Millions in Photo Ticket Fines to Fund Governor’s Race

The sound you will hear on June 22nd is the Arizona cash register opening wide and millions of dollars collected by an Unconstitutional ticketing scam being sent to Politicians to publicly fund their campaigns.

Two events made a transaction of this magnitude possible. The first, as mentioned prior, was the decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that upheld matching public funds in Arizona’s “Clean Elections” system. The second, was Candidate        Buz Mills (R) paying himself approximately $1.8M through May 2nd, as his campaign reported. Mills is a Yavapai County business man who is running with his own funds.

The Clean Elections Fund, mainly photo ticket money, will match that amount starting on June 22nd, meaning that the Gov, Jan Brewer, who refused to end the state contract with Redflex when she took office, will be cashing in to the tune of almost $2M for her incumbent campaign.

State Treasurer Dean Martin, who is running on the Republican side as well, will also see that same amount deposited in his campaign fund.

Isn’t it lucky that there’s $181 to play with for each photo ticket fine, so that the campaigns of incumbent politicians can be so well funded?

An appeal of the decision by the 9th Circuit Court that allows for this system to continue is being planned, but the US Supreme Court is the next step up. It seems unlikely that the November election will be affected.

Regardless of which side you fall on in the Clean Elections debate, photo ticket money should not be included and will no longer be an issue once the Ban Photo Radar in Arizona initiative is voted on and passed in November.


14 Responses to Millions in Photo Ticket Fines to Fund Governor’s Race

  1. One point that’s missed here entirely is that the taxpayer will foot the entire bill when one of several planned class action lawsuits prevails and results in the refunding of all collected revenue – unless they can squeeze it out of Redflex.

  2. jury nullification says:

    Just remember that it’s all about safety.

  3. L. Davis says:

    This is about the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen, it’s a defense that definately needs to be tried in more photo radar cases:

    Key witnesses fails to appear in photo radar enforcement hearing in Athens-Clarke Municipal Court.

    Lawyer Regina Quick, defending two clients from charges that they were photographed running red lights, subpoenaed five traffic cameras at the West Broad Street-Alps Road intersection to testify that her clients did indeed barge through on red.

    “I didn’t observe them as they came in, so I don’t believe they’ll be appearing,” Quick said.

  4. Dr Jett says:

    Everyone in Arizona should wear a Ben Franklin mask like this candidate and then some of the money may trickle down to us or at least keep a disguise for driving that makes it impossible to recognize the driver. No recognition = no ticket = no revenue!!!
    I am still getting an 80-90% ratio of people signing our ban photo radar petition. I have 20 petitions ready to turn in to ban photo radar. I CHALLENGE the rest of Camerafraud to beat me. Start making money like I am while gathering signatures. Check the details on on message board.

    • Dr Jett says:

      SD Anderson mentioned cheerleaders for Camerafraud on the message board. Get some of your friends like you who would look good leading cheers for our next sign wave.

  5. Falcon says:

    Keep up the good work. This is pure corruption. I also think that comments supporting these cameras on other blogs are Redflex plants… Let the voters decide..and tourists, keep away from AZ till the cams are gone. To paraphrase Reagan, “Governor Brewer, tear down those cameras!”

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