Goldman Sachs Sued For Illegal Database Access

Well our old friend Goldman Sachs is caught with their hand in the cookie jar again.  What many Automated Ticketing advocates often forget to include in the price of having third-party companies perform law enforcement functions is that beyond the common complaints of violation of privacy which have their own merit, these companies have access to our personal information for which there is little to no oversight or accountability.  As revealed in a previous article Goldman Sachs has control over part of the board of American Traffic Systems (ATS) as does Geico by proxy.  What this means is they not only control the information collected by their systems, they have access to a lot of our personal information.  Anyone who doubts that this is a problem, read this article:

Goldman Sachs Sued For Illegal Database Access

This kind of breach of trust and access is a perfect example of why we absolutely must reject systems that access our personal information that are controlled by private companies.  We need to keep up the fight, keep up the pressure and make this type of overbearing intrusion into our lives against the law.

Do your part.


One Response to Goldman Sachs Sued For Illegal Database Access

  1. photoradarscam says:

    At the very least, you’d think we could enforce existing laws to protect the personal information by any regular schmoe, but no. I’m referring to the fact that Redflex and its employees are not licensed as private investigators even though they have been granted access to the relevant law enforcement databases. So at the very least, we could know who can access our information.

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