if they only supplied 1 contact instead of the multiple contacts you can provide.

          GoDaddy’s protection services are there to prevent cases just like this from happening. You can blast them for offering it, but it would have been a smart move for the PD in this case. If you don’t want to buy the service, you save money, which is what the PD thought was more important. Kind of like the savings of not paying baggage fees for air travel if you don’t have any bags to check. Don’t fly my airline and then complain that your bags didn’t make it with you if you chose not to pay the baggage check fee.

          “And the large majority of people that do not own a domain name, they do not know that a domain name is a temporary ownership.”

          Ignorance is no excuse. If I run a company or organization that has a website, it’s only appropriate that I understand the basics of ownership of one of my company’s most important assets. If I chose to remain ignorant of how these things work, then it is at my peril.

        • LoneWolf says:

          Business moves on. If someone doesn’t pay their yearly fee for their domain, they lose it, plain and simple. It’s not up to Godaddy to reserve domains for whatever amount of time. When they’re due to expire, they expire. It’s the domain owner’s responsibility to renew the domain when it’s due to be renewed.

          The domain becomes dormant usually for 10 – 20 days for which some registrars allow the owner to reactivate it during that time. After that, the domain becomes available for whoever wants it and depending on the amount of traffic the domain receives, it’s common name type (like camera.com rather than camraz.com), and search engine ranking, the registrar can raise the price of the domain well beyond their standard pricing range.

          Like these guys say, nobody’s forcing anyone to buy a domain unlike the scameras (scamera companies and courts) which, in many cases of faulty or illegally calibrated equipment, make people pay up.

    • Dan G says:

      PC, your ignorance of internet web sites is only eclipsed by your ignorant stance on the Scameras.

      GoDaddy doesn’t exploit a single person. Name one person who was forced to make a website by GoDaddy. No, everyone does so VOLUNTARILY. And all domain registrars have very similar policies regarding domain expirations. Emails are sent out. Even with the web admin out on sick leave, it’s still unbelievable that nobody noticed the “special warning notice” placed on the website once it expired. The police had ample time to shore up this website.

      It’s not a hack website. It’s a legitimate purchase of a website. Not that I would find your stance suprising. You think that these hack cameras are legitimately here for our safety. Yet safety was never such a concern until our city budget was drastically in the red…

  11. Glyph says:

    Yeah, GoDaddy has never impressed me either (even though I have a domian name from them).

  12. Scamera dollars will not go to fund 2010 campaigns


  13. alucard says:

    “At least the Camera companies make money off of people actually violating the law.”

    Pro-camera helps us out yet again, by this confirmation of our understand of what photo enforcement is all about — money. Not safety.

    Of course, the Camera companies also make money off the innocent who get caught by camera malfunctions and administrative mistakes too.

    • Dan G says:

      Yep. I was given a ticket while doing the speed limit. Another car sped by the camera at the same time. I was not actually violating the law and was still issued a ticket. Wrong again you are, Pro Camera dolt!

      • ProCamera says:

        Dan G,

        Did you pay the ticket? Did you observe that the image provided with the ticket also had the lane of travel that would be used BY YOU to show that the violation vehicle was not you?

    • And what kind of a system is a good idea that cannot identify the driver over 25% of the time (Forget the fact that about half of the drivers passing by a camera are essentially ineligible for photo tickets). If the police arrested the wrong person 25%-50% of the time for other crimes, we’d be up in arms, and it would be unacceptable. But when a machine does it systematically in high volume, it’s OK?

  14. awesomerobot says:

    Don’t worry guys, I returned the favor: http://www.brianmccrary.com

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