Voting Day Signature Blitz

Voting Day is Tuesday May 18th, which is a great opportunity to get some easy signatures for the Ban Photo Radar in AZ Initiative.

The idea is to stand by the polls at your local voting location, which means not having to venture far from home.

You can count on every single person showing up to be a Registered Voter!

Print out the petition sheets and get to it!

[signature pages are 11 x 14 (legal) and initiative wording is 8.5 x 11(letter sized) paper]


6 Responses to Voting Day Signature Blitz

  1. Will Kay says:

    No more government bailouts disguised as ‘Propositions’. Vote NO on 100!

  2. B says:

    Is there somewhere I can read about doing this to be sure I’m not breaking any laws?

  3. Defender2056 says:

    7!? You guys only have 7 people protesting?! Okay, here’s a tip: Hit the Home Depot’s and gather up a few more folks. This will at least make it worth your wait in the 100 degree heat. Oh and bring your fav bong water too, gonna be hot tomorrow.

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