Congratulations Redflex!

You know it’s gotta be a rare occasion to see THAT headline on CameraFRAUD, but today is a day to celebrate the exciting conclusion of what should have been a reality TV show: When Pirates Attack Pirates!

ATS has lost its lawsuit against rival Redflex over their admitted false advertising and marketing of uncertified speed measurement systems in the United States.

So why is this cause to celebrate? It’s time the hurt is spread around a bit, and Redflex has surely earned our favorite title —beleaguered– in 2010. Their contracts are being dumped left and right, their stock price has plummeted to 52-week-lows, and they will soon suffer the “indignity” of being forced to make our slogan come true in Arizona: The Cameras are Coming Down… (at least on the highways… for now.)

Now, it’s ATS’ turn to hurt. This equally-contemptible corporation exists as a vampire to suck the money out of its victims in ways its larger rival Redflex can only dream of. Its primary investor is disgraced firm Goldman Sacs, which was bailed out by the American people, only to turn around and support ATS and those damned Geico advertisements (ATS’s corporate cousin).

In addition, it’s harder to measure how badly ATS is hurting, as they are a private company and do not disclose earnings (or, as we hope, losses).

So congratulations Redflex, we know ATS cost you a bundle in legal fees, but it truly is their turn to suffer financially. When Arizona votes to ban all forms of automated ticketing this year, ATS will suffer dramatically considering how Arizona-based most of their contracts are.


51 Responses to Congratulations Redflex!

  1. ATS is also owned by Xerox I believe, so it is another company to boycott.

  2. camerafraud says:

    Xerox purchased ACS, or Affiliates Computer Services, not ATS

  3. RPr says:

    30% of the ticket profit made by ATS goes directly to Goldman Sacs

    good thing no one is paying LOL

  4. Glyph says:

    ATS doesn’t just lose contracts, they lose lawsuits as well!

    While it would’ve been nice to see Redflex get hit with a $20 million judgement, seeing ATS get their asses handed to them is satisfying as well!

    The important thing is that both companies expended a tremendous amount of resources and basically accomplished nothing.

    • someone says:

      They accomplished something: the corporate equivalent of a husband-and-wife domestic dispute spilling into the trailer park courtyard, with all of the NASTY laundry aired for all to see.

      Thanks ATS! The rope you tried to hang Redflex with will satisfyingly work equally as well to hang both of your companies in the court of public opinion in the coming months.

      • Brent says:

        Very true! I’m sure there are some long faces over at the Tuton house today..

        Better get those sad faces ready for November 2nd, you’ll be needing them again.

  5. Sure says:

    Notice Geico didn’t even hire an American lizard as spokesperson! Shameful I tell you!

  6. B says:

    I guess when two bad guys are beating each other up it’s a good thing – even if it’s over the right to rape and pillage society. However, it’s too bad that Redflex won. I would’ve loved to see the ripple effect of what would’ve been such a resounding punch to the groin of Redflex.

    • Glyph says:

      True, but it would have been tied up in appeals for years. I doubt that Redflex could afford to write a check for $20mil right now anyways.

  7. redmonte#3 says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Well, it’s like the ol’ sayin…”A dog shouldn’t sh– in his own back yard!”

  8. johno says:

    Dumb as# Americans…dont speed/run reds lights/risk innocent lives you will not be contributing to Redflexs’ revenue…..jeeeze…..Go Redflex !

  9. Steve says:

    Seeing these two companies duke it out in the courts over past months, reminds me of the board game Risk. The winning strategy in that game is to goad the other players in the game in to fighting eachother (using up their armies), while you sit back and build up your armies without losing them to any battles, until you eventually have enough armies to take over the whole board. When we trash our tickets, then stand by and watch these two companies fight it out, that’s exactly what’s happening. One would think that these guys would know better than to fall for that. Then again, there’s no honor among thieves and we all know that “safety” is not nearly as important to them as the cash that they steal from us. Readers here will also be pleasantly surprised to know that John Wintersteen’s, ‘er, I mean Redflex’s bid to get the Arizona Supreme Court to change the court rules to allow service by mail isn’t going too well for them now. All of the comments for that proposal are posted on the Arizona Supreme court’s web-site (including one from the Arizona state bar), and all of them strongly oppose any change of the rules to allow service by mail. There are a lot of good supporting reasons there too. Not even one of the comments favors allowing service by mail.

  10. Stacey says:

    Hey Steve, can you put up a link for the information above.

  11. Alucard says:

    Western Australia attacks Eastern Australia

    Here is the link to the petition and commentary in question:

  12. We’re watching you ATS and Redflex 😉

  13. Dr Jett says:

    Well Johno,
    We don’t need protection for ourselves, but Karen Findley obviously thinks that she needs a gang of bodyguards to protect her as shown when she accepted the award of “most hated crook in Arizona posing as a CEO for safety”. She doesn’t deserve to be shot. Traitors should be sent to the original penal colony; AUSTRALIA and sent out in the desert to live with the aborigines. Crocodile Dundee could teach her a new lifestyle where she can’t harm innocent citizens.

    • johno says:

      Dr Jett – here in Australia if we run a red light or speed we cop the fine and dont complain ad-nauseam on inane websites setup to “To protect our constitutional rights” If you people cannot see that these cameras save lives and there is no such thing as “revenue raising” (dont speed and you’ll never pay Redflex a cent!!) than you all need yer head read.

  14. Dr Jett says:

    It sounds like the queen cut off your balls. Just look at what in-breeding did when you look at her son. King Charles couldn’t make it with the most gorgeous queen in history.
    We have heard from other Australians who don’t just bend over and take it when Redflex shortens yellow lights to create more revenue.
    It sounds like you were indoctrinated like the main character in “A Clockwork Orange” when the government tortured him until he functioned the way they wanted. It is OK because Redflex loves your money and are glad all of the GOOD SHEEPLE pay up. Remember it is all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  15. Steve says:

    When someone like Johno comes on here and disparages “constitutional rights”, and is so willing to “cop the fine” (or at least thinks that others should), perhaps here is a solution for him. After a person’s first stupid comment on here, make them register with a credit card if they want to continue making posts. Then after each stupid comment, their credit card gets charged automatically. If Johno never says anything stupid, then he will never receive a charge. Too bad we can’t force him to register here and to pay up when we think he should (like you have to do here if you want to drive on the public roads). How’s that for automated ticketing? That’s about as fair as the invented numbers that are being used to set the speed limits in our state. Then there are the fast zone –> slow zone with cameras –> fast zone areas that are designed to trap people when there was never a real safety issue involved at all. Of course, the state still needs the revenue, but don’t we all. As long as Johno doesn’t like constitutional rights, perhaps we should arbitrairly tax his freedom of speech.

  16. redmonte#3 says:

    Hey Aussy Boy! How y’all doin over there since they took your gun rights away? Braisin’ criminals that’s what! MORE break ins? MORE armed robberies, etc? Just goes to show ya why OUR forefathers knew what they were doin when they set this country up. Now quit lyin’ down like a beat dog and do somethin before the inevitable happens to your society!

  17. Dr Jett says:

    That is a good idea and Johno would probably keep paying the tickets because he is a “good sheeple”. He probably works for Redflex and that is why he publishes inane statements on Camerafraud.

  18. Sure says:

    Redflex Traffic Systems Inc has canceled its registration to lobby the General Assembly – Indiana–red-lighte,0,423179.story

  19. Sure says:

    Chicago – The Cook County Board has approved a resolution to boycott Arizona the state’s controversial immigration law. That means that the County will attempt to end contracts with a Scottsdale company responsible for operating the red-light camera systems.

    • jgunn says:

      When the $$ is at stake, I wouldn’t count on it:

      PHOENIX — Some Chicago politicians are backing off a possible boycott of Arizona because of its new immigration law.

      The reason? The Windy City’s red light cameras which are operated under a $52-million contract with Phoenix-based Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. Three years remain on the five-year contract.

      “If the city of Chicago is going to be hurt by cancelling a performing contract with an Arizona-based company, it (a boycott) just does not make sense,” said Alderman Roberto Maldonado.

      “It would be defeating the purpose of the boycott which is really to hurt Arizona and not to hurt Chicago,” Maldonado said. “The intention of a boycott is to hurt what we perceive to be the aggressor, not the one seeking the boycott.”

  20. RPr says:

    Harlingen resident recieves text message the Scameras are down

  21. Stacey says:

    Car thief caught on camers. Too bad no cops were working that area:

  22. RPr says:,0,3359817.story

    Redflex Out of Indiana

    HAMMOND, Ind.
    A leading red-light camera enforcement company has given up its efforts to get the General Assembly to pass a state law that would authorize its services.

    Redflex Traffic Systems Inc., an Arizona-based corporation that operates in 21 states, has canceled its registration to lobby the General Assembly after spending $54,241 between February 2009 and April 2010.

  23. Pro-Camera says:

    Might want to check your facts on ATS. From their website, New York City (Not the state, but just NYC)has 150 camera sites (and even more dummy camera sites) which is more ATS camera sites than the entire state of Arizona. So I wouldn’t say that Arizona Represents “Most” of their business. And with the number of contracts in Florida, Arizona is probably miniscule to their total operations.

  24. Epic Ventures says:

    It’s great what you guys are doing however wouldn’t it be beneficial to your cause if you got your facts straight?
    ATS only carries about 6 contracts in AZ…most of their contracts are in other states.

  25. Jim Kuczek says:

    My view is that there should be a class action law suit against the following: redflex, judges and elected officials that allowed the criminal activity of redflex to take place. All people convicted and that are waiting for judgment should all be granted a pardon and a complete refund of their money. Where is the federal and state attorney generals in shutting this scam down. I can come up with at least 15 federal and state violations by redflex without trying.

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