Redflex’s Eleven Year Lie

The writing would appear to be on the wall, or so the saying goes. The time line is left to interpretation.

The court case, which Redflex actually won against American Traffic Solutions may have hurt the winner more than the loser. Karen Finley, CEO of Redflex was forced to admit under oath that her woefully incompetent multi-national corporation was operating in the United States for 11 years(’97 – ’08) with falsified FCC documents, which said the company’s radar equipment did not need to be certified. As you can guess, the equipment absolutely did need to be certified, which means Redflex was lying through their teeth for years in order to score contracts with cities.

Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar and CameraFRAUD had an observer in court who witnessed Finley saying that the offender who supplied the company’s false documents was hit with the steep penalty of a withheld bonus, once the infraction was discovered. That bonus better have been a lot of money, because the parade of class action lawsuits coming from this little admission might cost Redflex a few pennies to defend. also covered the ATS vs Redflex case and published a transcript of a portion of the Finley testimony.

Could anyone say that tickets issued by Redflex from 1997 – 2008 are justified, knowing that the equipment they were using to measure speed was not even certified?

Eleven years of Redflex photo tickets from all across the country are now also in question, legally.


13 Responses to Redflex’s Eleven Year Lie

  1. someone says:

    Did someone say “CameraFRAUD”?

    A website has never been named more appropriately.

  2. A company founded on lies, and they give that CEO an award? Shows what an award is worth.

    The saddest part is all of the cities and counties and other governments who did business with Redflex who didn’t bother to do any research on or background checks on the company. I hope that sites like will help – but it will only help if residents can get their elected officials to read the information.

    • Tom Cosgrove says:

      I pose an interesting question:

      If Redflex gets hammered in a class action for all the years it issued citations and wasn’t FCC certified, would that not mean that every penny (plus interest, I hope) will be refunded and will have to come from Redflex and those jurisdictions that got part of the fines? Wouldn’t this tend to bankrupt a whole lot of towns and cities? Should this not be a BIG WARNING to all other towns and cities to dump these lawbreakers now before the next shoe hits the pavement? Shouldn’t the citizens of those towns and cities demand a cancellation of the contracts?

  3. Bonnie n' Camera says:

    If Redflex lost Cook County, it’ll be a massive blow… a larger loss than their AZ state highway and cities program combined.

    Rumor has it… Redflex buys competitor RedSpeed (based in IL) and gets a sweetheart deal of economic incentives from Cook County to relocate there and save their contract.

  4. Can someone research this further?

    Was this caught on camera because the thief was speeding or because EVERY car is monitored?

    • Mike Waters says:

      EVERY car/vehicle is monitored and the license entered into a database. Redflex at one time was planning to sell the information.

      What a goldmine for every crook in the land!

      People always argue the perils of governments having private data, but it always seems to be “private” crooks that figure out ways to abuse the information.

  5. Robert says:

    That was my friends car and the guy was speeding, he took the ticket to the police and the news channel.

  6. If the alleged thief is caught because of the release of that low-res photo to the public, I will be shocked.

  7. Stacey says:


  8. Robert says:

    The car thief was caught thanks to the photo radar ticket, and he is now in jail.

    I guess even a broken watch is right twice a day…

  9. TJ Jackson says:

    If Redflex is violating all of these laws, how come Shawn the magnificent has not shut them down?

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